Senator Gallivan's Votes for Week of May 23, 2022

Patrick M. Gallivan

May 27, 2022

The following bills were approved in the NYS Senate.  Senator Gallivan's vote is noted.

S6079B Requires the welfare management system to offer a gender-neutral marker on forms and materials for applications for social services benefits; requires the office of court administration to provide a nonbinary option for demographic information on forms for securing orders. NAY

S3081A This bill prohibits any party within the chain of distribution of any drug subject to a shortage to sell the drug at an unconscionably excessive price.  AYE

S7854 Prohibits off-track betting corporation vehicles from being used as take-home vehicles by board members, officers, employees, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, or agents of such corporation or by certain family members of such individuals.  AYE

S7855 Amend the racing, pari-mutuel, wagering and breeding law by adding new section 502-a to deem expired the current membership of the WNY OTB board of directors, and to replace the board with representation as follows: three seats appointed by Monroe, Wyoming and Orleans counties; one member to represent Chautauqua, Cayuga, Genesee, Livingston, Schuyler, and Seneca counties; four members to represent Erie County; one member to represent Niagara County; one member to represent Oswego, Cattaraugus, and Wayne counties; one member to represent the city of Buffalo; one member to represent the city of Rochester; one member appointed by the Governor; one member appointed by the temporary president of the senate; and one member appointed by the speaker of the assembly. NAY

S7856 Prohibits regional off-track betting corporations from providing items of value exceeding fifteen dollars to any board member, officer, or employee of the corporation, any contractor, subcontractor, consultant, or other agent of the corporation, or any spouse, child, sibling or parent of such persons; adds reporting requirements for regional off-track betting corporations. AYE

S1413 Lowers the cost sharing cap for insulin from one hundred dollars to thirty dollars. NAY (Too costly.)

S5981 This bill would repeal subdivision 2 of section 189 of the correction law and paragraph (b) of subdivision 5 of section 60.35 of the penal law. Both of these statutes are related to the ability of the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) to collect an incarceration fee from inmates in state prison. NAY (The correction law allows for the fee to be waived where it would result in an unreasonable financial hardship.)

S5046 This bill would amend the unconsolidated law to authorize and direct the Urban Development Corporation, in cooperation with the Dormitory Authority, the Division of the Budget, the Department of Financial Services, and the Department of Tax and Finance to create a new investment vehicle to be known as an Alternative Finance Investment Bond.  NAY (Waste of agency resources. Unproven investment opportunity.)

S8219A Requires an annual report for the independent substance use disorder and mental health ombudsman program by October 31st each year.  AYE

S6785 In relation to unemployment insurance benefit eligibility, this bill would add to the employer written notification requirement regarding employees terminated from employment or whose scheduled working hours have been reduced must include information that such employees may be eligible for such benefits.  NAY (This bill is potentially onerous on employers, as they would now be required to provide notice to those employees whose scheduled work hours have been reduced where there was no such statutory requirement previously.)

S1184A  This bill would establish a person cannot be held for more than 24-hours after being taken into custody without being brought before a criminal court. When a writ of habeas corpus is being heard challenging the pre-arraignment detention of a person being held for more than 24 hours, there must be an penitentiary presumption that the detention is unnecessary and unlawful.  NAY (This bill would allow an individual to be detained for more than 24 hours, however, it would put the burden on the prosecution to prove such delay was actually necessary.)

S72A Amends the administrative code of the city of New York so that the department of housing preservation and the department of buildings shall each maintain data on their websites of open code violations in public housing developments owned by the New York City Housing Authority.  AYE

S311A LIU Provides that the port authority shall prohibit nonstop flights to or from points beyond one thousand five hundred miles, except on Saturdays and flights to Denver, Colorado, from flying to or from LaGuardia airport, an air terminal of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. NAY (Will likely disrupt air traffic. Nonetheless, consideration of residents is noteworthy.)

S4856 Requires policies and contracts that provide coverage for prescription drugs to include coverage of an immediate additional thirty-day supply of a prescription drug during a state disaster emergency. AYE

S5299A This bill would require insurance companies or PBMs to apply any price reduction instrument for out-of-pocket expenses when calculating an insured individuals cost sharing requirements. AYE

S5909 Prohibits the application of fail-first or step therapy protocols to coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.  AYE

S8022A This bill will amend chapter 64 of the laws of 1940, by amending sections 625.1, 625.4, and 625.5, relating to incorporating the Volunteer and Exempt Firemen's Benevolent Association of Westbury in relation to its management and control as well as the purposes and duties of the association and the usage of moneys received from foreign fire insurance companies by the association. AYE

S8525 Removes the requirement that where a municipal corporation, school district or district corporation issues indebtedness to finance certain costs of preparation of plans and specifications for a proposed capital improvement there must be a waiting period of at least one year authorizing the undertaking of the capital improvement. AYE

S5701 Enacts the "unmarked burial site protection act"; requires the cessation of all ground disturbing activities upon the discovery of a burial ground, human remains or funerary objects; requires the reporting of such discovery to the local coroner; provides that if such remains are more than 50 years old, the state archaeologist shall be notified; requires state archaeologist to determine whether the remains are of Native American origin; provides that the lineal descendants or culturally affiliated group of such remains shall be notified and be given possession thereof; establishes the Native American burial site review committee to provide for notice and disposition of Native American remains; establishes criminal penalties for the violation of such provisions relating to the disturbance or failure to report the discovery of any such site, remains or objects; grants the attorney general and aggrieved parties a civil right of action for the violations of such provisions; requires inquiry by state agency preservation officers to determine whether any proposed project undertaken, funded or approved by a state agency will disturb burial grounds. Allegany Reservation Cattaraugus Reservation Cayuga Nation Oneida Indian Nation Onondaga Nation Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Seneca Nation of Indians Shinnecock Indian Nation Tonawanda Seneca Nation Tuscarora Nation Unkechaug Indian Nation.  AYE

S2535A The bill provides that an individual may be enrolled in any public or private drug plan that CMS has determined is as generous as or more generous than the standard coverage under Medicare Part D drug prescription benefit.  AYE

S4438A Authorizes retired firefighters to be employed as fire science instructors by career and technical education centers without a reduction of their retirement benefits.  AYE

S5489 Permits an unregistered, nonresident pharmacy to ship, mail, or deliver prescription drugs or devices to registered NY pharmacies in cases of a specific patient need or declared public emergency. AYE

S4150C This bill, known as “Shepherd Patterson law” would require that before July 1, 2023, the NYS Department of Health, in consultation with the Department of Education, to develop an informational pamphlet for practitioners to distribute to parents or guardians of patients under the age of 18 with a medical condition that may create a disability pursuant to the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 informing them that such minor may be entitled to a free and appropriate public education, which may include accommodations for the delivery of programs and services. AYE

S6793A Replaces the terms "mentally retarded", "mental retardation" and variants thereof with "intellectually disabled" and "intellectual disability".  AYE

S8617A This bill amends the annual reporting requirements of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman program and requires an additional annual report to be submitted to the Attorney General on instances of abuse, neglect and exploitation, for review and possible enforcement action. AYE

S4937C This bill is very similar to the Housing our Neighbors with Dignity Act. It allows for underutilized Class B hotels to be converted into permanent dwelling units. This bill streamlines the process for converting hotels into permanent affordable housing by waiving land use review processes which are usually cost prohibitive. NAY (Only applies to NYC.)

S6291A The bill would add a new section in Environmental Conservation Law to prohibit the manufacture or sale of any common apparel containing PFAS chemicals as intentionally added chemicals. NAY

S8258A Requires an operator of a motor vehicle to exercise due care to avoid colliding with a vehicle in distress that is parked, stopped, or standing on the shoulder of a highway.  AYE

S7650A Establishes an intensive addiction and medical services integrated services pilot program to support two three year demonstration programs that provide intensive addiction and medical services integrated services to individuals who have significant addiction and medical issues. AYE

S3232 This bill would expand the authority of the Department of Economic Development (DED) to fund demonstration projects that include the reuse of waste tires in the agricultural setting. DED would also be authorized to conduct market analysis on ways to reuse waste tires.  AYE

S8888A Designates Lake Peekskill as an inland waterway for the purposes of waterfront revitalization. AYE

S3106 Relates to the hours during which liquor and/or wine stores may be open on Sunday by allowing liquor and/or wine stores to open at 10:00 a.m. rather than noon on Sunday.  AYE

S8989 Permits the Culinary Institute of America located in Hyde Park to both produce and sell alcoholic beverages; permits certain donations. AYE

S643A Prohibits the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision from requiring a person released to community supervision to participate in any program that would interfere with such person’s employment, educational or vocational training schedule, unless such program is a residential treatment program. AYE

S1543A Amends the Public Officers Law to prohibit statewide elected official, state officer or employee, member of the legislature, legislative employee or political party chairman who owns or controls a certain percentage of a corporation or limited liability company from receiving compensation for consulting or legal services from a state or local authority. NAY (Public bidding should be open to all.)

