Senator Gallivan's Votes for Week of May 16, 2022

Patrick M. Gallivan

May 20, 2022

The following bills were approved in the NYS Senate.  Senator Gallivan's vote is noted.

S284C Requires the counting of an affidavit ballot of an eligible voter if such voter appeared at a polling place in the correct county but in the incorrect election district; provides that such vote shall not be cast and canvassed for such contests for which the person was not entitled to vote at such election. NAY (Would likely complicate and slow down the voting process.)

S3966B This bill would require a children’s non-regulated camp to determine whether an employee or volunteer is listed on the state sex offender registry under Article 6-C of the Correction Law prior to the day the individual commences work and annually thereafter. Additionally requires such camps to contact the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to determine if any employee or volunteer is on file with the statewide central register of child abuse and maltreatment prior to that employee arriving at the camp. AYE

S23B This bill would require that parking facilities with 50 or more spots constructed with State funding be capable of supporting electric vehicle charging stations. AYE

S244B Relates to human trafficking awareness and training; requires employees of lodging facilities to have training in the recognition of a human trafficking victim; requires the division of criminal justice services, the office of temporary and disability assistance and the New York state interagency task force on human trafficking to approve a human trafficking recognition training program.  AYE

S1078B Requires instruction in pedestrian and bicyclist safety as part of the drivers pre-licensing course to educate prospective licensees on how to safely pass a bicyclist on the road, use of bicycle lanes and the dangers of motorists to bicyclists and pedestrians. AYE

S6202 Establishes a rebuttable presumption that every person who violates the prohibition against reckless driving and who causes physical injury, serious physical injury, or death to an other person shall be found to have acted with criminal negligence as defined in the penal law and shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor. The legislation also requires the creation of a "Reckless Driving and Vehicular Violence" awareness component to be included as part of the required pre-licensing course. NAY (Fails to materially change the definition of reckless driving to be more expansive while at the same time folding lower-level traffic infractions (not exercising due care) into a new paradigm with potentially more severe punishments.)

S7610B Permits India Pentecostal Assembly, Inc. to file an application for real property tax exemption for property owned at 3 Avon Ct, Syosset. AYE 

S7864A This bill would amend subdivision 12 of section 239-bb of the General Municipal Law by adding title five B of article five of the Public Authorities Law. It would ensure that the South Nassau Water Authority and North Shore Water Authority would be eligible to receive one million dollars each in relation to the countywide shared services panels beginning with state fiscal year 2021-2022. AYE

S431A This bill requires the Department of Health to establish a program for the synchronization of medications for patients with chronic diseases whose health care is provided under Medicaid fee-for-service or Medicaid managed care. Such program would be voluntary and must be in the best interest of the patient for the management or treatment of a chronic illness (such as heart disease, arthritis, COPD, asthma, depression, diabetes, etc.).AYE

S559 Directs the department of health to request guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to determine whether the state can claim federal financial participation for coverage of and payment for certain prescription digital therapeutics.  AYE

S968A Relates to how the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) must prepare and submit emergency response plans. Requires LIPA to annually submit an emergency response plan to the public service commission for review; authorizes the public service commission to require LIPA to amend the plan and authorizes the commission to open an investigation to review the performance of LIPA in meeting the requirements of the emergency response plan. A PRINT - makes technical changes.  AYE

S5648 This bill requires OMH to establish a training program for the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder for military veterans. Such program will be posted on the agency's website.  AYE

S7672 This bill adds fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, including fetal alcohol syndrome, partial fetal alcohol syndrome, and alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder to the definition of developmental disability.  AYE

S7107B OPWDD DEPARTMENTAL - add Article 82 to the Mental Hygiene Law, identifying Supported Decision Making as a less restrictive alternative to guardianship and to create additional support and autonomy to individuals needing assistance to make decisions for themselves. Creates obligations and corresponding immunity forms liability for third parties in order to effectuate supported decisions made with a Supported Decision-Making Agreement. Allows regulations to be promulgated by state agencies serving a myriad of individuals who may benefit by less restrictive support, such as the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities, Office of Children and Family Services and the Office for the Aging.  AYE

S554A Directs the office for the aging and the department of economic development to expand encore entrepreneurship in the state, to empower individuals fifty years of age or older to establish small businesses. A PRINT - makes a technical amendment to include identity theft in the current statute.  AYE

S4529 Provides that outside of New York City an operator of a vehicle overtaking a bicycle from behind shall pass on the left at a distance of not less than three feet until safely clear. NAY (Not fairly applied across the entire state.)

