Senator Gallivan Introduces Bill to Transfer Wyoming County Road to NY State

State Would Assume Responsibility for Griffith Road

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) has introduced legislation that would require the State of New York to assume jurisdiction and responsibility for Griffith Road within the towns of Pike and Genesee Falls in Wyoming County.  The road connects State routes 19 and 39 in the Town of Pike with State route 19A near Letchworth State Park in the Town of Genesee Falls.

“Griffith Road has become a major artery connecting two state highways and has seen a steady increase in traffic recently,” Senator Gallivan said. “As more and more cars and trucks use the road, maintenance costs have increased, placing undue financial burden on the towns of Pike and Genesee Falls.  It is incumbent on the State to assume full responsibility for this road.”

Senator Gallivan introduced the legislation at the request of officials of the towns of Pike and Genesee Falls. The two towns currently share jurisdiction and maintenance of the road.

“Griffith Rd has transitioned from what was a local town road to being a major conduit between State routes,” said Pike Supervisor Sandy King.  “It also leads to the South entrance of the increasingly popular and traffic intense Letchworth State Park. As such it should be owned and maintained by the State taking the burden off our small town tax payers.”

“Griffith Road has become a main thoroughfare for large trucks, serving as a main artery through the area,” said Genesee Falls Supervisor LuAnne Roberts.  “This road is currently not equipped to handle the amount of traffic it sees. It is in need of modernization, which cannot be accommodated by the Town of Genesee Falls.”

The legislation would amend the state’s highway law and will be considered during the 2020 legislative session.