S8314 For the 2022-2023 school year and beyond, deaf and blind learning institutions will be able to obtain funds added to their allowable and reimbursable costs incurred for services and programs. Annually attained funds must not exceed one percent of the institution's total allowable and reimbursable costs, provided that the total accumulated balance that may be retained does not exceed four percent. Any institution that retains funds pursuant to this section, must annually report a statement of the total balance of retained funds and submit it to the Department of Education.  AYE

S3472 Requires feminine hygiene products to be offered for free in non-public schools.  AYE

S7449 Extends the period given to certain applicants for public assistance benefits to request a fair hearing on a determination of their ability to participate in work activities from ten days to sixty days or within sixty days of receipt of a work activity assignment. NAY

S8980 Allows the Division of Housing and Community Renewal to direct Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LEHEAP) funds to any public benefit corporation or authority under the Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) umbrella and expand the permissible uses of the funds to include weatherization or energy upgrades beyond what is explicitly permitted by the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance's Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).  AYE

S3933 This bill prohibits any local law, ordinance or resolution from allowing for the registration of mortgages in default prior to a mortgage lender filing a notice of pendency in court. The bill also prohibits any local law, ordinance, or resolution from requiring a homeowner to register a home in default. NAY

S9031A Expands the membership of the Battery Park City Authority Board of Directors from seven to nine members and to provide that appointments shall be of primary residents of Battery Park City until the Board includes at least five members who are residents.  AYE

S4162 This act will reclassify class C waterways as streams for the purpose of protection. Class "C" waterways, which are regularly used by people for boating, fishing, and other activities, are not currently afforded the protection that is provided to waterways classified as streams. NAY (Overly burdensome.)

S7626 This bill amends provisions of law governing payment for hospice services by authorizing individuals residing in an adult care facility (ACF) and enrolled in an assisted living program to receive such care. Requires the NYS DOH to promulgate the necessary rules and regulations to implement the legislation.  AYE

S2023C Relates to the licensure of athletic trainers; adds athletic trainers to the list of persons and officials required to report cases of suspected child abuse or maltreatment. AYE

S5663A Allows patients to receive certain treatment by an occupational therapist without a referral from a physician or nurse practitioner; requires the occupational therapist to inform the patient of certain potential insurance issues; relates to eliminating the need for referrals for certain treatment under coverage provided by certain motor vehicle insurance policies. AYE

S6717A Allows for at least one-third of required clinical training and competency for licensing as a registered professional nurse, licensed practical nurse, and nurse practitioner to be completed through simulation experience.  AYE

S8465 This bill removes the sunset provision on pharmacists' ability to substitute biosimilar medications.  AYE

S8808 Removes the requirement that postdoctoral general practice or specialty dental residency program experience required for licensure as a dentist needs to be clinically-based.  AYE

S8210 Amends paragraph (a) of subdivision 2 of Section 121 of the Civil Service Law to extend its salary protection to provisional and temporary incumbents, as well as to permanent incumbents at the same grade, upon transfer to other positions, by reason of reclassification or reallocation. AYE

S8481 Requires that firefighters shall not be subjected to the penalty of dismissal from service or any other discipline if the hearing, upon such charge, has been conducted by someone other than an independent hearing officer. AYE

S8974 Authorizes Jeffrey Chase of the village of New York Mills to take the competitive civil service examination for the position of police officer and be placed on the eligible list for employment as a full-time police officer for the village of New York Mills police department. AYE

S9051 This bill would permit investment of retirement funds in mortgages guaranteed by New York state homes and community renewal. AYE

S8038 Eliminates the expiration date authorizing the New York Botanical Garden to charge a fee for admission by the general public to help sustain the organization's operations and botanical exhibits. AYE

S8745 Increases pilotage fees on vessels transiting the New York state waters of Long Island Sound or Block Island Sound east of Execution Rocks or Sands Point. AYE

S2757B Adds cargo bicycles with electric assist to the types of bicycles with electric assist regulated under the vehicle and traffic law; provides that no person shall operate a cargo bicycle with electric assist unless it is accompanied by proof of financial security unless otherwise authorized by local law, ordinance, order, rule, or regulation or pursuant to an agreement made on behalf of the city, town, or village. AYE

S8679 Amends the Public Authorities law to require the posting of information concerning services for human trafficking victims within MTA facilities.  AYE

S8711A Requires the Thruway Authority to make cards or signs available in public restrooms in its service areas, containing information on services for trafficking victims, as well as the national human trafficking hotline number. AYE

S768 This bill defines temporary total disability as the injured employee’s inability to perform his or her pre-injury employment duties or any modified employment offered by the employer that is consistent with the employee’s disability. NAY (Shifts standard regarding workers’ compensation cases. Likely will increase costs to employers going forward.)

S6875 Requires each social services district to maintain a waiting list of eligible families who have applied for child care assistance; further requires the local districts to report such list to the office of children and family services who shall then compile such reports and issue one report to the legislature annually; further requires the social services districts to collect data regarding the income of families who have applied, were denied and received child care assistance and issue a report to the office of children and family services who shall then compile such reports and issue one report to the legislature annually. AYE

S483A This bill prohibits vendor contributions, indirectly or directly, to political committees during the restricted vendor contribution period operationally, when those committees are controlled by officeholders with authority over state governmental entities responsible for issuing a procurement solicitation, evaluating responses, or determining or awarding a final contract or to political committees of candidates for office of such a government entity. AYE

S1851A Prohibits the name Independence or Independent , or the plural thereof, as a political party name in New York State. NAY ON FLOOR 2021 NAY 6072A KAPLAN Relates to allowing bed and breakfasts to sell cider, liquor, beer and wine on the licensed premises.  AYE

S6846A Modifies the definition of telehealth provider to include any health care provider who possesses the requisite license, certification, registration, authorization or credentialing to provide a health care service in New York state and determines that it is clinically appropriate to deliver such health care service via telehealth. AYE

S7499B Requires manufacturers of prescription drugs that are purchased or reimbursed in NYS by an insurance company authorized to write accident and health insurance, a higher education institution, a municipal cooperative health benefit plan, the NYS health insurance plan, non-profit medical and dental indemnity, HMOs, or by a pharmacy benefit manager to provide notification of an increase in price. NAY (National marketplace for pricing. Unconstitutional.)

S8205A Establishes a statewide advanced care planning campaign to promote public awareness of hospice and palliative care services. Compassion & Choices AYE

S8805 Requires space for donate life registration on forms used for enrollment, renewal, disclosures and related health insurance policy transactions. AYE

S8903 This bill establishes a state-level program of all inclusive care for the elderly to provide community based, risk-based and capitated long-term care services as optional services under Medicaid, and where applicable, under Medicare, as well us under contracts with CMS, the department and PACE organizations. The bill authorizes currently operating PACE programs to continue operation while transitioning into compliance with this program.  AYE

S4299A Allows for distinctive plates to be issued for members of the New York city fire riders motorcycle club. AYE

S6302A Authorizes Michael J. Cappiello to purchase service credit for service with the Long Island Railroad Company police department prior to its merger with the MTA and the state retirement system.  AYE

S6570 This bill would require that any sentence imposed for a conviction of a hate crime include a condition that the defendant must complete a program, training session or counseling session directed at hate crime prevention and education. The program or session must be appropriate, available, and developed or authorized by the court or local agencies, in cooperation with organizations that serve the affected community.  AYE

S6586A This bill would make it illegal to discrimination based on citizenship or immigration status.  AYE

S6800A  This bill would decouple the New York State tax treatment of gains from qualified opportunity zones in calculating taxable income from the Federal Tax Code. AYE

S7238A Authorizes the town of Niskayuna, in the county of Schenectady, to offer certain retirement options to John F. Connor, Jeffrey A. Relation, Joseph H. Twitty and Paul J. Daly, police officers employed by such town.  AYE

S7504A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the county of Clinton, currently known as the Twin Bridges, as the "Trooper Brian S. Falb Memorial Bridge". AYE

S8287  Establishes an "operation SNUG" program within the division of criminal justice services which provides grant awards to reduce, prevent or respond to gun violence. $5 million would be made available for program awards designated by the Senate and $5 million would be made available for program awards designated by the Assembly. $20 million would be allocated for grants to provide services in counties across the state. $15 million would be divided between specified counties in accordance with a sub-schedule. AYE

S8568 Extends the effectiveness of the New York black car operators' injury compensation fund, inc., for an additional three years. AYE

S8706 Relates to permitting the Candor central school district to establish an insurance reserve fund.  AYE

S1737 Establishes a wholesale prescription drug importation program by requiring the department in consultation with interested stakeholders and appropriate federal officials to develop and implement the program. Said program, in part, must include the approval of one (or more) prescription drug wholesalers to seek federal certification and approval to import prescription drugs from other countries, to be sold or distributed in NYS; requires such prescription drugs meet FDA safety, effectiveness, and other standards; only prescription drugs expected to generate substantial savings for consumers must be imported; an annual fee may be imposed upon such approved wholesaler; etc.  NAY

S4102A This bill authorizes nursing homes, residential health care facilities and hospices to utilize automated dispensing devices (ADD), which is a mechanical system that stores prescribed medications at such facilities and dispenses such medications for the sole use of the facilities residents. The ADD remains the property of the pharmacy and the pharmacy shall maintain all controls, record keeping and regulations of the state. Utilization of such devices for dispensing of controlled substances shall obtain a machine specific federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number and appropriate NYS licensing.  AYE

S4413 Relates to specification of objections to designating petitions, independent nominating petitions, certificates of nomination or ballot access documents; standardizes requirements for specification of objections by removing authority of local boards of election to make their own rules. AYE

S4620C This bill enacts the "Patient Rx information and choice expansion act (PRICE Act)" to allow prescription plan coverage and drug cost information available at the point-of-care to ensure patients have access to the medications prescribed by their provider and increase medication adherence while reducing administrative burdens on providers.  NAY (Significant new administrative costs.)

