Senate Passes Bill to Creat Jamison Road Fire Benevolent Association

Patrick M. Gallivan

June 03, 2019

Organization Will Assist Volunteer Members Injured in Line of Duty

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) announces the New York State Senate has approved legislation to establish the Jamison Road Volunteer Fire Benevolent Association to aid volunteer members disabled or injured in the line of duty, and their families.  The bill (S.3476) to create the not-for-profit corporation was passed Wednesday on a vote of 60-0.

“Volunteer firefighters respond to countless emergencies throughout our community, protecting lives and property,” Senator Gallivan said.  “By establishing the Jamison Road Volunteer Fire Benevolent Association, the organization will have the authority to provide support to those volunteers who have been injured of permanently disabled while serving their neighbors.”

The legislation also establishes the Association’s powers and duties and its rules and bylaws. The Jamison Road Volunteer Fire Company is located in the town of Elma.

"The Jamison Road Volunteer Fire Fighters have been a vital part of our community since 1941,” said Brian Nolan Jr., Fire Chief Jamison Road Volunteer Fire Company Inc.  “This bill will help benefit those volunteers and their families in the time of injury, illness or any unforeseen financial situation. As Fire Chief I can say we take great pride in protecting our community and this bill will help further that commitment."

The bill has been sent to the Assembly for consideration.