S5130 Includes complete streets design features in resurfacing, maintenance and pavement recycling projects that are subject to the department of transportation's oversight. NOTE - Complete street design features are roadway design features that accommodate and facilitate convenient access and mobility by all users.  NAY (Unfunded mandate on municipalities.)

S5237C This bill would make LIPA service providers responsible for the reimbursement of any spoiled food or spoiled medication after a residential home experiences a power outage lasting seventy-two consecutive hours or more. Additionally, the bill would make utility companies responsible for the reimbursement of spoiled food to local business owners. Maximum reimbursement is $540 and $10,700, respectively. C PRINT - requires LIPA to provide a $25 credit to residential customers for each 24-hour period beyond the initial 72 hours that power is out of service. AYE

S8134 Provides that certain charitable annuities may be unisex in nature and shall be computed on the basis of currently applicable mortality tables for calculating the reserves for individual annuities; makes related provisions. AYE

S52A Establishes the Nassau county and Queens county border task force to review jurisdiction and boundary disputes.  AYE

S8645 Permits residents of Orange county and adjoining counties to hold the position of assistant district attorney in Orange county.  AYE

S1231A Directs counties and the city of New York to contact a veterans' organization to provide for the disposition of the unclaimed remains of a deceased veteran when such veteran has no next of kin or other person designated to provide for the disposition of his or her remains; provides process. AYE

S7912 Requires the Office of Information and Technology Services to adopt a protocol for state agencies and entities to maintain accessible websites. Requires such protocol to be published publicly online and a written report that documents the compliance of websites maintained by or on behalf of state agencies or state entities with the protocol be submitted on December 31, 2022, and every two years thereafter. AYE

S7859A This bill would require the New York City Housing Authority to create a searchable database regarding complaints made from tenants. The sponsor argues that NYCHA residents are having their requests for repairs or complaints closed when no actions have been taken.  AYE

S1409B This bill amends title 1 article 25 of the PHL to establish a new section 2509, which would establish an infant recovery centers pilot program to consist of 4 infant recovery centers in areas of need in the state. AYE

S4412A Establishes an Alzheimer's disease outreach and education program for medical and non-medical professionals to promote earlier identification of dementia and to provide information and other assistance in finding community support for caregivers. AYE

S5084C Establishes the office of mental health, addiction and wellness. This bill would also convene a taskforce to oversee the merger of OASAS and OMH, ensuring that all savings achieved through the merger would be reinvested into the new agency.  AYE

S8533A This bill allows dental assistants to place and remove temporary restorations in their practice, where supervised by a licensed dentist. AYE

S5676 Directs the commissioner of health to do a comprehensive assessment of the existing methodology used to determine payment for early intervention screenings, evaluations, services and service coordination; directs recommendations on reimbursement methodology as well as needs under the program.  AYE

S6738A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the city of Saratoga Springs as the "Marylou Whitney Way". AYE

S7255A Designates a portion of the state highway system in Ulster county the "Chief John 'Jody' Rossitz Memorial Bridge". AYE

S6889 Provides for state recognition and acknowledgement of the Montaukett Indians; provides that the Montaukett Indians shall have a chief or sachem, three tribal trustees and a tribal secretary; further provides for the qualification of voters; makes related provisions.  AYE

S639 Authorizes the commissioner of transportation to conduct a study pertaining to a proposed expansion of the Long Island Motor Parkway trail. AYE

S3737A Requires the director of information technology services to undertake a detailed study of the comparative qualities of cloud computing services and state data center operations. AYE

S8399 Provides that uniformed court officers and peace officers employed in the unified court system shall be entitled to accidental disability retirement if they sustain injuries as the result of a physical assault by an assailant suffered while in service.  AYE

