Senate Passes Gallivan Bill to Eliminate “Back Tag” Requirement for New York Hunters

Senator Also Applauds Governor For Supporting Crossbow Legalization

ALBANY - Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) announced today that the New York State Senate has passed legislation (S.90) he authored to eliminate the requirement that hunters display “back tags” while hunting in the southern portion of New York State.

“To grow New York’s hard-earned reputation as a sportsmen’s paradise, we must do what we can to attract more homegrown and destination hunters to our forests and fields by eliminating antiquated hunting regulations like mandated back tags,” the Senator said. “Back tags create an unnecessary nuisance for hunters that diminishes the hunting experience while making them susceptible to costly fines. Forty-eight other states and large portions of New York State no longer require the display of back tags and I believe it’s time all New York hunters are relieved of this antiquated and unnecessary burden.”

Currently, back tags are not required to be worn while hunting in the Northern Zone and Catskill Park in New York, which comprises almost 50 percent of New York's land mass.

Gallivan also applauded New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s decision to include crossbow legalization – a long-held priority of Gallivan’s – in his executive budget proposal.

“Working with a coalition of dozens of hunting and outdoor recreation advocacy organizations for the past two years, we have come so close to finally seeing the crossbow classified as a legal hunting implement in New York State, only to be blocked by the Downstate-dominated New York State Assembly,” Gallivan said. “Elderly hunters, disabled veterans, women and many others within the sportsmen community have identified the crossbow as their preferred archery implement because of the physically demanding nature of traditional bows. I am thrilled to see the Governor join us in the effort to bring the joy of hunting in New York to as many sportsmen and women and possible.”

Gallivan has sponsored legislation (S.1699-B) the past two years which would give the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation the power the legalize and regulate crossbow hunting in New York State.  This legislation has passed the New York State Senate twice.