Senator Gallivan Calls on NYC School Leaders to Reject Proposed Ban on Chocolate Milk

Patrick M. Gallivan

September 26, 2019

Ban on Flavored Milk Would Hurt NY Farmers

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan, (R-C-I, Elma) is urging leaders of the New York City Department of Education to reject a proposal to ban chocolate and other flavored milks in city schools.  Senator Gallivan says the ban would likely result in fewer students drinking milk altogether and would hurt New York’s dairy industry.

“There are more than 4,400 dairy farms in New York State and Wyoming County, which I am proud to represent, is a leader in overall dairy production,” Senator Gallivan said.  “Banning chocolate milk from New York City schools will have a negative impact on our hardworking dairy farmers, many of which are already facing financial challenges.”

Advocates of the proposed ban cite health concerns.  However, in a letter to New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, Senator Gallivan points to studies that have shown that flavored milk is not connected to weight gain in children.  Research also shows that removing flavored milk reduces intake of calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients in children.

“Flavored milk is a popular choice among children, but if it is no longer an option, I fear many students will skip milk altogether and will miss out on its nutritional benefits.”

The New York State Farm Bureau, New York dairy farmers, state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker and state Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Richard Ball have also expressed concerns about the possible chocolate and flavored milk ban.