Senate Passes Bill to Eliminate Back Tags for Hunters

Patrick M. Gallivan

June 14, 2016

Bill Would Simplify Law Statewide

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) announced the Senate has passed a bill (S-92A) that will eliminate a requirement that hunters display and wear back tags while hunting in New York State.  The legislation would amend environmental conservation law and eliminate confusion over hunting requirements. 

“The back tag requirement only applies to some parts of New York State and is an unnecessary regulation,” Gallivan said.  “The law is not uniform throughout the state and back tags are not required in most other states.  It’s time to simplify the regulation and eliminate the confusion.”

Currently, back tags are not required to be worn or displayed while hunting in the Northern zone and Catskill Park area of New York, but are required elsewhere in the state.  New York is one of just two states that require the use of back tags which lead to confusion among hunters, especially along New York’s borders.

The Senate passed the bill in 2015, but it died in the Assembly.  The measure will be sent back to the Assembly for consideration.