Votes in the NYS Senate for June 11 & 12, 2019

Patrick M. Gallivan

June 17, 2019

The bills listed below were voted on this week in the New York State Senate. The legislation is listed by bill number and includes a short description, followed by Senator Gallivan's vote. You can access each bill individually at the links provided below.

S1026A Enables veterans and reservists to receive benefit information upon applying for or renewing a driver's license. AYE

S2906A Includes the Ferguson, Moyer, Mud Creek, Ninemile Creek, Oriskany, Reall, Sauquoit, Six Mile Creek, and Wood Creek as creeks within the definition of "inland waterways" for the purposes of waterfront revitalization. AYE

S1974A Establishes the commission on retired racehorses, which shall be responsible for the oversight of retired racehorses including the creation of a registry to track such racehorses. AYE

S4467A Establishes a Black youth suicide prevention task force; provides for the number of members, manner of appointment and the topics to be reviewed. AYE

S25B Enacts the "bird-friendly building council act" to establish a council to promote the use of bird-friendly building materials and design features in buildings; research the magnitude of problems facing birds colliding with buildings; identify existing and emerging products, technologies and concepts to reduce or eliminate bird mortality from building collisions; and develop public awareness. NAY (Not necessary.)

S4173A Makes technical corrections to the volunteer firefighter enhanced cancer disability benefits program by clarifying additional information that can be submitted on behalf of the firefighter that he or she has met the eligibility requirements of the statute. AYE

S4588A Designates a portion of the state highway system as "NYPD Det. TSgt. Joseph G. Lemm Memorial Bridge". AYE

S620 Prohibits the hunting or taking of wildlife with the aid of an unmanned aerial vehicle. NAY (No evidence of a problem.)

S628 Establishes the lease and landlord fraud public awareness program to promote public awareness of the potential risks of signing a fraudulent lease with an individual misrepresenting themselves as a landlord. AYE

S4911 Extends the authorization for the private sale of bonds and notes of the City of Buffalo until June 30, 2020. AYE

S2680A Authorizes the use of campaign funds for childcare expenses where they are incurred in the campaign or in the execution of the duties of public office or party position. AYE

S4812B This bill is to amend the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (ABC Law) to facilitate the permitting process for New York State Fair concessionaires by authorizing the State Liquor Authority to issue a temporary permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises of the New York state fairgrounds, to the holders of a concessionaire's license issued by the Division of the New York State Fair in the Department of Agriculture and Markets. AYE

S1243B Provides that an individual who has been the victim of a family offense pursuant to the criminal procedure law or the family court act may make a complaint to any local law enforcement agency in the state regardless of where the act took place. AYE

S4469B To authorize ophthalmologists and optometrists to supervise trained personnel to instill dilating eye drops to the surface of patients' eyes. AYE

S4284A Requires cemetery corporations to post and provide customers with the New York state cemetery disclosure form. AYE

S3405 Extends the marketing limitation on serialbonds/notes of Yonkers from June 30, 2019 to June 30, 2020. AYE

S5253A This bill would amend section 1903 of the real property tax law to allow the town of Orangetown, in Rockland County, to adjust its current base proportion by no more than one percent of the immediate preceding year base proportion, thereby limiting the shift between classes of taxable property to one percent. This bill would extend only to the 2019-2020 assessment roll. AYE

S5692A Provides for restricted clinical laboratory licenses for individuals employed in a department of health authorized toxicology laboratory, operating under the direction of a clinical laboratory director. AYE

S1086B This bill would create an allowance for diapers, for an eligible child two years of age or younger. Such allowance shall not exceed eighty dollars, every three months, per eligible child. Eligible child is defined as a child with a parent, guardian, or custodian who qualifies for assistance from the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Block Grant (TANF) AYE

S4977 This bill amends General Business Law section 89-cc(1) by removing specific instructions on how New York City's process servers must keep their records. It also requires these process servers to preserve their records by submitting them to a third party contractor, and provides instructions on how the records are to be reported and kept secure. AYE

S3412 The bill would amends section 373 of Agriculture and Markets Law to require any individual, who has the legal authority to be at a vacated foreclosed property, that encounters an animal that seems abandoned, to notify authorities to retrieve such animal. AYE

S5411 This bill would amend banking law and the insurance law to authorize the New York State banking board to permit banks and trust companies to exercise the rights of national banks. Known as "Wild Card" this bill was first enacted in 1997, to try to stop the hemorrhaging of statechartered banks from changing their regulator over to a federal charter. Extended regularly, since, this Wild Card law was last extended in 2014 and is set to sunset onSeptember 10, 2019. This bill would provide another 5 year extender until 2024. AYE

S6142 The bill would provide a new Article in Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering Law (PML) to have New York State join the Mid-Atlantic Interstate Drug Testing Compact for thoroughbred horse racing. AYE

S5038 This bill would allow members who retired on or before May 31, 2016 to be eligible to receive the credit for military service. An application for such credit must be made before December 31, 2020. Note - you are a cosponsor of another version of this bill. AYE

S5473 To increase the maximum pay for chairmen, election inspectors and ballot clerks for fire district elections. NAY (Unfunded mandate.)