S6761B This act provides for the establishment of minimum standards for licensure of water-based fire protection system installation, servicing, repairing, inspecting, testing and maintenance. It establishes penalties for improper business practices and prohibits unlicensed activities.  AYE

S7416B Designates state route 394 through the town of Randolph, county of Cattaraugus as the "Staff Sergeant David Textor Memorial Highway".  AYE

S7649 Designates a portion of the state highway system constituting the Francis Lewis Boulevard overpass at the Long Island Expressway in the city of New York, county of Queens as the "Detective Anastasios Tsakos Memorial Bridge". AYE

S8681A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the town of Parma, county of Monroe, as the "Specialist Jason Hasenauer Memorial Highway". AYE

S8398A This bill would authorize the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to automatically extend a corresponding grant of New York state tax postponement relief to New York taxpayers to whom a federal grant of tax postponement relief has already been extended for any reason by the Internal Revenue Service via its published notice. AYE

S402B This bill would require DOCCS to notify an inmate's next of kin or personal representative prior to transferring the inmate and would allow the inmate to make at least one personal telephone call immediately prior to an inmate's transfer, except under exceptional circumstances.  NAY (Potential safety concerns. )

S7527 This bill would add a new section 60.77 to the Criminal Procedure Law, which would create a presumption against the introduction of a defendant's creative or artistic expression, whether original or derivative against a defendant in a criminal proceeding. Such evidence may be introduced only if, after an offer of proof, the court determines that such evidence is relevant and admissible. NAY (Impacts the admissibility of creative expressions to prove essential facts beyond just the commission of the crime.)

S8313 This bill would alter the reimbursement methodology for funding for services of the office of addiction services and supports 1,700 substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery programs statewide. Currently OASAS providers are reimbursed based on costs experienced in the previous year through a grant process for approved net operating costs. Providers who experience a decrease in intake see a corresponding decrease in funding for the following year. This bill would address this discrepancy by changing how state aid is disbursed to programs operated by a local government or non profits to one based on a payment for services model where these providers would be reimbursed based on actual costs with providers being paid a fee for each particular service rendered.  AYE

S263 This bill would require training for current and new board of elections employees. Requires the state board of elections to establish a curriculum to be completed by local election commissioners and other board employees, as the state board sees fit. The curriculum shall not exceed 30 hours. AYE

S823A This bill would increase the compensation for election officials in the following ways: Election inspectors, poll clerks and election coordinators from a discretionary amount set by local legislature to a minimum of $300/day. Election inspectors in NYC from $130 to $300 and election coordinators from $200 to $350 Election inspector or poll clerk that attends a required training from $25 to $50.  NAY (Increased costs to local entities.)

S4542A Prohibits BOE employees from engaging or participating in any trade or business which creates, or may tend to create, an actual or potential conflict of interest. AYE

S5800B Requires the State Board of Elections to establish a training institute to develop curriculum for certified poll worker training and train-the-trainer programs. AYE

S6226E Lowers the number of board of elections commissioners at the NYC BOE from ten to two - one republican and one democrat commissioner. Each commissioner would recommend at least three individuals for the position of executive director (one republican director / one democrat director). NAY (The current structure of ten commissioners, two from each borough (1 R / 1 D), ensures all of the city's interests are heard at the Board.)

S6684A Requires every county board of elections employ at least four full time employees in addition to the commissioners. NAY (Unfunded mandate on some local counties. Too broad.)

S7382A This bill would allow people to give out snacks, water, soft drinks or other refreshments to people in a polling place or in line to vote at a polling place. NOTE - Under current law this activity is a Class A misdemeanor. NAY (Could lead to favoritism in voting for a certain candidate.)

S7442 Prohibits election commissioners and deputy election commissioners from holding a publicly elected office or from being the respective chair of the county democratic or republican committees. NAY (Adversely impacts smaller counties.)