S4686A Grants retroactive membership in the New York state and local employees' retirement system to Justin Whitmore. AYE

S5557A This bill would expand the definition of service creditable under 20-year and 25-year plans in the New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) to include service transferred by any police officer employed or formerly employed by the Division of Law Enforcement in the Department of Environmental Protection in the City of New York, provided that such police officer has at least two years of such employment..  AYE

S7081 Permits the electronic appearance of a defendant in the county of Steuben.  AYE

S7557B Requires the department, in consultation with OMH and the Division of Human Rights, to create (in English and twelve most common non-English languages spoken by individuals in the State) and distribute materials regarding mental health services and resources available to employees. Further requires every employer in the State to post such materials in an accessible place and in a visually conspicuous manner. NAY (Another mandate on businesses.)

S7594A Regarding managed care programs and plans under Medicaid and HMOs, in setting reimbursement, the department of health must establish a quality incentive program that is disbursed based on such program or plan performance in meeting quality objectives, set by the commissioner. The quality incentive program is to be funded at a level of at least one percent of the total annual premium paid to such managed care providers, or in the case of Medicaid managed care providers, $300 million, whichever is greater.  AYE

S8191 Requires a utilization review agent to follow certain rules when establishing a step therapy protocol; requires that the protocol accepts any attestation submitted by the insured's health care professional stating that a required drug has failed as prima facie evidence that the required drug has failed.  AYE

S8754 Increases the number of judges in family court within the city of New York from fifty-six to sixty.  AYE

S8815 Amends section 189 of the State Finance Law by repealing subsection 4(a)iii) to make individuals and corporations with a net income or sales of over $1 million liable under the False Claims Act for knowingly and illegally failing to file tax returns that cost the state or local government at least three hundred fifty thousand dollars in lost revenue. AYE

S8835A Relates to the Main-Transit Volunteer Fire Department Benevolent Association's purpose and the use of foreign fire insurance premium taxes. AYE

S9294A Extends the deadline for filing disability claims for a qualifying World Trade Center condition. AYE

S9299 The bill would amend section 13- 0340a of Environmental Conservation Law to extend through 2025 the ability of DEC to fix regulation for the taking of Weakfish.  AYE

S9303 The bill would amend section 13- 0340d of Environmental Conservation Law to extend through 2025 the ability of DEC to fix regulation for the taking of blackfish. AYE

S9321 Extends provisions of law relating to the use of electronic means for the commencement and filing of papers in certain actions or proceedings until September 1, 2027.  AYE

S9330 This bill would amend section 54-0701 of Environmental Conservation Law to change the definition of cost for municipal waste reduction or recycling projects to remove language limiting state funding for municipal recycling projects if federal assistance is received. AYE

S9332 Extends the limitations on the shift between classes of taxable property in the town of Orangetown, county of Rockland for the 2022--2023 assessment rolls. AYE

S9334 would amend section 218 of Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law to provide flexibility that when one of three stewards that conduct a thoroughbred races are unable to fulfill their duties, the Commission may appoint someone for such person. AYE

S9335 The bill eliminates the New York residency requirement to be listed as a designated beneficiary under the ABLE program. AYE

S9337 This bill would extend provisions of law related to the fees and compensation for workers compensation attorneys by two years to December 31, 2024. Under current law, these provisions will expire December 31, 2022. AYE

S9338 This bill would amend section three of chapter 451 of the laws of 2012, related to authorizing certain employee automated wage deductions, to extend the sunset date for two years to November 7, 2024. AYE

S9339 This bill would amend section 18 of Chapter 748 of the Laws of 1991 to provide another 5- year extender of the existing indemnity provision included in the Greenway Act of 1991 for communities in the Hudson River Valley Greenway for certain actions related to their participation in the Greenway Compact. AYE

S9342 Extends certain provisions relating to the public library construction grant program to 2026. AYE

S9343 Repeals provision of Election law which provides that absentee voting in primary elections shall not apply to the party positions of members of the ward, town, city, or county committee. AYE

S9344 Changes the term "he" to "the superintendent" and makes other corrections to references of law so that they accurately conform to the current law.  AYE

S1826B This bill provides that when a state agency, public authority or municipality is planning to award a contract, subject to competitive bidding or an RFP process, that includes the procurement of information and communication technologies, the awarded contract shall require that such information and communication technologies make available software that blocks automated calls that cause a caller ID service to transmit false caller-ID information to all information and communication technologies customers. AYE

S2586A Directs the social services district to take no action to establish paternity or a child support order when the applicant or recipient for aid to dependent children has established good cause to refuse to cooperate. AYE

S532A This bill give the Secretary of State the authority to promulgate rules and regulations regarding code enforcement. It creates a timeline for completion of the mandatory training for code enforcement personnel and increases the continuing education required to maintain certification. NAY (This bill amounts to an unfunded mandate.)

S6363A Requires the court to order the search for and immediate seizure of firearms, rifles, or shotguns when a defendant willfully refuses to surrender such firearms, rifles or shotguns. Under current law, it is at the discretion of the court whether to seize the guns when a defendant willfully refuses to surrender them. NAY

S2053A Establishes school election wards in Rockland county union free and central school districts. NAY (Lacks requirements to ensure that election wards appropriately represent communities.)

S1026A This bill would amend the Workers' Compensation Law section 13 (5) (i) related to reimbursement for pharmaceutical claims. Current law requires claimants to obtain all prescribed medicines from a pharmacy with whom the employer has a contract ("network pharmacy") unless there is a medical emergency. This bill would amend current law to only "encourage" employees to obtain their prescription drugs through the contracted pharmacy. AYE

S192 This bill amends sections 198-a and 198-b of the general business law regarding warranties and the sale or lease of new and used motor vehicles. The amendment changes the word "consumer" to "purchaser" throughout the law. Additionally, the bill amends the definition of "purchaser" to include vehicles used primarily for commercial or business purposes. NAY (Can open up car manufacturers to expensive and time consuming lawsuits. Increase consumer costs.)

S6133 This bill would allow restaurants and bars to apply for a special permit to stay open on weekends between 4 am and 10 am.  AYE

S6287C Requires child care providers to be trained on the impacts and dangers of congenital cytomegalovirus infection and the treatments and methods of prevention of cytomegalovirus infection. C PRINT - Amends language to include midwives. AYE

S3010A This bill would require the Department of Health to offer a risk management course in obstetrics and midwifery, and would allow the Department of Financial Services (DFS) to approve an actuarially appropriate premium reduction to the physician/midwives medical malpractice insurance. AYE

S3138B Authorizes utility corporations, telegraph and telephone corporations, and cable television corporations to provide notice of bills to third parties at the request of the customer. AYE

S7687B This bill would allow an importer licensee to also hold an interest in a retail licensee and vice versa. Both licenses are held in the town of East Hampton, as further described by the metes and bounds description included in the bill. AYE

S4863A Adds a requirement that agencies not charge a fee for requested records in the case where an identical record has been prepared for a previous purpose within the past six months, and an electronic copy is available. If more than one request is made for an identical record before any such request has been fulfilled, any fees charged by the agency under this subparagraph shall be apportioned equally among the requestors. AYE

S1848 Authorizes the boards of education in union free school districts and central school districts to establish wards for the purpose of school board elections in Orange County.  NAY (Lacks requirements to ensure that election wards appropriately represent communities.)

