Senate Passes Bills to Require Review of State Rules & Regulations

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) announces the Senate has approved legislation that would require the state to review existing rules, regulations and licensing procedures that apply to businesses and other entities throughout New York.  The bills (S.401 & S.406), which were introduced by Senator Gallivan, would establish a task force to examine the rulemaking process and require a five year review of all rules under the State Administrative Procedure Act.

“Rules and regulations are important in protecting public welfare, but too often regulations become overly burdensome and costly,” Gallivan said.  “Over time, regulations can become outdated because of new technology or changing industry standards.  We have to make sure the regulations that we require various entities to abide by, are still necessary.”

Under the legislation, the Task Force for Review of the State Administrative Procedure Act would be established in order to examine, evaluate and make recommendations concerning the state’s rulemaking and licensing process.  The nine member task force would be required to issue a report by December 31, 2016.

The legislation would also require that all existing agency rules undergo a five year review.  This will ensure that agencies look at every single rule on the books and provide an explanation for why the rule is still necessary.

In a series of industry-specific forums held across New York State, the Senate Majority Coalition identified a number of burdensome and duplicitous state rules, regulations and practices that put businesses at a competitive disadvantage.  This legislation is part of an ongoing effort to amend the state’s rulemaking process and minimize the regulatory burden in New York State.

The bills will be sent to the Assembly.