S8289 Requires a public hearing prior to the appointment of election commissioners - both commissioners in NYC and outside NYC. Extends time a legislative body has to appoint such person from 30 days to 60 days after the filing of a certificate of recommendation with such legislative body. NAY

S8292 Requires a commissioner to meet certain qualifications before his or her appointment which shall include, but not be limited to, the qualifications prescribed by section three of the public officers law, and demonstrated experience in election administration or other management, operations, or administrative experience in the public, non-profit, or private sector as deemed sufficient by the board. The qualifications will apply to commissioners appointed thirty days after the promulgation of such qualifications.  NAY

S8311 Makes commissioners full time employees of the board. NOTE - Some smaller counties have part-time commissioners as there is simply not enough work to justify having full time election commissioners. NAY (Cost to counties who have to move from part time to full time commissioners.)

S8337 An election commissioner may be removed from office by an affirmative vote of a majority of duly confirmed commissioners of the state board of elections for incompetence, misconduct, or other good cause, provided that prior to removal, such election commissioner shall be given a written copy of the charges against them and have an opportunity to be heard in their defense. NOTE - Current law permits the Governor to remove a commissioner. NAY

S8332 This bill would exempt the income earned by election inspectors, poll clerks, or election coordinators from Federal adjusted gross income (AGI) for State income tax. AYE (Measure is intended to help increase the number of people signing up to work as election inspectors, poll clerks, or election coordinators.)

S3028A Requires the public service commission (PSC) and LIPA to establish standards of acceptable performance for electric corporations in the event of a power outage and subsequent power restoration. AYE

S8404 This legislation would provide more flexibility to mortgage guaranty insurers as they could request the DFS superintendent authorization to release contingency reserves if the financial condition of the insurer would warrant such a release.  AYE

S6659 Provides that the legislative body of the county of Westchester shall fix the fee to be charged for a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver and provide for the disposition of such fees. NAY

S190 This bill would amend the Public Officers law to define the terms "retiree" and "beneficiary". This bill clarifies that the names of retirees receiving public employees' retirement benefits are subject to disclosure pursuant to a FOIL request, while the names of beneficiaries are not.  AYE

S6655A Provides that public welfare officials shall not be required to limit authorized child care services strictly based on the work, training, or educational schedule of the parents; makes technical changes. NAY (Childcare that is paid for by the State has limited funding.)

S6170A This bill requires the Chief Administrator of the Courts to establish an electronic database of all eviction proceedings in the state. NAY (Unwieldly. No interface with local courts. Unfunded mandate. Focus on tenant. Not balanced in reporting.)

S2025B COSPONSOR This bill permits certain registered pharmacy technicians assisting in home infusion services through a home care agency to assist a licensed pharmacist in preparing prescriptions. AYE

S3763A COSPONSOR Provides for the licensing of vision impairment specialists. AYE

S8746 This bill would require physical therapist assistants to be licensed in New York. The American Physical Therapy Association’s New York Chapter AYE

S2521C This bill would prohibit hospitals and health care practices from charging facility fees to patients when they are not covered by the patient’s insurance unless the patient is provided prior notice.  NAY (Too restrictive and costly.)

S6503 OCA DEPARTMENTAL - This bill would apply a rebuttable presumption extending the revocatory effect of divorce to relatives of a decedent's former spouse, unless there is substantial evidence to of contrary intent. NAY (Government intrusion.)

S8402 This bill amends §335-a of the Real Property Law, which governs easements by necessity, to expand these statutory provisions to include easements by necessity that provide for and allow water lines and water service. AYE (Easements of necessity already allow for the installation of wires and conduits across certain mapped non-public roads, and this just extends those provisions to include water lines.)

S4809 Allows a person who receives a traffic summons to plead guilty and pay the associated fines or penalties over the Internet. AYE

S7127A This bill authorizes the NYS Attorney General to seek equitable relief to restrain any violation or threatened violation of section 191 of the Transportation law related to common carriers of household goods.  AYE

S7423A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the town of Allegany as the "Staff Sergeant Shawn M. Clemens Memorial Highway". AYE

S8367 Relates to authorizing Niagara county to waive by local law certain fees for veterans' organizations, including but not limited to building permit review fees and fees associated with capital improvements to any post or hall owned by a veterans' organization located in the county. AYE