S7132B Enacts "Alyssa's law"; authorizes school boards to include information regarding the installation of a panic alarm system in any school in the district in the districtwide safety plan; defines "panic alarm system". AYE

S7484 Designates March twenty-first as a day of commemoration to be known as "Down Syndrome Awareness Day".  AYE

S6399 Provides that a dental hygienist shall not administer local block anesthesia without a certificate and except under the personal supervision of a dentist and in conjunction with the performance of dental hygiene procedures authorized by law and in accordance with regulations promulgated by the commissioner.  AYE

S953A Requires businesses that make payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTS) to provide local governments, agencies and school districts with notice of their intention to change their assessment. Such notification must be made in writing and must be made at least forty-five days prior to such filing for change of assessment. AYE

S8023A Authorizes the county of Nassau assessor to accept an application for a real property tax exemption from the Carle Place Water District.  AYE

S8464A Amends the general municipal law by updating the gender by adding "at the governor's" in reference to the Governor's power to mobilize outside service by local police forces. AYE

S1225 Establishes the governor's military council for purposes of growing and protecting major military activities in the state, to leverage such military activities into creating additional defense-related jobs, and to help local units of government improve the quality of life of members of the armed forces and their families in New York state. AYE

S8570 This bill would require municipalities where real property tax exemptions may exist to notify eligible senior citizens of the tax exemptions they may be eligible to receive.  AYE

S655 Creates a program to assist lake associations with water quality improvement.  AYE

S1889C This bill would provide an accidental disability retirement benefits for fire protection specialists I, II and III. Such accidental disability benefit shall provide threequarters of final average salary, less worker's compensation. At the present time, such members are eligible for a benefit of one-third of final average salary in the event of an accidental or ordinary disability. C PRINT - Provides an updated fiscal note.  AYE

S8531 This bill would establish the "20 Station Drive, Wyandanch Design-Build Act". Within this act contains sections requiring the utilization of a project labor agreement, detailing the two step-method for selecting a contractor, requiring that professional services be rendered by licensed professionals, and provides for the preservation of collective bargaining rights.  AYE Local request.

S4846 Authorizes county highway superintendents to rent road machinery from any city, town or village. AYE

S7330 Adds Rockland County to the list of counties which allow electronic appearance in connection with criminal actions. AYE

S3946A This legislation requires the DOL to provide every employer in the state with a registration form to afford such employers the ability to voluntarily register with the emergency alert notification system. AYE

S6525 This bill would amend section 696-a of the Labor Law, which governs minimum wage rates for covered airport workers to include Stewart International Airport in the definition of covered airport location. AYE

S6803A Authorizes the department of labor to develop a public awareness campaign promoting the New York state job bank. A PRINT - Makes technical change.  AYE

S7349A Provides that facilities receiving funding from the office of addiction services and supports be designed and constructed in a manner that promotes privacy while bathing, sleeping, using restrooms, and receiving individual counseling services, while also allowing for maximization of the use of such facilities. Applies to new construction only and failure to meet privacy considerations in existing construction shall not impede the commissioner's approval of new construction. AYE

S8941 Amends subparagraph (xvii) of paragraph (a) subdivision 13 of Section 106 of the Alcoholic beverage Control Law by adding a new subparagraph (xviii) to add a parcel of land to the list of premises which are exempt from the provisions of law which generally restrict manufacturers/wholesalers/importers and retailers from sharing an interest in a liquor license. AYE

S8977 Authorizes the transfer of unappropriated state lands for mental health, developmental disability, park, recreation, playground, reforestation, public education, public safety, street or highway purposes to political subdivisions, fire companies, and voluntary ambulance services. AYE

S6460 Establishes the position of an insurance liaison on the disaster preparedness commission to be appointed by the governor and serve as a non-voting member.  AYE

S7338 Provides for the dissolution of union free school district number eight of the town of Canaan in the county of Columbia; makes technical corrections relating thereto; provides for the payment of the debts and obligations and the handling of records of such union free school district.  AYE

S1751 This bill would provide that both City Court Judges in the city of Jamestown would be elected.  AYE

S8714 Increases the number of stenographers that may be appointed for Orange county; provides that such appointments may be made from residents of Orange county or any adjoining county, and the salary of such stenographers shall be prescribed in the annual county budget. AYE

S5533 Provides the NYC water board shall not establish a limit of less than six years to challenge any fee, rate, rent or other service charges for the use of or services furnished by the water board and/or sewerage systems.  AYE

S8663 Amends section 28 of Religious Corporations Law to clarify that the Board of Trustees may elect to hold meetings partially by electronic communication, and provides that any meetings conducted partially or solely via electronic communication are subject to any guidelines or procedures that the Trustees may adopt. AYE

S9030 Exempts the Bushnell's Basin Fire Department, in the town of Perinton, county of Monroe from the forty-five percent limit on non-resident members. AYE

S6191A This bill would provide a new section in Environmental Conservation Law to establish a 30 by 30 Conservation Goal. It would be the goal of the state to support and contribute to national efforts to conserve at least 30 percent of US lands and inland waters by 2030. NAY (Too many questions - How far do we have to go to get there? Private land? Cost? Should not be NY taxpayer responsibility.)

S8294A Renames the 149th Street Grand Concourse subway station the "149th Street-Hostos station". AYE

S8532A The bill continues to increase from twenty-five to thirty-five percent investments, which do not qualify or are not permitted under any other subdivision of this section, notwithstanding any other provision of law, provided (a) the investments by a public pension fund made pursuant to this subdivision shall not at any time exceed twenty-five per centum of the assets of such fund. AYE

S8871 Relates to designating the month of May as "Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month". AYE

S1352 Requires cultural awareness and competence training for medical professionals, including two hours of course work encompassing minority healthcare issues. This bill applies to physicians, physician assistants (PAs), registered professional nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), podiatrists, optometrists and nurse practitioners who provide direct patient care. Training must be completed by July 1, 2022. AYE

S2019 This bill acknowledges existing authority of licensed podiatrists to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot and ankle and skin of both, and clarifies that authority expands to wound care within the soft tissue up to the knee.  AYE

S4347B Provides for the licensure of school psychologists; authorizes the use of the title "school psychologist" to licensed or exempt individuals; defines practice of school psychology; sets forth requirements for professional licensure (including educational attainment, experience, exam and fee); provides for issuance of limited permits under specified circumstances; identifies exempt persons.  AYE

S6592 The education law is amended to create a new section 210-d to permit new curriculum or programs of study, not in need of a master plan amendment, introduced by a not-for-profit college or university that has; maintained a physical presence in the state of New York for ten years and has been operated by the same governing body for an equal period of time, is accredited and has maintained accreditation with Middle States Commission on Higher Education or another institutional accrediting agency recognized by the Secretary of the United States Department of Education, to be deemed registered with the New York State Department of Education forty-five days after notification of approval by such college or university's governing body and submission of a complete application for review. AYE

S8843A This bill extends the ability of physical therapy assistants to provide services in home care settings through June 30, 2026. AYE

S8988 Extends certain tuition waivers for police officer students of the city university of New York to 2024.  AYE

S8529 Extends provisions relating to leave time for COVID-19 vaccination until December 31, 2023. New York State Public Employees Federation AFL-CIO NFIB AYE ON ENABLING LEGISLATION (CHAPTER 77 OF 2021) NAY (Creates additional burden on small business.)

S8685 This bill would require the appointment and promotion of Supervising Fire Alarm Dispatcher Level II be based on merit and fitness as determined by competitive examination, due weight being given to seniority. AYE

S5672A Designates a portion of the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Hike Trail within the village of Menands as the "Ronald H. Miller Memorial Bike Trail". AYE

S7136 Expands the current route of the Dutchess Wine Trail to include an additional winery. AYE

S8433A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the hamlet of Plainview, Nassau county as the "Police Officer Daniel J. Greer Memorial Bridge".  AYE

S8662 Relates to implementing a residential parking system in the city of New Rochelle for Farragut Circle, Decatur Road and Sutton Manor Road. AYE

S8822 Expands the law imposing fines on persons who stop, stand or park their motor vehicles in spaces clearly marked for use by people with disabilities in shopping centers and facilities with at least one but less than five separate retail stores and at least twenty off street parking spaces and the law allowing law enforcement officers to enter such parking lots to enforce this law, to include shopping centers and facilities with at least one but less than five separate retail stores and at least twenty off street parking spaces. AYE

S8046A This bill requires the Commission of the Office of Children and Family Services, in consultation with the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities to conduct a study, make recommendations and provide a report to the Governor and Legislature to determine the number of children who have been placed in foster care and who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. The bill also provides a definition of developmental disability. AYE

S1979A Requires utility bills for residential and demand-metered customers include certain information to allow customers to better understand their monthly charges - this information includes the quantity billed, the unit of measurement and the highest measurement of a specific line item as measured over the preceding 52 week period. NAY (Information already available to customers. )

S8919 States the public service commission, in accordance with section 119-a of the public service law, cannot interfere in any manner with provisions of collective bargaining agreements relating to pole attachment work between a utility corporation, telephone corporation, cable television corporation or any entity subject to article eleven of the public service law and its employees. NAY (PSC should be involved in collective bargaining agreements. )

S156 Prohibits private individuals or entities to pay for the administrative expenses associated with the conduct of a referendum. NAY

S5438A Authorizes tastings at licensed premises by distillers; authorizes the operation of a restaurant, hotel, catering establishment, or other food and drinking establishment in or adjacent to the licensed premises; authorizes sale of any liquor manufactured by the licensee; makes related provisions. AYE

S8897 Provides for a license to sell liquor at retail for consumption on certain premises located at 2708 Court Street in the town of Salina, Onondaga county. AYE

S7356A Requires NYS DOH and OPWDD to conduct a study on the delivery of services provided to individuals diagnosed with TBI. The study must examine, in part, the availability and accessibility of services for such individuals, the cost of services, and any disparities that may exist in the regional availability of services. AYE

S8937 This bill would enable individuals who meet the definitions of "homeless youth" and "runaway youth", or who receive services at an approved runaway and homeless youth crisis services program or transitional independent living support program to consent to medical, dental, health and hospital services. Applies to persons less than 18 years of age.  AYE (To the extent that a parent or guardian is unavailable or not able to be located, this bill may be necessary.)

