Senator Gallivan Introduces Bill to Allow W.S. Schools To Establish Insurance Reserve Fund

Patrick M. Gallivan

November 22, 2019

Fund Will Support District's Move to Self-Insurance Plan

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan, (R-C-I, Elma) has introduced legislation (S.6860) to permit the West Seneca Central School District to establish an insurance reserve fund in order to pay expenditures related accident and health insurance claims.  The bill was drafted at the request of school administrators. 

“The school district’s decision to move to a self-insurance model several years ago has proven to be financially beneficial, however we all know that under these programs, year to year costs can be unpredictable,” Senator Gallivan said.  “This legislation removes current statutory restrictions and allows the district to establish a reserve fund to pay health care claims.”

In an effort to contain costs associated with rising health insurance premiums, many school districts have adopted similar models for health benefit programs as opposed to traditional premium based programs.  The West Seneca Central School District moved to a self-insurance model in 2015.

“The establishment of a health insurance reserve fund will enhance our district’s ability to efficiently manage our finances and enable us to minimize the impact of aid and revenue fluctuations on our students and programming,” said Superintendent Matthew Bystrak.  “We are truly appreciative of Senator Gallivan’s responsiveness and his efforts in working to make this reserve a reality for our district.” 

The Senate is expected to consider the legislation when the 2020 session begins in January.