Senator Gallivan Issues Statement on Parole of Judith Clark

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) issues the following statement on the parole of Judith Clark, convicted for her participation in a bank heist that left two police officers and a security guard dead.

The Parole Board’s decision to release convicted cop killer Judith Clark is an affront to law-abiding citizens and to the families of her victims. Time does not diminish the seriousness of her crime or the lack of respect she showed for law enforcement and the rules of society that the rest of us follow.

While there are those who suggest mercy, remorse and rehabilitation merit Clark’s release, the families of Sergeant Edward O’Grady, Officer Waverly Brown and Brinks Guard Peter Paige continue their life sentence.

Not only am I terribly disappointed by the board’s ruling and the negative signal it sends, I’m even more troubled by the criminal justice policies advanced by the Governor and the new Senate majority that favor offenders over victims and the families of law abiding taxpayers that elected representatives are supposed to protect.