S202 This legislation would exclude faculty at SUNY and CUNY from the definition of covered employee as it relates to a reportable business relationship. Specifically states that the term reportable business relationship shall not include any relationship between an individual and a college or university when the individual's only state employment is through SUNY or CUNY as a professor, adjunct professor, lecturer, instructor, assistant professor, associate professor or similar teaching role and is employed in a similar role at the college or university. NAY

S300A Requires any person, firm, partnership, association, limited liability company, corporation, or other entity that sells new motor vehicle child restraint systems to also sell motor vehicle child restraint system warning devices. NOTE - sponsor cites study that 53 children died from being left in hot cars in 2018, and to date, in 2019, 26 children have died in hot cars, as the reason for this legislation. AYE

S1165A Establishes the home improvement fraud prevention act relating to the responsibilities of home improvement contractors and requiring home improvement contractors to register with the secretary of state. A PRINT - makes technical amendments and provides a definition for subcontractor.  AYE

S7014 GAMING COMMISSION DEPARTMENTAL - The bill would expand upon the provisions relating to selfexclusion to be similar to those relating to commercial casinos. The bill makes the following changes: -A person may waive their ability to cancel selfexclusion -A self-excluded person cannot collect any winning from a game they're excluded from. This currently only applies to Commercial Casinos and would apply to all gaming under the bill. -Allows an self-excluded player and the Gaming Entity a chance to be heard if a player is ejected for playing when they're self-excluded.  AYE

S7015 GAMING COMMISSION DEPARTMENTAL - The bill adds Video Lottery Gaming facilities to the definitions of Authorized gaming establishment and unlawful gaming property in section 225.00 of the Penal Law. AYE

S8087 Authorizes the widow of Gerald J. Sullivan to file an application with the New York state and local police and fire retirement system on behalf of such deceased member and deem such application as timely filed. AYE

S8192 This bill provides that public retirees do not have their skilled nursing care benefits reduced under the state health benefit plan at the time they enroll for Medicare. NOTE - Employees and family members covered under the State health insurance plan must sign up for Medicare when they become eligible which saves the State money. However, the benefit for Nursing Home care significantly decreases under Medicare. Additionally, Medicare requires a 3 day hospital stay while coverage under the State plan does not require a 3 day hospital stay.  AYE

S8450B The bill amends the Do Not Call Registry Law to require that telemarketers give customers the option to be added to their do-not-call list immediately after the telemarketer's name and the person on whose behalf the solicitation is being-made are provided. NOTE - Under current law, telemarketers are required to inform individuals that they may request to be added to their company's do-not-call list.  AYE

S8494A Authorizes VFW Post 4927 to file an application for exemption from real property taxes for certain assessment rolls.  AYE

S8578B Prohibits forensic child custody evaluators who have been terminated for cause from appearing as an expert witness in family court custody and visitation proceedings. AYE

S8733 Authorizes the assessor of the town of Islip, county of Suffolk, to accept from the Iglesia Del Dios Vivo Col y Apoyo Dela Verdad La Luz Mundo an application for exemption from real property taxes.  AYE

S8820A This bill would extend Chapter 238 of 2021, which related to the authority of restaurants to the use of municipal space for outdoor dining (ie sidewalks) for 3 additional years.  AYE

S8852  This bill is a three year extender of section 1267 of the Public Authorities Law which relates to the MTA's authority of acquisition and disposition of real property pursuant to eminent domain proceedings and the rate of interest paid upon any judgment or accrued claim arising against the authority out of such proceedings. AYE

S8890 This bill would amend section 457 of the Real Property Tax Law to authorize municipal entities to continue the first-time homebuyer program from 2022 to 2028. AYE

S8932 Extends authorization for certain health care professionals licensed to practice in other jurisdictions to practice in this state in connection with an event sanctioned by New York Road Runners. AYE

S8942 This bill would extend the repeal date of the Real Property Tax Exemption Task Force from two years to four years.  AYE

S8969 Adds Otter Kill Creek to the definition of inland waterways.  AYE

S8979A DMV DEPARTMENTAL - Increases the time a commercial learner's permit is valid, from 180 days with the potential for renewal for an additional 180 days at the Commissioner's discretion to conform with the federal law of no more than one year. AYE

S8993 Extends provisions requiring the metropolitan transportation authority to establish an expired fare transfer policy until December 31, 2029. AYE

S9003 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends through 2025, a youth pheasant hunt weekend on Long Island prior to the start of the normal open season.  AYE

S9004 COUNCIL ON CHILDREN AND FAMILIES DEPARTMENTAL - Relates to the establishment and powers and duties of the council on children and families; repealer  AYE

S9008 OFFICE OF AGING DEPARTMENTAL - This bill would decrease the threshold to participate in the private pay protocol programs from 400% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to below 250% FPL. AYE

S9035 This bill is a one year extender(from June 30, 2022 to June 30, 2023) for the provisions which confer on NYC marshals the same functions, powers and duties as sheriffs with respect to the execution of money judgments of the Supreme Courts and Family Courts.  AYE

S9038 DHSES DEPARTMENTAL - This bill would amend section 204-d (Duties of the fire chief) of the General Municipal Law to require the Fire Chief to file additional information (when there is a fire or explosion) with the Office of Fire Prevention and Control including, but not limited to all fatalities occurring at the location of or as a result of the fire or explosion. AYE

S9044 OFFICE OF AGING DEPARTMENTAL - This bill would amend provisions of the informal caregiver training program by providing definitions of adults and children with special needs. AYE

S9094 DIVISION OF HUMAN RIGHTS DEPARTMENTAL - Would expand the definition of educational institution to include any for-profit entity that operates a prekindergarten, kindergarten, primary school, or secondary school to the list of entities that the Human Rights Law applies to. AYE

S9095 DOL DEPARTMENTAL - Authorizes the department of labor to use electronic storage technology to store public records, papers, documents and matters required by law to be recorded. AYE

S9096 STATE INSURANCE FUND DEPARTMENTAL - This is a Workers' Compensation bill that would provide for the issuance of policies by the state insurance fund where a balance is due on a prior policy issued by SIF, provided that a payment plan for the amount due is in place.  AYE

S9129 This bill extends the tuition waiver for certain firefighters and fire officers enrolled at CUNY through July 1, 2024. AYE

S9152 This bill would extend the sunset date of the effectiveness of the Banking Development Districts Program from January 1, 2023 to January 1, 2029 (a six year extension). This program was first established through chapter 526 of the Laws of 1998. AYE

S9184 NYC OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET DEPARTMENTAL - Extends certain provisions relating to the sale of bonds and notes of the city of New York until June 30, 2023, and the issuance of bonds or notes with variable rates of interest, interest rate exchange agreements of the city of New York until July 15, 2023.  AYE

S9232 The bill would extend for another two years, the requirement that sharks shall only be taken with the use of non-stainless steel non-offset circle hooks. AYE

S9296 NYS TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEM DEPARTMENTAL - Allows retirees of the New York state teachers' retirement system who suspend their retirement the option of a benefit recalculation after two years of service.  AYE

S9297 NYC HOUSING DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION DEPARTMENTAL - Under this legislation, the bonding authority by HDC would be increased from $17 billion to $18 billion to allow HDC to continue to provide affordable housing and public housing in the City of New York. AYE

S9300 The bill would amend section 13-0339a of Environmental Conservation Law to extend through 2025 the ability of DEC to fix regulation for the taking of Hickory Shad.  AYE

S9301 Extends the authority of the department of environmental conservation to manage oysters until December 31, 2025. AYE

S9302 The bill would amend section 11-1303 of Environmental Conservation Law to extend through 2025 the ability of DEC to fix regulation for the taking of all species of fish in the State, except marine fish that are regulated in Article 13 of ECL. AYE

S9304 Extends the authority of the department of environmental conservation to manage American eel from 2022 to 2025.  AYE

