Senator Gallivan Urges Business Regulation Council to Consider Past Recommendations on Regulatory Reform

2013 Report Identified Over 2,000 Burdensome Regulations

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) is urging a temporary commission created by Governor Cuomo and Legislative leaders to review the state’s business climate, to consider a  report issued in 2013 on the need for regulatory reform in New York.  The Business Regulation Council was announced in April and is charged with conducting a comprehensive review of business related issues and costs.  The seven-member panel is to make recommendations to the Governor, the Senator Majority Leader and the Assembly Speaker by June 3rd.

“I am encouraged by the creation of this temporary council as a way to help reduce the cost of doing business in New York State,” Gallivan said.  “As part of their work, I urge council members to consider the review conducted by the Senate Majority Coalition in 2013.  I was proud to serve as co-chair of this effort and believe our report could serve as a blueprint.”

The coalition acknowledged that regulations are a vital part of state government and critical in promoting public welfare.  However, the rules should not be arbitrary, duplicative, or overly burdensome.   The coalition conducted nine forums across the state and identified 2,219 specific regulations considered to have an adverse impact on business. 

A copy of the Majority Coalition’s report and recommendations can be found at:

“Working in a bi-partisan and collaborative way, we have made progress in our effort to reform New York’s regulatory system.  I look forward to the recommendations of the Business Regulation Council and working to improve New York’s business climate.”