S8561A This bill would amend the county law by adding a new section 55 that would mandate that any county that maintains a website shall use a ".gov" domain name for such websites. AYE

S7407 This bill would require municipalities participating in Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) programs to provide language access services. AYE

S8496 The bill would amend section 519 of Agriculture and Markets Law to update the law relating Hemp Economic Development to account for the legalization of Cannabis and the creation of the Hemp Workgroup. AYE

S7137 Includes ambulatory surgery centers established exclusively to create and maintain vascular access necessary to dialyze patients with end stage renal disease as part of diagnostic or treatment centers to provide end stage renal disease services. AYE

S5579A The bill is meant to protect NYs critical energy infrastructure from cyber attacks. Requires the Department of Public Service to promulgate rules and regulations to direct gas and electric corporations to develop and implement tools to monitor operational control networks and to only permit advanced metering infrastructure so long as access to such enables two-way communication between utilities and meters. Further requires a report be filed with the Governor and legislative leaders on compliance and any recommendations deemed necessary to ensure protection of electric or gas corporation critical infrastructure. AYE

S6058A Deems an application filed with the New York state and local police and fire retirement system by the widow of Stephen L. Raymond as timely filed. AYE

S8099 The bill relates to selling practices pertaining to unordered goods. Authorizes the NYS Attorney General to bring an action against a person who violates provision of the law and to recover the greater of actual damages or up to $500 for each instance of goods, merchandise were sent in violation of the law. Additionally, the court may award the costs of the action together with reasonable attorney's fees to a prevailing plaintiff. AYE

S8654A The bill amends Article 43 of the General Business Law The New York State Secure Choice Savings Program to allow participating individuals to participate in the program. AYE

S4341 Relates to the harvesting of Jonah crabs; provides a holder of a commercial crab permit shall not exceed the bycatch limit of Jonah crab unless they request a special permit. AYE

S6551C GALLIVAN Designates a portion of the state highway system in the town of Pike, county of Wyoming, as the "MSgt. Thomas P. Madison Memorial Bridge". AYE

S8687A Designates a portion of the state highway system in Nassau county as the "Trooper James M. MacLarnon Memorial Bridge". AYE

S8902 This bill would extend for another three years, until December 31, 2025, provisions relating to medical malpractice insurance. Specifically, provisions that exempted certain insurers from the risk-based capital (RBC) requirements of the insurance law section 1324. AYE

S4251 Extends the effectiveness of certain provisions relating to defining spearguns and allowing recreational spearfishing in New York's marine and coastal waters to June 1, 2024. Currently expires on June 1, 2023. AYE

S6421A Establishes the position of Catskill park coordinator within the department of environmental conservation to build partnerships between the department and other state agencies, municipal governments, businesses and nonprofit entities that will develop a community-based tourism strategy for the forest preserve to help fortify the regional economy and to coordinate implementation of the public access plan and other approved or adopted Catskill park-wide plans. AYE

S8050A The bill would provide in Unconsolidated Law that no later than 3/31/2023, DEC and DOH shall propose new standards and update any existing standards for dust lead hazards, soil-lead hazards and ambient air quality standards for the level of lead. AYE

S8888 Designates Lake Peekskill and Roaring Brook Lake as inland waterways for the purposes of waterfront revitalization. AYE

S9000 The bill would extend Chapter 274 of 2010, which allows for pesticide containers that have incurred minor and accidental damage prior to sale to be repaired and legally sold through July 1, 2024. AYE

S6959A This bill would require the State Liquor Authority to provide, upon application, a credit to be used for any future application for a license to sell alcohol at retail for on-premises consumption at any sports or cultural organization that held more than one license to sell alcohol at retail for on-premises consumption in calendar year 2020. AYE

S8975 OVS DEPARTMENTAL - Expands eligibility to crime victims who did not suffer a physical injury but were victims of the crime of unlawful dissemination or publication of an intimate image as defined in section 245.15 of the Penal Law (Revenge Porn) in relation to monetary awards paid to crime victims.  AYE