S9305 The bill would amend section 13-0339a of Environmental Conservation Law to extend through 2025 the ability of DEC to fix regulation for the taking of Alewife. AYE

S9306 Extends the authority of the department of environmental conservation to manage clams until December 31, 2025. AYE

S9307 Extends the authority of the department of environmental conservation to manage bluefish from 2022 to 2025. AYE

S9308 Extends the effectiveness of certain provisions dealing with tax exemptions for rent regulated properties occupied by senior citizens and persons with disabilities. AYE

S9312  Relates to commercial food fish licenses; extends such licensing for an additional year to 2023. AYE

S9313 The bill would amend section 13-0339a of Environmental Conservation Law to extend through 2025 the ability of DEC to fix regulation for the taking of American Shad.  AYE

S139A The bill would amend Environmental Conservation Law to have the Legislature declare that it is the goal of the State to source reduce, reuse, recycle, or compost no less than 85 percent of the solid waste generated by the year 2032, and annually thereafter. AYE

S441C Directs the Commissioner of Education to establish a task force to examine appropriate and effective evidence-based dyslexia and dysgraphia screening methods, reading interventions, and other educational supports for students in kindergarten through grade five. AYE

S906B Requires certain providers of health care policies to provide coverage for colorectal cancer early detection in accordance with the American cancer society guidelines; requires the insurance carriers to notify enrollees of such coverage and screening guidelines via mail.  AYE

S926C Requires electric corporations to prioritize restoring services to police departments, fire departments, and ambulance services, when such services are interrupted; prohibits such corporations from charging rate payers a higher rate for extra costs incurred due to prioritizing such services; requires that police departments, fire departments, or ambulance services be registered with the division of homeland security and emergency services for emergency provisions to apply. AYE

S956 This bill amends the public health law by adding a new section 1167-a for the reimbursement of state assistance payments/grants made to a municipality for an eligible project to remove contaminants, such as 1,4-dioxane, PFOS and/or PFOA, when the municipality takes legal action to recover costs of removing the contaminants from its water supplies caused by responsible parties and it receives a payment from a responsible party for such contamination. AYE

S1267 Exempts the metropolitan transportation authority from the requirement to reimburse the state for state services provided to such authority. NAY (This bill provides an additional subsidy to NYS at the expense of rest of state.)

S1275A This is sunshine bill that directly impacts IDAs in every Senate district in the State. It is a completely renovated; whereas, once referred to as the Unified Economic Development Budget Act, the bill no longer requires DOB and the Tax Department to compile a report on all economic development assistance provided in the prior fiscal year within three months of the end of such fiscal year. Instead, the "A Print" amends the bill to create searchable database under the purview of the Budget Authorities Office (by creating a new section 8) and local IDAs to submit a comprehensive amount of data into this database. NAY

S1354 Directs the state education commissioner to require public school districts to report on compliance with art education instruction requirements. AYE

S1380A Requires gas corporations to file annual gas safety reports. The reports would be used to monitor each gas corporation's pipeline replacement projects and all other activities related to providing safe and reliable gas service and track how much each gas corporation is spending any funds allocated for pipeline replacement projects and all other activities related to providing safe and reliable gas service. NAY (Onerous on the gas corporation and the sponsor does not specify why it is necessary other than to further scrutinize the natural gas industry.)

S1389A Requires utility companies to include on their bills notice of any and all public hearings concerning rate hikes. AYE

S1393 Authorizes the town of Babylon to grant Long Island Teen Challenge, a not-for-profit corporation, a real property tax exemption with respect to the 2018-2019 tax assessment rolls. AYE

S3479A Requires telephone corporations to provide notice to customers in the event of a switch from copper to fiber opticbased telephone lines. A PRINT - Makes minor technical amendment. NAY (Cost exceed benefit.)

S3530A Adds an acute children's hospital licensed by the department primarily for the provision of pediatric and neonatal services to the term enhanced safety net hospital. AYE

S4539B This bill would prohibit municipal officers or employees from displaying political advertisements within a public building, flag, pole, monument, sign or any other permanent structure, or within any municipal-owned vehicle. NAY (Already prohibited. Overly broad constitutional concerns.)

S4552 Establishes the office of Native American affairs to act as a centralized office for Native American nations to access information on state programs that are provided to Native Americans. AYE

S5400 This bill requires DOH to collect from each general hospital a list of its policy-based exclusions on an annual basis. Requires DOH to publish this list on the department's website including each policy-based exclusion for each general hospital. In consultations with experts, the Commissioner shall promulgate rules and regulations creating standardized language for the list. Requires DOH to submit a report to the legislature regarding policy based exclusions in the state and the impact on patient's access to care near their residence, how access varies by community, as well as by race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status across the state. NAY (While this bill would help identify health care deserts in the state, it would also publicly identify those institutions and providers that hold sincere religious beliefs or moral convictions to certain procedures.)

S5605B Establishes such program within the department to promote the screening and detection of sickle cell disease, especially among unserved or underserved populations; to educate the public regarding sickle cell disease and the benefits of early detection; and to provide counseling and referral services. AYE

S5658 Creates a new section 9-x of the banking law as follows: * The Superintendent of the Department of Financial Services would develop guidelines for reporting suspected financial exploitation in consultation with the State Office for the Aging, NYS Attorney General, representatives of the financial services industry, law enforcement, senior groups, and district attorneys; and * If a report of suspected financial exploitation were to be made in accordance with those guidelines, the individual making the report would be protected from liability-resulting from that report. AYE

S5934 Authorizes Top Community Development Corporation to file an application for a real property tax exemption. AYE

S6574A This bill would require health insurers to provide coverage for outpatient mental health conditions by mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, creative arts therapists and psychoanalysts. This version of the bill states that nothing in the bill authorizes an expansion of scope of practice, or be construed to create a new mandated benefit. AYE

S6981B This bill would provides certain titles, who participate in the age fifty-seven retirement program and whose age and allowable service are such that he or she could not possibly be able to accumulate at least twenty-five years of service by the time he or she reaches age fifty-seven, shall not be required to make the additional member contributions. AYE

S6985B This bill would provide retirement benefits to automotive members of the New York city employees' retirement system who start their careers later in life. AYE

S7211B This bill, which would enact "Bianca and Caroline's Law," creates the crimes of Unlawful Dissemination of a Personal Image in the First and Second Degrees. AYE

S7433 Permits the electronic appearance of a defendant in Seneca county except at hearings and trials. AYE

S8422 Authorizes the commissioner to make payments of medical assistance funds for long-term stays in large residential mental health institutions, issue guidance on admission and determine maximum allowable rates. NOTE - This bill would direct New York to apply for a federal waiver for CMS to grant the removal of the exclusion so New York could claim federal Medicaid funding for long stay mental health care services. AYE

S8590A Prohibits the mandated use of credit cards at state parks, recreational facilities or historic sites. AYE

S8591A This bill would amend qualifying health care costs and case management services under the New York state medical indemnity fund and make permanent certain provisions relating to payments from the New York state medical indemnity fund. NOTE - Qualifying health care costs incurred for services rendered and supplies utilized by qualified plaintiffs in the home or in a residential or other facility are to be paid from the MIF. AYE

S8744B Authorizes Ekklesia Long Island Center Ministries to file with the town of Brookhaven assessor an application for certain real property tax exemptions.  AYE

S8760 Establishes the zero-emission industrial trucks grant program to be administered by NYSERDA, to encourage the purchase and lease of zero-emission industrial trucks, class I to III. AYE

S8770 Establishes the Ashley Schiff state park preserve.  AYE

S8933 Designates March 8th each year as a day of commemoration, to be known as International Women's Day. AYE

S9041 Establishes a temporary commission to study aging in place in mental health housing; provides for the repeal of such commission upon expiration thereof.  AYE

S9111 Authorizes the city of Yonkers, county of Westchester to alienate and discontinue the use of certain parklands, in furtherance of an economic development interest of the state and/or city of Yonkers.  AYE

S9355 Extends provisions authorizing hunting big game by rifle in the county of Tompkins until 2024. AYE

S933C This bill would specify that any actions or practices which attempt to establish a monopoly or monopsony are illegal and void. The bill further makes it illegal for anyone in a dominant position to abuse that position in the conduct of any business, trade, commerce, in any labor market. It also allows recoverable damages to be recovered in any action which a court may authorize as a class action. NAY (Departs from existing state antitrust law by criminalizing a wide range of conduct. Too broad - Potential to hurt businesses.)

S403 Deems a person who engages in sexual conduct during the period of their probation with his or her supervising probation officer as being incapable of consent. AYE

S3183A Abolishes citizens arrests in New York state. NAY (Removes authority even for persons who have committed murder or manslaughter.)

S3586A This bill requires the New York State Department of Building to develop a pamphlet known as the "Adjacent Neighbors' Bill of Rights." This pamphlet would advise homeowners who are adjacent to a property under development or construction of their rights, and available resources. NAY (Another mandate put on developers, increasing their costs.)

