State Law Protects Students and Expands Anti-Tampering Rules

Patrick M. Gallivan

August 16, 2017

Senator Gallivan Sponsored Bill in the State Senate

Governor Cuomo has signed legislation putting into place additional protections for students and expanding anti-tampering laws to prohibit unlawful alteration of any official student record in any primary, intermediate, high school or college in the state.

The prior law prohibited the unlawful altering of grades, credits and awards on a student's record. However, other records that are now commonplace - including test results, disciplinary proceedings, and disability determinations - are not covered.  This bill, (S.5273-A/A. 2093-B), makes it a misdemeanor to knowingly alter any official student record. Additionally, those certified or licensed by the State Education Department who are found to be in violation of this new law would be subject to further disciplinary action.

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan, "This new law will help preserve the private nature of a student's official record, allowing young New Yorkers and their families to rest assured that their information and records are protected. I'm proud to have sponsored this bill, and I thank Governor Cuomo for signing this important piece of legislation into law."

Assemblymember Amy Paulin said, "Tampering with a student's official record has the potential to damage that student's future and it will not be tolerated. With this new law, we help to further extend protections to New York's students - I applaud Governor Cuomo for signing this bill to preserve the rights of our students."