Senator Gallivan Joins Senate & Assembly Colleagues in Calling for Criminal Justice Changes

Reforms Should be Included in New State Budget

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C, Elma) is joining members of the Senate and Assembly Minority Conferences, as well as law enforcement officials, in calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul and legislative leaders to reverse failed criminal justice policies and strengthen public protection in the 2022-23 State Budget.

“Bail reform and other changes made to our criminal justice system as a result of one-party rule in Albany have proven disastrous for residents,” said Senator Gallivan, a former NYS Trooper and Sheriff of Erie County.  “Over the past two years, crime rates have increased across the state and too many violent felons have been released on bail, only to commit more acts of violence.  We need to repeal some of these dangerous changes, support law enforcement and protect the rights and safety of law-abiding New Yorkers.” 

In 2019, the Legislature voted to overhaul New York’s criminal justice system. Those changes greatly diminished the public’s safety and enabled career criminals to enjoy wide latitude to operate in New York. Senator Gallivan opposed the changes and repeatedly urged his colleagues to rollback those policies, including increased judicial discretion in setting bail and changes to parole procedures.  

After New York City Mayor Eric Adams, law enforcement officials and state lawmakers on both sides of the aisle criticized the policies currently in place; reports indicate there may be an inclination to include changes in the budget. 

Meanwhile, members of the Senate Minority Conference have introduced a plan to Restore Public Safety in New York.  The plan involves:

  • Protecting Those Who Protect Us:

    • Invest in law enforcement;
    • Provide them with the support they need to make our communities safe and serve those in need; and
    • Fight efforts to demonize and “Defund the Police.”
  • Rejecting Dangerous “Reforms” like Cashless Bail:
    • End cashless bail, restore judicial discretion and reject dangerous proposals to erase entire criminal databases;
    • Require state agencies to be transparent about the effects of public safety policies; and
    • Fix discovery and “speedy trial” laws that have turned our justice system into a revolving door for repeat and violent offenders. 
  • Reforming the Broken Parole System:
    • Re-center the Parole process around the protection and rights of crime victims and their families;
    • Ensure that cop-killers, serial killers, child killers, and other dangerous murderers can NEVER be released; and
    • Reject dangerous proposals to weaken the Parole System. 
  • Passing a Victims’ Justice Agenda:
    • Strengthen penalties for violent and repeat offenders, as well as hate crimes;
    • Invest in proven mental health, addiction, homeless, and victims’ programs and services; and
    • Make Kendra’s Law permanent, to ensure that those struggling with mental illness get the help they need.