Senator Gallivan Calls on Governor & Senate Majority to Narrow Scope of Bill to Deal with COVID-19

Statement From Senator Patrick M. Gallivan

We are scheduled to return to Albany to vote on legislation related to paid time off.

Coronavirus presents new challenges for all of us – our families, our communities, our jobs, and our businesses, among others.

Of course, your state representatives should be at the Capitol to vote on legislation that deals with this crisis. This proposed legislation provides relief for workers affected by coronavirus while using existing family leave and disability programs to help all get through this uncertain time.

The proposed legislation, however, goes far beyond the crisis at hand. It includes excessive new costs for employers and small businesses, it also grant paid “sick” days to deal with “immigration,” and to “prepare for or participate in any criminal or civil proceedings.”

While we must be concerned with all residents of the state, we must also be concerned about the businesses that provide us with the opportunities to support our families. The COVID-19 crisis is already bringing our businesses to their knees. This legislation will do even more damage. 

I am calling on the Governor and the Senate Majority to narrow the scope of this bill and deal solely with the crisis at hand. To do otherwise is irresponsible and potentially fatal to small businesses across the state.