S6215 This bill is at the Request of the Office of Court Administration. This bill requires notice in changes of placement in child protective and voluntary foster care placements. NAY (To require notice for every move would likely result in a significant increase in workload anddocumentation. Unfunded mandate on county social service districts.)

S4571 Directs the department of financial services, in consultation with the commissioner of health, to study and report upon insurance coverage for the treatment of Lyme disease. AYE

S3420A Provides that parents and caretakers who are otherwise eligible for child care assistance, and provided with such assistance, shall be able to utilize such assistance when care is necessary to enable them to sleep because they work non-traditional hours and have a child who is under the age of six and not in school for a full school day; further provides that the authorization for assistance shall be sufficient to allow the parent to obtain up to eight hours of sleep, as needed. AYE

S45B This bill would completely re-write state law regarding veterans benefits, to mandate that all veterans, who claim to have been discharged, either because of their LBGT proclivities or because of a "qualifying medical condition", automatically receive all veterans benefits awarded by the state. AYE

S3471A Establishes the veteran career assistance program within the SUNY and CUNY systems to provide veterans discharged under honorable conditions with assistance in resume writing and employment placement services. FORMER COSPONSOR. AYE

S2413 This bill would establish if an individual has their hunting, fishing or trapping license revoked or suspended in another state that participates in the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, the violation or revocation in the participating state shall constitute revocation or suspension in thisstate. AYE

S5196 Requires the commissioner of the department of environmental conservation to conduct an investigation prior to removing a species from the endangered and threatened species list. NAY (Department of Interior should prevail.)

S5478 This bill would amend the environmental conservation law (ECL) by doubling the penalties for violations of 11-0535 (the taking importation, transportation, possession or sale of any endangered or threatened species) and 11-0536 (sale of parts of certain exotic animals). AYE

S5369 Changes New York state history month from November to October. AYE

S5768 This bill would authorize small city school districts' Boards of Education to pass a resolution to hold their annual school board meetings at any time during the first fifteen days in July instead of on the first Tuesday in July which is now required. AYE

S6062 Authorizes school districts to enter into a lease outside of such school district when it is demonstrated to the satisfaction of the commissioner of education that extenuating circumstances exist which necessitate a lease outside of the school district. AYE

S2027 Designates a portion of the state highway system as the "Steve Godlewski Memorial Bridge". AYE

S1342B This bill would enact the changes to follow the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA) which was adopted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law in 2006, to enhance the organ donation process. New York is one of only two states that have not adoptedthe most recent revisions to the federal UAGA. AYE

S4876A Requires the preparation of recommendations for best practices in treating livestock and farm property for Asian longhorned tick treatment, prevention and management. AYE

S4956A Requires the board of directors of certain cooperative corporations and not-for-profit corporations to provide tenants with changes to the by-laws in writing within ten days of adoption; requires notification to tenants of changes affecting occupancy or the rules of the building. AYE

S5408 This bill would prohibit the DEC from issuing permits authorizing the use of wild animals in circuses. However, this prohibition would not apply to an accredited zoo or a wildlife sanctuary. NAY (Concerned how this may impact county fairs.)

S5873 Directs the commissioner of agriculture and markets to develop and conduct a public awareness campaign regarding Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. AYE

S4587 The would amend sections 195-N and 195-O of General Municipal Law to require certain bell jar (pull tab) tickets to have an approved legend or seal on them. AYE

S6315 Establishes an LGBT youth & young adult suicide prevention task force; provides for the number of members, manner of appointment and the topics to be reviewed. AYE

S59 Memorializes certain portions of state highways in the counties of Monroe and Tioga. AYE

S725 Requires that all special education students attending schools scheduled to be closed or to undergo a significant change be assigned to new schools prior to the implementation of the closing or change AYE

S1128A This bill would amend section 5-211 of the election law to mandate that all institutions of the state university of New York and the city university of New York must create and make available to all students a webpage for voter education on each such institution's website, containing a link to an application for voter registration, a link to an application for an absentee ballot, contact information for the county board of elections, and the name and contact information for the administrator responsible for voter registration assistance on each campus. NAY (Not universal. Disparate treatment.)

S1140 This bill would require non-regulated children's camps to provide parents or guardians notice that they are not regulated by the New York State Department of Health. AYE

S1637 Establishes the crime of criminal possession of a flamethrower as a class E felony. NAY (Government overreach. Unnecessary.)

