Improvements to Be Made at Dangerous Wheatland Intersection

Four-Way Stop And Line-Of-Sight Upgrades Will Make Riga-Mumford Road and North Road Intersection Safer

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, 59th District) announced today that the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has outlined a series of physical improvements to be made immediately to the dangerous intersection at Riga-Mumford Road and North Road in the Town of Wheatland where three young adults lost their lives in a car accident on July 16th.

“Last month a car accident at the intersection of Riga-Mumford Road and North Road in the Town of Wheatland took the lives of Taylor Binnert, Christopher Peterson and Emily Peterson, forever altered two others, and left a community in search of answers. While nothing can ever fill the void these bright, young individuals left behind, I hope in time, it will provide a degree of solace to know that their lives were catalysts for change,” Senator Gallivan. “The improvements to this intersection come too late for Taylor, Christopher and Emily, but we are now that much closer to ensuring something of this nature will not happen again. I thank my partners in state and local government, and the dedicated community leaders who worked together to represent the public-safety interests of this community, while my thoughts and sympathies remain with the friends and families of the deceased.”

In the wake of the accident Gallivan formed a working group with Monroe County and local officials to study the accident history and gather traffic safety statistics concerning the troubled intersection.

“What emerged was a pattern of accidents over the course of decades that led us to believe the current traffic safety devices at this intersection were insufficient,” Gallivan said.

On Wednesday, after weeks of discussion and persuasion, the New York State Department of Transportation announced a series traffic safety improvements to this dangerous intersection:

  • A four-way stop will be installed this week at the intersection of State Route 36 and North Road in Wheatland
  • Double stop signs – a stop sign on each side of the road – will be installed at all legs of the intersection for added visibility.
  • New pavement striping and “Stop Ahead” signs will be added to provide advance warning.
  • Temporary signage will be put in place along Route 36 to alert motorists about the new traffic pattern.
  • Trees, brush and an approximately five-foot-high dirt berm along the west side of Route 36, just north of the intersection with North Road have been cleared.


This clearing is outside of NYSDOT right of way and is being done in cooperation with the property owners.

Gallivan expressed regret that tragic events had to occur before action was taken by NYSDOT but indicated he was satisfied with the outcome. “The four-way stop was the big change that needed to take place and I do believe the improvements made will make this intersection significantly safer for motorists travelling through Wheatland.”