Senator Gallivan Backs Efforts to Protect the Rights of All New Yorkers

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C, Elma) joined members of the Senate Minority Conference in supporting plans to protect the rights of New York residents, do away with excessive government overreach, and restore faith in government by increasing accountability and transparency. The proposals are a core tenet of the Senate Minority’s Rescue New York 2023 agenda, unveiled earlier this year. Each year, New York loses hundreds of thousands of residents to out migration as they relocate to states that are more affordable and free from governmental overreach.

“Excessive government regulations and mandates drive up costs on taxpayers and chip away at the rights and freedoms of all New Yorkers,” Senator Gallivan said.  “These common-sense proposals push back on such government overreach by protecting the rights of citizens, improving accountability, and restoring our system of checks and balances in state government.”  

Several proposals in the Rescue NY Legislative agenda focus on these issues:

  • Retaining local control and standing up against excessive government overreach – proposals from Albany that would supersede local control. A massive housing proposal would take control of local zoning out of the hands of municipalities and force burdensome mandates from Albany that would seriously deteriorate the quality of life in communities throughout New York State
  • Protecting private property rights by opposing so-called “Good Cause Eviction” legislation.
  • Promoting parental rights by ensuring school officials are transparent, communicate properly, and include parents in decisions regarding their child and standing up for school choice to empower families to make education choices that work best for their children.
  • Upholding the state and federal constitutional rights of New Yorkers and opposing unnecessary government mandates.
  • Lessening the tremendous tax burden on residents, while the Legislature majority continues to increase taxes on every aspect of New Yorkers’ day to day lives – including new taxes on streaming services for entertainment.
  • Restoring accountability and transparency in state government and improving oversight by fully restoring the ability of the State Comptroller to review state contracts, limiting the use of messages of necessity and removing non-fiscal matters from being rammed into the state budget