Senator Gallivan Honors Janet Miller of Arcade as "Woman of Distinction"

Patrick M. Gallivan

May 25, 2011

ALBANY – Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R,C,I – 59th District) honored Janet Miller of Arcade with one of the New York State Senate’s highest honors this week, recognizing her as a contemporary “Woman of Distinction” for volunteerism and devotion to her Wyoming County Community.

“Janet is one of those special people who makes Western New York such a wonderful community,” said Gallivan. “By contributing her time and talent to the Wyoming County Community Hospital and the Wyoming County Community Health System she has made Wyoming County a healthier and happier place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Mrs. Miller has spent most of her life in Wyoming County, raising her family and operating Plato Brook Farms with her husband Russell, and son Kent. In 1993 she became an active member of the Board of Managers of the Wyoming County Community Health System, and recently served as co-chair or the Capital One Campaign to improve the Wyoming County Community Hospital in Warsaw.

Gallivan was extremely impressed by her work on the Capital One Campaign. “She led a team that raised over $4.5 million for the hospital. The physical and clinical upgrades to that facility just wouldn’t have been possible without Janet’s efforts.”

Mrs. Miller’s volunteerism extends beyond her role as chair of Capitol One Campaign, she has also served as chairperson of the Hospital Finance and Audit Committee and worked with the hospital’s charitable foundation.

Along with her son Kent, Janet has a daughter, Krista, a mathematics professor living in the Albany area. Janet is active in her community beyond her work with the hospital system. She volunteers with the Pioneer Christian Fellowship worship team, the Dairy Farmers of America, the Wyoming County Farm Bureau, and the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Warsaw.

Every year each of New York’s 62 state senators nominate one individual from their district as a “Contemporary Woman of Distinction” to be enshrined alongside the many historical women whose contributions continue to affect and shape modern-day New York State. Some of these trailblazing females include; Susan B. Anthony, Lucille Ball, Harriet Tubman, and Emma Willard, among others, all with strong links to New York State.

“Honoring and recognizing contemporary women like Janet Miller showcases the direct connection between New York State’s pioneering women of yesterday with their modern counterparts, whose contributions continue to enrich New York State’s quality of life,” Gallivan said.