Senator Gallivan Chairs First Meeting of 2016 of Committee on Crime, Crime Victims & Corrections

Members Approve Eight Crime Related Bills

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan, (R-C-I, Elma) Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections, announces committee members approved eight key bills during the group’s first meeting of 2016.  The legislation includes several measures to increase restrictions on sex offenders in New York. 

“Following careful review by committee members and staff, these bills will soon be considered by the full Senate,” Gallivan said.  “The legislation will go a long way to keep our communities safe and to help improve our criminal justice system.”

Bills approved by the committee include:

• S.833 – The legislation would amend current law to prohibit a level 3 sex offender from residing in student housing of any institution of higher education.  

• S.22 – The legislation would require schools notified by law enforcement that a level 2 or 3 sex offender is living within school district boundaries, to inform parents of pupils within the district.  The bill further requires the State Education Department to reimburse school districts for the cost of notifying parents.  

• S.1943 – The bill would prohibit registered sex offenders from accepting a paid or volunteer assignment where such individual would have substantial contact with children.  Employers would be required to check the sex offender registry to determine if the individual has a conviction for sexual abuse of a child.

• S.712 – The legislation requires the court to notify within 5 days any sex offender released on probation or discharged, and the District Attorney of the date of a risk level determination hearing.  Such proceeding would be required to be held within 20 days of notification and prior to sentencing.

• S.449 – The bill would require the Board of Parole to notify victims who are members of the same family or household as the perpetrator one week prior to the release of the individual, unless the victim refuses or their whereabouts are unknown.

• S.1583 – The legislation would amend correction law to allow qualified applicants for corrections officer to be employed despite the fact that such individual is color blind.  Current law prohibits color blind individuals from being hired as corrections officers.

• S.3818 – The bill would require the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) to provide written notice to any officer or employee who is subpoenaed as part of an investigation for alleged improper conduct.

• S.4904 – The legislation would permit a county board of supervisors to procure the services of a health care provider to treat inmates of a county jail.  Such agreement would need the approval of the Attorney General.

Senator Gallivan is a former State Trooper and Sheriff of Erie County.  He has served as chairman of the Committee on Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections for the past three years.