Senator Gallivan Calls on Governor to Suspend NY's Gas Tax

Patrick M. Gallivan

November 21, 2021

Drivers Need Relief from Rising Prices at the Pump

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C, Elma) is calling on Governor Hochul to suspend the state’s current gas tax in order to provide relief from skyrocketing prices.  New York currently has the ninth-highest gas tax in the nation at 46.19 cents per gallon, according to the Tax Foundation

“As gasoline prices continue to rise, the state should provide immediate relief for drivers by suspending New York’s gas tax,” Senator Gallivan said.  “Whether driving to and from work or traveling for the holidays, hardworking residents deserve a break.  With inflation forcing prices for goods and services higher every day, this is one area the state can and should provide some relief.”

Triple-A says the average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline in New York State is $3.56, compared to one year ago when the average was around  $2.22 per gallon. 

Senator Gallivan is also concerned about proposed legislation (S4264) which would impose a carbon tax of $55 per ton of fossil fuel emissions in order to reach renewable energy mandates under the Climate and Community Investment Act.  The measure would increase costs on gasoline and home heating fuel.   

“Reducing fossil fuel emissions is important, but New Yorkers already face some of the highest taxes in the country and simply cannot afford to pay more to drive their cars or heat their homes,” Senator Gallivan said.

Earlier this year, members of the Senate Minority were the first to push back against the plan to increase costs on gasoline and home heating bills and held several listening sessions on the potential impacts on small businesses, farms, and various sectors of the energy industry.