S7910A This bill would require reimbursement for peer and transportation services for individuals with a substance use disorder for uncertified OASAS addiction treatment services. Would require OASAS to establish reimbursement rates by January 1st, 2023, for peer services and transportation services provided in settings, that are not certified by OASAS. AYE

S8244 Establishes an intensive addiction recovery and mental health integrated services pilot program to support two three-year demonstration programs that provide intensive addiction and mental health integrated services to individuals with significant addiction and mental health issues who have had multiple and frequent treatment episodes.  AYE

S4954C This bill would hold any partnership, corporation, company, trust or association, or any agent or employee liable to a civil penalty of $15,000 per violation or three times the actual restitution needed, whichever is greater for engaging in fraud or misconduct in connection with an abnormal disruption of the market. NOTE - Sponsor's memo references an uptick in deceptive marketing and product fraud among others during the COVID-19 pandemic as the reasoning behind the bill.  AYE

S5690 This bill would prohibit cost-sharing for treatment at an opioid treatment program. The bill explicitly prohibits health plans from imposing any co-payment during the course of treatment on any insured for such treatment.  NAY

S5238 Enacts the marketing and expanding export trade - New York act to provide assistance to export trade development projects designed to encourage and assist businesses, industrial firms or industry groups to engage in export trade regionally and globally, and to coordinate other state economic development programs with such projects.  AYE

S8102A Requires food allergy awareness in food establishments and online food ordering services; establishes penalty not to exceed $125. NAY (Onerous to restaurants and catering halls, many that are small businesses. Unnecessary.)

S6319A This bill implements standards for addiction professionals, part of the Executive and Senate One House Budgets that was not included in the FY 2022 Enacted Budget.  AYE

S6401 Authorizes the posting by each municipality of turtle crossing signs on local roads located within such municipality; empowers the state commissioner of transportation to develop and implement rules and regulations authorizing municipalities to post turtle crossing signs on local roads located within the municipality. AYE

S8129 Extends provisions providing for the sale of municipal obligations by the county of Erie.  AYE

S8274 Authorizes the county of Nassau assessor to accept an application for a real property tax exemption from the Nassau Cemetery Association with respect to the 2020- 2021 assessment roll for part of the 2020-2021 school taxes and part of the 2021 general taxes and the 2021- 2022 assessment roll for all of the 2021-2022 school taxes and all of the 2022 general taxes for the parcel conveyed to such organization located at 6 Beechwood Avenue, town of North Hempstead, county of Nassau. AYE

S7538 Extends provisions authorizing the city of Hudson to impose hotel and motel taxes. AYE

S7683 Extends the village of Rye Brook occupancy tax until September 1, 2025. AYE

S8040 Extends the effectiveness of the occupancy tax in the town of North Castle to 2025.  AYE

S8041 Extends the village of Port Chester occupancy tax until December 31, 2025. AYE

S8042 Extends the occupancy tax in the village of Tuckahoe until September 1, 2025.  AYE

S8043 Extends the effectiveness of the occupancy tax in the village of Harrison until September 1, 2025.  AYE

S8045 Extends the village of Mamaroneck occupancy tax for three years.  AYE

S8413 Extends the provisions authorizing the town of Greenburgh and specified villages in the towns of Greenburgh and Mount Pleasant to adopt a local law to impose a hotel/motel occupancy tax.  AYE

S8673 GALLIVAN Extends the provisions of law relating to the mortgage recording tax in the county of Livingston from December 1, 2022 to December 1, 2025. AYE

S8734 Extends the hotel and motel tax in the town of Woodbury an additional three years.  AYE

S8860 Extends certain provisions relating to an occupancy tax for hotels and motels in the city of Port Jervis.  AYE

S8865 Extends provisions relating to the imposition of an occupancy tax on the village of Mount Kisco until September 1, 2025.  AYE

S8905 Extends the effectiveness of certain provisions authorizing the county of Madison to impose an additional mortgage recording tax until December 1, 2025.  AYE

S3991C This bill would allow a retired member to change his or her option election or designate a new beneficiary where the beneficiary has been convicted of a family offense. Such change of beneficiary shall take place within 180 day of the conviction. AYE

S8391 This bill would require online marketplaces to collect and verify high-volume third-party seller information, and require high-volume third party sellers to provide information to consumers.  AYE

S7641A This bill would amend section 10-e of section 198 (Powers of Town Boards with Respect to Improvement Districts) of the town law that would authorize town boards to control invasive aquatic invertebrate species through aquatic plant growth control districts.  AYE

S8648 This bill would amend section 224-d of the labor law to redefines the term "covered renewable energy system" to mean a renewable energy system with a capacity of one or more megawatts alternating current. Under current law the threshold is greater than five megawatts.  AYE

S7263A This bill expands current protections for those who are under the health insurance policy of another policyholder. It would allow such individual to request to designate an alternative mailing address, telephone number or other contact information for the purpose of receiving specific claim information or for specific billing\ purposes related to the insured.  AYE

S6746A Requires facilities that provide treatment for substance use disorders to have at least one practitioner qualified to administer or prescribe buprenorphine to individuals in their care with substance use disorders related to opioids.  AYE

S8708A Requires public entities to maintain a stock of opioid antagonists to be adequate to ensure ready and appropriate access for use during emergencies.  NAY (mandate on local governments and private business that are considered public entities.)

S2291 Requires the state university of New York and the city university of New York to examine and conduct a study on the availability of campus services, programs and resources for veteran students. AYE

S2680A This bill amends the education law to allow veterans enrolled full time at SUNY or CUNY to be granted free academic credits towards their undergraduate college degree for courses completed as part of the veteran's military training or service. To qualify, such courses must meet the requirements of the institution awarding credits and the veteran would have to make an application to be granted the academic credits. AYE

S3945 Relates to veterans' eligibility for public housing; expands eligibility requirements to include veterans of the recent conflicts; requires granting of a preference for public housing to veterans or families of veterans who have a military service connected disability.  AYE

S4069A Establishes the congressional chartered veterans service organizations fund; provides for gifts made to such fund on an individual's personal income tax return. A PRINT - Makes technical changes.  AYE

S547 COSPONSOR This bill would reimburse school districts for any actual expenses incurred in undertaking a study required by SED for the purpose of reorganization (merger, consolidation, or annexation). AYE

S1626 Permits employees of authorized organizations to operate games of chance. AYE

S6810 This bill would allow, when there is a recovery of only non-economic losses or funeral expense reimbursement from the September 11th Victim Compensation fund, a personal representative of a deceased 9/11 victim to file a consent to the adequacy of the award by all interested parties instead of having to file an action for a compromise proceeding in Surrogate's court as is currently required. AYE

S6812 Allows a duly appointed personal representative of the estate of a victim of the September eleventh, two thousand one terrorist attacks to file a claim with the September eleventh victim compensation fund without being in violation of any restriction on the powers granted to the personal representative relating to the filing of a claim. AYE

S8518A This bill would prohibit a homeowners' association from adopting or enforcing any rules or regulations that would effectively prohibit or impose unreasonable limitations on the installation or use of an electric vehicle charging station. Any such restriction would be deemed void and unenforceable.  AYE

S8803 This bill is a constitutional amendment that would eliminate the current constitutional limits on the amount of debt that any school districts in a city with less than 125,000 inhabitants can incur. AYE

S8435 Any corporation required to report certain data on their EEO-1 with the equal employment opportunity commission regarding the gender of their board members, would also be required to report the same information on the gender, race and ethnicity of all of their employees. Such information would be reported on the Department of State website. This would also apply to Limited Liability Corporations. The additional reporting requirements would become effective two years after this bill becomes a law. NAY (Administrative burden placed on businesses)

S9048 Permits crematories to provide emergency transportation and disposition assistance to counties during emergency declarations.  AYE

S666A This bill requires the division of military and naval affairs to make available state and federal benefit information for national guard members and their spouses, domestic partners, children, and parents. Such benefit information would be required to include information from the state family support services program.  AYE

S1504 COSPONSOR Exempts veterans from the payment of certain fees relating to corporations. AYE

S1961B Requires the Department, in consultation with the division of veterans’ services to create and distribute a veterans’ benefits and services posters. AYE

S4448 Authorizes the town of Deerfield in Oneida county to transfer jurisdiction of a road to the state.  AYE

S4486B The bill makes a number of clarifying provisions to the operations of the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG). AYE

S8859 This bill authorizes the State University of New York at Farmingdale to lease certain lands to the Farmingdale state development corporation. AYE

S3953B Provides that no person operating or controlling any Class I railroad or Class II railroad shall allow the operation of any railroad train or locomotive for the movement of freight unless such railroad train or locomotive has a crew of not less than two individuals; provides exemptions; defines terms; imposes civil penalties. AYE

S8939 Implements a residential parking system in the city of Rye on Mead Place. AYE

S8772A Includes Putnam county in the lower mid-Hudson region for the purposes of alternate generated power source at retail gasoline outlets.  AYE

S8973 The bill would amend section 117 of Agriculture and Markets Law to allow that any Dog Control Officer/Peace Officer/Police Officer may return any dog with a current license directly to the dog's owner or custodian of record at the address if there is no probable cause to believe the dog is dangerous.  AYE

4591A Requires congressional, senatorial, assembly and election district maps be made available on applicable board of elections' websites and in a downloadable Shapefile format. AYE

S4640 Requires a health care professional to consider nonopioid treatment alternatives, instead of an opioid treatment for any neuro-musculoskeletal condition that causes pain. The practitioner must discuss with a patient such non-opioid treatment alternatives prior to starting a patient on opioid treatment. The provisions of this bill do not apply to patients suffering from cancer, in hospice or other end-of-life care, post-surgery treatment or in a medical emergency.  AYE

S4685 This bill amends the Family Health Care Decisions Act (codified under chapter 8 of the laws of 2010) in relation to Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) health care decisions for adult patients by surrogates and without surrogates. NAY (Gives to much discretion to medical professionals and not enough discretion to the patients who will be most affected in such matters.)

