Senator Gallivan Announces Funding for The Family Justice Center

Senator Gallivan announces funding for the Family Justice Center as Senator Jacobs and FJC Executive Director Mary Travers Murphy looks on.
$100,000 Secured to Combat Domestic Violence

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (59th SD) and Senator Chris Jacobs (60th SD) joined representatives of the Family Justice Center in announcing $100,000 in additional state funding for the organization, which provides services to domestic violence victims and their children.  Senators Gallivan and Jacobs secured the funding during this year’s legislative session to support the center’s Forensic Medical Unit (FMU), which collects evidence used in the prosecution of domestic violence cases.  
“The Family Justice Center provides vital support and protection for victims of domestic violence in our community,” said Senator Gallivan.  “But it also plays an important role in helping law enforcement hold abusers accountable.  The Forensic Medical Unit provides photographic and other evidence needed to successfully prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence, ending what is often a cycle of abuse.  The comprehensive services provided by the Family Justice Center give victims a chance to fully recover from the abuse they have endured.” 
“The Family Justice Center serves a critical mission by helping break the cycle of domestic violence and supporting victims as they seek to return to a normal life,” said Senator Chris Jacobs.  “I am very pleased to have partnered with Senator Gallivan to secure this funding that will further their mission through more effective prosecutions of abusers.  Holding perpetrators of domestic violence accountable is a very important part of a victim’s recovery.”
“The nurses at our Forensic Medical Unit take pictures and body map the domestic violence related injuries experienced by our clients,” said Family Justice Center Executive Director Mary Travers Murphy.  “This evidence is then provided to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office for use in the criminal prosecution and has proven extremely effective.  Many cases culminate in the defendants taking pleas and sparing victims the trauma of a trial and taxpayers the expense.  The Senators’ commitment to ensuring our FMU is fully funded every year means the world to our clients and to everyone at the Family Justice Center working to help victims safely escape and start new abuse-free lives.”
The Family Justice Center’s Forensic Medical Unit is the only forensic medical unit in New York State solely dedicated to domestic violence and capturing photographic evidence of domestic violence injuries. The unit assists more than 2,000 clients every year.