S8976 OVS DEPARTMENTAL - Amends subdivision (11) of section 631 of the executive law, expanding those eligible, non-injured victims of certain, enumerated crimes to include the crimes of reckless endangerment in the second and first degrees. This also adds language in the same section, expanding reimbursable expenses to include crime scene cleanup and securing a crime scene in relation to monetary awards paid to crime victims.  AYE

S8387 Extends the marketing limitation on serial bonds/notes of Yonkers from June 30, 2022 to June 30, 2023. AYE

S9011 This bill revokes a crematory or crematorium operated by a funeral entity in the Town of Tonawanda that was subject to a consent order by the DEC the opportunity to move, and revokes its grandfathered status. NAY (Removes grandfather status of said funeral entity in Tonawanda. Limits options of locals residents.)

S3313 This bill establishes a state university-based center for "employee ownership," provides $100M in loan authority to the Job Development Authority, and provides a capital gains tax exemption for the sale of stock to an employee-owned businesses. AYE

S7490 Authorizes John Raftery of the town of Shawangunk to take the competitive civil service examination for the position of police officer and be placed on the eligible list for employment as a full-time police officer for the town of Shawangunk police department. AYE

S8955 This bill would extend for two years the authority for an individual without a boating license to operate personal watercraft and specialty prop-crafts in certain situations. AYE

S3687A Requires notification of impending expiration of vehicle inspection. NAY (Personal responsibility and unwarranted cost.)

S8373 Requires gas and electric corporations to provide sixty days' notice to customers whenever there is a service rate or charge increase. AYE

S424A This bill would allow poll clerks to work split shifts. Under current law, a poll clerk must work an entire 16 hour election day, from 6AM to 9PM. AYE

S423 This bill removes the ten-year time period in relation to being defined as a person who has committed persistent sexual abuse. AYE

S7353 Provides that a summons for operating a motor vehicle in violation of the prohibition against the placing of posters or stickers on windshields or rear windows other than those authorized by law or the prohibition against the hanging of objects in or upon the vehicle that obstructs the view of the driver shall only be issued when there is reasonable cause to believe that the person operating such motor vehicle has committed another violation of the law. NAY (endangers other drivers. Limits the ability of officers to protect the public.)

S813 This bill would increase the maximum age of receiving shelter services to twenty-four in certain situations. Current transitional independent living support programs service youth between the ages of 16 to 21. This bill would allow a youth to remain eligible for an additional three years until 24. NAY (Transitional independent living programs currently house youth 16 years of age and older. Housing a 24 year old with younger youth is problematic.)

S6187A Increases the severity of the offense of sexual conduct against a child in the second degree to be a class C felony (up from a class D felony). AYE

S6809A This bill restores the authority of OGS to review OGS & OGS centralized contracts that exceed 85K. Additionally, the bill restores the Comptroller with oversight over certain SUNY/CUNY contracts. AYE

S8062 Ensures the office of the state comptroller's authority to review state contracts prior to ratification, under sections 112 and 163 of the state finance law, remains intact during a state disaster emergency that extends beyond 30 days. AYE

S1656A Prohibits industrial development agencies from incentivizing movements within the state where any plant, facility, or personnel of the project occupant are abandoned or removed. NAY (Not necessary. Prohibition already exists.)

S117A Requires museums to post a notice with the display of any art stolen during the Nazi era in Europe. AYE

S5419B This bill would increase the maximum value of rent subsidies provided as part of preventive services. Such subsidy shall increase from $300 per month to $725 dollars per month. AYE

S1196 This is a sunshine bill that would amend the Urban Development Corporation Act, the State Finance Law, the General Municipal Law, and the Economic Development Law to Prohibit confidentiality and nondisclosure from inclusion in certain contracts entered into by the state or a municipality. AYE

S7337 This bill would repeal the Public Authorities Law, section 51 (6) which limits the scope of oversight afforded to voting members of the New York state authorities control board. AYE

S215 Requires that subpoenas issued relating to election matters be served with a separate informational sheet that summarizes why the subpoena has been issued. AYE

S6195B Replaces certain instances of the term "mentally retarded" with the term "individuals with developmental disabilities". AYE

