Senator Gallivan Urges Legislature to Reject Public Financing of Political Campaigns

Use of Taxpayer Dollars Inappropriate Given Budget Deficit

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan, (R-C-I, Elma) is renewing his call to reject the recommendations of the Campaign Finance Reform and Election Commission.  The commission was created as part of the 2019-20 budget process and given the authority to amend state Election Law, including creation of a system of public financing of campaigns and the elimination of fusion voting.  The program would cost New York taxpayers $100-million.

“This was a bad idea when it was first proposed and that’s why I voted against it,” Senator Gallivan said.  “In light of the state’s $6.1 billion budget deficit, it is an even worse idea now. Hard working New Yorkers should not be forced to fund political campaigns, especially when the state faces such a substantial budget shortfall.”

The commission issued a report earlier this month detailing its recommendations for how campaigns will be funded through a system of taxpayer funds matched to individual contributions. 

The recommendations become law unless legislators make changes.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues to correct this inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars when the new session begins in January,” Senator Gallivan said.  “

Senator Gallivan has also called creation of the unelected commission unlawful and criticized it for being unaccountable to the citizens of New York.