Senator Gallivan Calls for Increased Funding for Roads & Bridges

A Portion of State’s Budget Surplus Should Be Used for Infrastructure Improvements

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C, Elma) is calling on Legislative leaders and Governor Hochul to increase significantly funding for local roads, bridges and culverts in this year’s New York State budget.  Gallivan says considering the state has a sizable budget surplus and has received billions of dollars in increased federal aid, now is the time to invest in infrastructure improvements statewide.

While the governor has proposed a 20-percent increase in highway funding this year, Senator Gallivan says the state can and should do more.

“We have an opportunity to make a real difference by investing in highway projects at a level that is unprecedented,” Senator Gallivan said.  “We all depend on safe roads and bridges and the state has a responsibility to invest in infrastructure projects that will benefit communities across the state, fairly and equitably.  These projects are critical to the state’s economy and the quality of life of our residents.”    

In a letter to the governor and legislative leaders, Senator Gallivan and fellow members of the Senate and Assembly called for the following in this year’s Executive Budget:

  • Increase the DOT’s 5-year Capital Plan from $32.8 billion to $44.1 billion.
  • Increase CHIPS (Consolidated Highway Improvement Program) funding by $250 million to a total of $788 million.
  • Increase Extreme Weather Recovery funding by $50-million to $150-million.
  • Distribute the $100-million proposed for the new “Pave Our Potholes” program by utilizing the existing CHIPS aid formula to ensure equity and fairness.

Estimates by the State Comptroller and state DOT have shown many local roads and bridges in desperate need of repair.   An earlier report from the comptroller called 36% of New York’s local bridges deficient and 38% of local roads fair or poor, and getting worse.