S1373 This bill requires that the court review the suitable child care plan presented by the petitioning parent for the period of deployment. AYE

S4532 This bill requires a minimum of one abuse-deterrent opioid analgesic drug per opioid analgesic active ingredient as covered on a health plan and cannot exceed the lowest cost-sharing level and prohibits a health plan from requiring a patient take a non-abuse deterrent drug before an abuse-deterrent opioid version related to prior authorization requirements. AYE

S6562A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the county of Rensselaer as the "Rensselaer County Purple Heart Highway".  AYE

S9037 DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL SERVICE DEPARTMENTAL - Provides that a retired state employee who does not have the required years of service to continue in the health benefit plan shall be eligible to continue in the health benefit plan, if such employee has purchased military service credit and the sum of the employee's years of service and purchased military service credit is equal to or exceeds the years of service required to continue in the health benefit plan in retirement. AYE

S9045 OSC DEPARTMENTAL - Replaces investment standard language regarding New York State college choice tuition savings program (NY 529) and the New York achieving a better life experience savings account program (NY ABLE) to be in line with language used throughout the rest of the country. AYE

S9052 This bill would increase the taxable bonding authority of the State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA) from $1 billion to $1.5 billion, an increase of $500 million.  AYE

S9076 Permanently extends the revival of time barred causes of action for an injury or death caused by contact with or exposure to phenoxy herbicides for those persons serving as members of the armed forces in Indo-China from November 1, 1955 through May 7, 1975. AYE

S9117 Extends limitations on the shift between classes of taxable property in the town of Clarkstown, county of Rockland for 2022--2023.  AYE

S121B COSPONSOR Authorizes the commissioner of education to conduct a survey regarding instruction on the Holocaust within the state; provides a report shall be delivered which includes detailed results of the survey, the extent the survey data submitted was compliant with section eight hundred one of the education law, and if needed, recommendations to strengthen provisions of law if not compliant.  AYE

S293A Provides tax credits to qualified historic homes that are located in cities with a population greater than one million within a "Qualified Census Tract", defined as any census tract (or equivalent geographic area defined by the Census Bureau) in which at least 50% of households have an income less than 60% of the Area Median Gross Income (AMGI). A PRINT - Changes effective date.   AYE

S1086 This bill would require that the state's disaster preparedness plans include arrangements to ensure medical supplies and medications are delivered to pharmacies, hospitals and nursing homes located within the area declared to be experiencing a disaster emergency.  AYE

S2620 Establishes a direct service professional credit and career ladder tuition assistance grant program to develop training programs and improve existing workforce development programs for the purpose of training direct support professionals and establishing a career ladder for individuals working with individuals with developmental disabilities.  AYE

S4032 Requires energy brokers and energy consultants to register with the public service commission.  NAY (Goes too far. Overregulation.)

S6870B COSPONSOR Relates to standards of care for animals held in, or being transported by, animal shelters; establishes an animal shelter regulation fund.  AYE

S6887 DMV DEPARTMENTAL - This bill would authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles to eliminate noting an address change on driver licenses and non-driver identification cards. NAY

S6980B Authorizes police/fire members of the New York city fire department pension fund to obtain credit for certain prior service as an EMT member.  AYE

S6988B Establishes twenty-five year retirement programs for members of the New York city employees' retirement system employed as fire protection inspectors and associate fire protection inspectors. AYE

S7068A This bill amends the state finance law to include certified service-disabled veteran owned business enterprises as businesses eligible for reduced interest rates from the Excelsior Linked Deposit Program.  AYE

S7664A This bill would amend the Executive Law to extend enrollment eligibility in the address confidentiality program to victims of kidnapping.  AYE

S8206A COSPONSOR Establishes within the Department of Health an office of hospice and palliative care access and quality.  AYE

S8431A Directs the department of environmental conservation, in consultation with the environmental justice interagency coordinating council and the climate justice working group, to conduct a study on the impacts of the urban heat island effect on disadvantaged communities.  AYE

S8475 Authorizes the Adjutant General to present in the name of the legislature of the State of New York, a medal to be known as the "New York State Afghanistan War Commemorative Medal."  AYE

S8476 Authorizes the Adjutant General to present in the name of the legislature of the State of New York, a medal to be known as the "New York State Iraq War Commemorative Medal." AYE

S8597 Authorizes the assessor of the town of Islip, county of Suffolk, to accept from the Iglesia de Jesucristo Palabra Miel Santiago Atitlan Long Island N.Y., an application for exemption from real property taxes.  AYE

S8633A Establishes the nightlife opioid antagonist program to allow certain establishments to apply and receive an opioid antagonist, free of charge, to be administered to patrons, staff or individuals on premises of such establishment in the case of an emergency.  AYE

S8644 Provides for the automatic enrollment of employees of the city of New York eligible to join the New York city board of education retirement system. The employer and the applicable union for the retirement system shall jointly provide written notice to the employee informing the employee that he or she has the option to opt out of the automatic enrollment program.  AYE

S8649 Relates to the use of body-worn cameras by police officers; requires the department of environmental conservation and the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation establish a program to provide and require officers to wear body-worn cameras while on patrol.  AYE

S8650A Requires NYSERDA, in consultation with the public service commission and division of homeland security and emergency services to develop recommendations regarding the establishment of microgrids. NOTE - "Microgrids" are a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources within clearly defined electrical boundaries that act as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid and can connect and disconnect from the grid to enable it to operate in both grid-connected or island-mode. AYE

S8670A Provides that a veteran seeking a housing loan under chapter 37 of title 38 of the United States Code be offered loan counseling services prior to the processing of such application by a banking institution or mortgage lender. AYE

S8691 This bill would amend the Nassau County Civil Divisions Act, in relation to the purpose and membership of the Valley Stream Volunteer and Exempt Fireman's Benevolent Association. AYE

S8729 Directs the division of veterans' services to develop a searchable database of veterans memorials located within the state, to include information regarding the location of a memorial and who or what veteran or battle the memorial is honoring.  AYE

S8786 Directs the New York state interagency task force on human trafficking to investigate connections between social media and human trafficking.  AYE

S8799 Authorizes Tu Vien Truc Lam Buddhist Central, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, to file an application for real property tax exemption with respect to the 2021 assessment roll for a portion of school taxes and general taxes. AYE

S8810A Incorporates the Croton Falls Volunteer Fire Department Benevolent Association; provides for its powers and duties.  AYE

S8869 Requires general hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities to adopt and implement policies to prevent exposure to surgical smoke, which means by-products generated from the use of an energy generating surgical device, including, but not limited to, surgical plume, smoke plume, bio-aerosols, laser-generated airborne contaminants, and lung damaging dust, through use of an airborne contaminant evacuation system.  AYE

S8929 Authorizes the assessor of the town of Brookhaven, county of Suffolk, to accept from the First Baptist Church an application for exemption from real property taxes with respect to the 2019-2020 assessment rolls. AYE

S8971 Provides for a waiver of the residency requirement for the city attorney in the city of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga county, provided that such person resides in Saratoga county or an adjoining county within the state of New York. AYE

S9025 OGS DEPARTMENTAL - Increases the maximum value of unappropriated state land that the commissioner of general services may sell and convey from less than twenty thousand dollars to less than fifty thousand dollars to any owner of adjacent lands.  AYE

S9057 Directs the commissioner of mental health to publish information on the office of mental health website about the mental illness anti-stigma distinctive license plates.  AYE

S9181 The bill would amend section 13-0301 of Environmental Conservation Law to allow for state-owned underwater lands to be leased for the cultivation of seaweed.  AYE

S9325 Discontinues the use of a parcel of land within the town of Greenburgh; alienates the parcel for the purpose of providing an easement for access to a public housing apartment complex known as Greenburgh Heights.  AYE