Senator Gallivan's Votes for the Week of March 8, 2023

Patrick M. Gallivan

March 13, 2023

The following bills were approved in the NYS Senate.  Senator Gallivan's vote is noted.

S1792 Designates March 8th each year as a day of commemoration, to be known as International Women's Day.  AYE

S1305 Provides an owner or lessee access to adjoining property to make improvements or repairs for certain circumstances.  AYE

S2060 Requires colleges receiving state aid to indicate on their website how to access campus crime statistics that are filed annually with the United States Department of Education and specifically and separately report and post incidents of hate crimes on their website. Specifies that such colleges must review security policies and procedures for educating the community regarding bias-related crime prevention and hate crime offenses; adopt and implement a plan for the investigation of any hate crime that occurs on the grounds of their institution including a requirement to notify the appropriate law enforcement agency no later than 24 hours after the report of a hate crime; inform incoming students about hate crime prevention measures, reporting of hate crimes, and general information about hate crimes.  AYE

S1209 This bill is two-fold in that it establishes (1) a rebuttable presumption of entitlement for parents and legal guardians to work remotely when day care centers and schools are closed due to a state of emergency or local disaster emergency and (2) right of parents and legal guardians to request flexible working arrangements when day care centers or schools are closed due to a state or local disaster emergency. Both would apply to all employers in New York State.  NAY (Government interference in an employer’s operations, specifically when a presumption of entitlement to work remotely is established in law regardless of an emergency declaration, is unwarranted and unnecessary.)

S809 Prohibits littering on state park lands.  AYE

S540 This bill seeks to address predatory practices in point of sale equipment leases and prevent credit card leasing companies from taking advantage of businesses by ensuring that the lessee has more information about the credit card terminal lease. The bill essentially increases lessor disclosure requirements. AYE

S3285 Requires children's non-regulated camps to register annually with the department of state; imposes civil penalties for violations; requires the department of state to submit a report to the department of health that includes a list of all registered children's non-regulated camps within the state; the location of each children's non-regulated camp; how many children attend a children's non-regulated camp; and a list of all entities that committed a violation of this section for the previous calendar year. AYE

S3052 Requires the higher education services corporation to make a determination of financial eligibility of a student for financial aid, awards and loans within 60 days from the day of the receipt of the financial aid application; where the higher education services corporation fails to make a timely determination the applicant shall be deemed eligible for such aid for the semester for which the application was made; allows for a 30-day extension if notice is given to the educational institution within the initial 60-day period.  AYE

S1478 Requires NYS DOH and OPWDD to conduct a study on the delivery of services provided to individuals diagnosed with TBI. The study must examine, in part, the availability and accessibility of services for such individuals, the cost of services, and any disparities that may exist in the regional availability of services.  AYE

S454 Directs counties and the city of New York to contact a veterans' organization to provide for the disposition of the unclaimed remains of a deceased veteran when such veteran has no next of kin or other person designated to provide for the disposition of his or her remains; provides process. Further clarifies that such a veterans' organization or funeral firm engaged to provide these services may make an application to the division of veterans' services for reimbursement.  AYE

S5018 Establishes the veteran career assistance program within the SUNY and CUNY systems to provide veterans with assistance in resume writing and employment placement services.  AYE

S2175 Provides for paid family leave after a stillbirth.   AYE

S3349A Creates a certified recovery residences task force to establish best practice guidelines for certified recovery living residences that illustrate the most appropriate and effective environment for persons recovering from a chemical dependency. AYE

S2077 EXTENDER BILL - Extends the provisions relating to the New York state thoroughbred breeding and development fund until twelve years after the commencement of the operation of a video lottery terminal facility at Aqueduct racetrack.  AYE

S2169 This bill will lower the threshold for filing an income tax return from the current $4,000 to the amount of the taxpayers standard deduction.  AYE

S2907 Provides for the licensing of vision impairment specialists. AYE

S2019 Establishes the congressional chartered veterans service organizations fund; provides for gifts made to such fund on an individual's personal income tax return.  AYE

S209 Requires schools that maintain epinephrine autoinjectors on-site to provide teachers with written informational material on the use of such auto-injectors that has been created and approved by a health care professional.   AYE

S1448 This bill would create a task force on school transportation safety. It would have 18 total members, with five appointed by the Governor, five by the Senate Leader, five by the Assembly Speaker, as well as the commissioners of SED, DOT, and the DMV.  AYE

S4342  Authorizes the New York state department of financial services to oversee the planned closing of bank branch offices by federally chartered banking organizations.  AYE

S2924 Establishes the Marshall plan for moms interagency task force to examine, issue proposals and make recommendations on multiple policy areas to address the disproportionate burden mothers have weathered from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.  NAY (Not necessary. No minority appointments.)

S4878 In relation to unemployment insurance benefit eligibility, this bill would add to the employer written notification requirement regarding employees terminated from employment or whose scheduled working hours have been reduced must include information that such employees may be eligible for such benefits.  NAY  (This bill is potentially onerous on employers, as they would now be required to provide notice to those employees whose scheduled work hours have been reduced where there was no such statutory requirement previously.)

S314 Directs the New York state energy and development authority to establish a ride clean rebate program for electric assist bicycles and electric scooters.  AYE