S8419A This is a sunshine bill that would require the Community Advisory Committees formed by the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) to be subject to the Freedom of Information Law (Public Officers Law Article 6) and the Open Meetings Law (Public Officers Law Article 7). ESDC would be required to post a list of all CAC members, meeting materials, agendas and minutes on its website at least one day in advance of the CAC meeting. AYE

S1594 This bill establishes the living donor support program within the Department of Health. The program will pay, subject to available appropriation, the living donor expenses for NYS living donor residents to make a donation to a recipient. Expenses must be reimbursed as close in time as possible as incurred by the living donor. AYE

S1603 Enacts the "NYCHA utility accountability act"; requires the NYCHA to provide a rent reduction to tenants who experience a disruption in utility service. NAY

S5356 This bill would require that prior to entering into a contract for consultant services with an anticipated value of $1 million or more annually, the contracting state agency must conduct a "cost comparison review" to determine whether the services can be performed at equal or lower cost using current state employees. AYE

S5988B Provides for distinctive license plates for members of the Seabee Veterans of America. AYE

S6882 This bill would expand the continuing education requirement for psychologists to include at least three hours of course work in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. Additionally, the bill provides that courses from the American Psychological Association (APA), its divisions and its affiliations shall be considered for continued education without application to SED. AYE

S8442 Requires that applications submitted by individuals with developmental disabilities for eligibility determinations and service authorizations be processed in a timely manner; requires the office of mental health to provide a report regarding such applications. AYE

S6927A Authorizes the issuance of a license to sell liquor at retail for consumption on certain premises in the city of Beacon located within two hundred feet of a building occupied as a church, synagogue or other place of worship. AYE

S7535A This bill would add a new section 9-z (Cashing of certain checks) that would mandate that no bank, trust company, savings bank, savings and loan association or credit union shall refuse to cash checks, in the amount of five hundred dollars or less, drawn on accounts in such institution or a branch as long as there are sufficient funds within the account on which the check is drawn. NAY (Another mandate on state chartered banking institutions.)

S8318 Requires the superintendent of financial services to maintain and annually update a list of financial institutions that waive wire transfer or processing fees associated with Holocaust reparations payments. AYE

S6925A Relates to the use of certain lands conveyed by the New York state thruway authority to the International Boxing Hall of Fame; releases a reverter interest and easement relating to such land. AYE

S7359A Relates to youth programs sponsored by fire departments; provides that participants may respond to an emergency or hazardous activity, but shall remain in an appropriate and safe designated area that has been established by the chief or officer in charge; provides such participants cannot respond to an emergency on a vehicle using lights and/or sirens; provides such participants may not enter a burning structure; protects volunteer fire departments and fire companies from certain criminal and civil liability potentially arising from the operation of a youth program. AYE

S6300C Establishes a public awareness campaign to combat the discrimination, stigma and stereotyping of individuals with developmental disabilities and which highlights the accomplishments and contributions of individuals with developmental disabilities to the state and their respective communities. AYE

S1785A This bill adds to the requirement that residential health care facilities must annually, or more frequently as directed by NYS DOH make available to the public a pandemic emergency plan on the facility’s website and immediately upon request by including an update to all residents, authorized family members and guardians of residents at the facility within 12 hours of the detection of the presence of an infection by a resident or staff member pursuant to the communications plan within such emergency plan. AYE

S7866A Provides that a student enrolled in an individualized education plan during certain school years may continue to receive educational services until the student completes the services pursuant to the individualized education plan or turns twenty-three years of age, whichever is sooner. AYE

S8564 This legislation permits certain buildings with five or fewer units to convert to cooperative or condominium ownership upon written purchase agreements with at least fifteen percent of the dwelling units in the building. AYE

S8298A Designates a portion of the state highway system constituting state route forty-five between New Hempstead Road and East Eckerson Road in the town of Ramapo in Rockland county as the "Jared Lloyd Memorial Highway". AYE

S8575 Establishes a uterine fibroids awareness and education program on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids and the elevated risk for minority women. AYE

