Senate Passes Measure to Improve Animal Protections

Patrick M. Gallivan

April 25, 2018

Prevents Abusers from Being in Control of Animal Care

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) says the New York State Senate has passed a bill that would prevent animal abusers from working in positions that place them in direct control of animal care.  The bill (S.2937) sponsored by Senator Gallivan, promotes the protection and humane treatment of animals in animal shelters.

“This bill will help protect animals across New York State from abuse,” Gallivan said.  “Too often people who have been convicted of abusing animals work or obtain jobs at shelters intended to protect animals. We don’t allow child abusers to work in daycare centers and we should not permit animal abusers to hold positions in which they oversee the care of dogs, cats or other animals.”

The bill prohibits persons convicted of animal cruelty from being a dog or animal control officer, or working at an animal shelter, pound, humane society, animal protective association, or Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  Currently, there is nothing preventing animal abusers from remaining in these positions, or being hired in the future.  Furthermore, the bolstering of animals protections is needed because research shows a connection between animal cruelty and domestic violence, mental health, and child abuse.

Additionally, the Senate also passed a bill (S.1432) to help protect the emotional development of children by criminalizing the act of knowingly causing a minor to attend a place where the exhibition of animal fighting is being conducted.  The measure is sponsored by Senator Patty Ritchie (R-C, Heuvelton).

Both bills will be sent to the Assembly.