S8855 This bill would authorize retail licensees to purchase alcohol with a business payment card, which is defined as- - any credit card issued to a retail licensee for business or commercial use pursuant to an agreement that allows the holder thereof to obtain goods and services on the credit of the issuer or a debit card that provides access to a bank account of a retail licensee; -a credit or debit card from an issuer accepted by the manufacturer or wholesaler as permitted by the authority in regulation; and -such credit card shall not include cards in which a manufacturer or wholesaler has a financial interest or cards by which their use benefits a manufacturer or wholesaler. Such card must be issued in the same name as a retail licensee and registered to the same address as the address on the retail license, or as otherwise permitted by the authority in regulation. AYE

S5876B Requires state disaster preparedness plans and local comprehensive emergency management plans to include at least one annual simulation of both natural and man-made disaster events in the form of a tabletop exercise in which key personnel assigned emergency management roles and responsibilities gather to discuss, in a non-threatening environment, various simulated emergency situations; provides that such simulation shall be completed annually prior to the first of May in areas at risk to hurricane damage.  AYE

S8603A Increases the award amount provided to victims by the Office of Victim Services to $2,500 (from $500) for the cost of repair or replacement of essential personal property, including cash losses of essential personal property. Further defines personal property and precludes the Office from disqualifying a claimant from receiving reimbursement if unable to produce a receipt of the lost, stolen or damaged personal items. AYE

S7548A Section 4402 of the education law is amended by adding a new subdivision requiring each school district to develop a procedure to notify a student with disability's parent or personal in parental relation on the same day when a physical or mechanical restraint is used on the student or the student is place in a time out room. AYE

S5645 Creates a city-wide council for district seventy-five to advise and comment on educational or instructional policies involving district seventy-five services. AYE

S7389 Replaces all instances of the words councilman or councilmen with the words council member or council members. AYE

S8615A Allows coaches who cannot be certified in CPR to be able to coach high school sports if there is another coach or staff present at the sporting activity who is certified in CPR. AYE

S3017 Creates a residential condominium owner's bill of rights that includes the right to transparency, the right to timely decisions, voting rights, the right to notice, and the right against extraordinary expenses. AYE

S8907 Provides that the Port Authority Police Department shall operate a youth services unit at any bus terminal and airport operated by the authority, at all Port Authority Trans-Hudson stations and at the World Trade Center. Such youth services unit shall be tasked with combatting human and sex trafficking through measures including but not limited to intercepting runaway youths; collaborating with undercover plain clothed police officers and social workers; identifying vulnerable youths before they become victimized; identifying and stopping predators; assisting in state and federal prosecution of offenders; reuniting at-risk youths with their families; and providing services referrals to at-risk youths and victims of trafficking. AYE

S4915 Changes the official name of the Staten Island Expressway to the "POW-MIA Memorial Highway". AYE

S7899 Enacts the "New York state YouthBuild act"; sets program requirements; authorizes grants to eligible YouthBuild participants; establishes application requirements. AYE

S8251 Removes the required payment licensed funeral directors and undertakers must pay to support the establishment and maintenance of the electronic death registration system of $20 for each burial and removal permit issued. AYE

S2019 This bill acknowledges existing authority of licensed podiatrists to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot and ankle and skin of both, and clarifies that authority expands to wound care within the soft tissue up to the knee. AYE

S8945 This bill extends the law that provides college students with disabilities access to electronic formats of printed instructional materials for an additional 3 years.  AYE

S4720 Authorizes the villages of Malone, Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake, in the county of Franklin, to employ retired former members of the division of state police as part-time village police officers. AYE

S7662A Requires the online posting of employment opportunities in the competitive, noncompetitive and labor classes, upcoming examination announcements, directions on how to apply for examination and appointment, and identification of positions eligible for designation pursuant to sections 55-b and 55-c of the civil service law. AYE

S6208A Relates to the development and posting of a senior trail guide that identifies walking and hiking opportunities for active seniors within the state park system and along public non-motorized multi-use trails within the state. AYE

S8270 Increases the base pilotage tariffs at Sandy Hook, Sands Point and Execution Rocks by an approximate three percent in each of the next five years. AYE

S4261 Relates to the amount of St. Lawrence county economic development power that may be used by the New York Power Authority to generate net earnings. AYE