S1673 Current law requires the Department of Transportation (DOT) to develop a comprehensive state transportation master plan "from time to time". This bill requires DOT to immediately formulate a minimum twenty-year plan, assessing long-range needs spanning such period, including a forecast of highway pavement and bridge conditions. AYE

S1798 This bill would requires notice provisions and safeguards where a drug manufacturers of a brand or generic drug institutes a wholesale acquisition cost increase of 100% or more within a 12 month period. Implements prior authorization requirements on such drugs until the Drug Utilization Review Board determines whether the price increase was excessive. Further, the bill authorizes the Attorney General to prosecute price gouging of prescription drugs when it is refereed by the Drug Utilization Board. The court, as a question of law, must decide whether a price is unconscionably and unjustifiably excessive. In this determination the court must weigh the following factors: (a) the increase in price is unconscionably extreme; (b) the drug is vital and medically necessary to the health of the consumer; (c) the drug is a sole source drug without a therapeutic equivalent; (d) the price increase was within the control of the manufacturer and not caused by costs imposed on or factors beyond the control of the manufacturer. AYE

S1816 Directs the commissioner of health to promote home care's integration into the state's health continuum strategy to address public health priorities in disease prevention, intervention, population health improvement, associated health care cost reduction and research. AYE

S2071B Relates to judgments of parentage for children conceived through assisted reproduction or pursuant to surrogacy agreements; restricts genetic surrogate parenting contracts; regulates surrogacy programs; repeals provisions relating to the legitimacy of children born by artificial insemination. NAY (1. Fails to protect rights of woman. 2. Potential exploitation of women. 3. For profit raises potential for problems. 4. Children are not a commodity.)

S2406 Requires cultural awareness and competence training for medical professionals, including two hours of course work encompassing minority healthcare issues. AYE

S2458 Authorizes the town of Hancock, county of Delaware, to alienate and convey certain parcels of land used as parklands. AYE

S2785A Directs the metropolitan transportation authority to study and report on potentially hazardous structures and storage areas under elevated train tracks, and its commuter notification system. AYE

S3141A Provides that at any general, special, town or village election, any party committee any independent body whose candidates are upon the ballot, and any political committee supporting or opposing a ballot proposal may have for each election district three watchers at any one time, not more than one of whom may be within the guard rail at any one time. Watchers shall be appointed by the chair or other officer of any such party, committee or independent body. AYE

S3293 The bill clarifies that for the purposes of the "extreme emotional disturbance" defense to the crime of murder in the second degree, it is not a reasonable explanation or excuse that the violent act was triggered by a nonviolent sexual advance by the victim or the discovery of the victim's sexual orientation or gender identity. AYE

S3662 This bill requires state agencies, boards and commissions that currently collect demographic data of NYS residents to collect such data which greater level of detail with respect to Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. The bill also requires such agencies to report such information in demographic reports and on their website. AYE

S3836 This bill creates exemptions to the license suspension law for taxpayers who are 1) on public assistance, or 2) a taxpayer whose income does not exceed 250 percent of the poverty level (from $31,225 1 person in household to $108,535 - 8 people in household.) Additionally, this bill would add an inflation factor to the $10,000 in tax liens required to trigger the possible suspension of a taxpayers drivers license. The $10,000 figure would be increased for inflation every year. NAY (Disparate impact.)

S4079 Provides a pension benefit parity payment to certain retirees from a state management/confidential position. AYE

S4247 Relates to net tax collections in Genesee county; provides that if the county agrees to some allocation or distribution of taxes owed in the city of Batavia, that agreement shall not exceed forty years. AYE

S4398 This bill will create a refundable personal income tax credit for removing fire hazards from a "cock loft" which is defined as a completely enclosed space between the bottom of the roof rafters and the top of a finished ceiling. This bill would also requires the commissioner of the department of financial services to calculate the actuarial appropriate rate reduction for putting a smoke alarm in a cock loft. Additionally this bill makes such repairs to cock lofts eligible for funds from any housing programs currently in NYSERDA, DHCR and SONYMA. AYE

S4442A Requires the division of criminal justice services to publish quarterly reports beginning October 1, 2019, providing information related to firearms, rifles and shotguns used in the commission of crimes in the state of New York. NAY (Potential to compromise criminal investigations. ATF responsibility.)

S4450 Designates a portion of the state highway system in Ulster county as the "Korean War Veterans' Memorial Highway". AYE

S4713 Removes the weight and height restrictions on vehicles traveling south on the route from the Ogdensburg bridge to the Port of Ogdensburg. AYE

S5091B Requires pharmacies to make reasonable attempts to notify patients within seven days by phone or mail of class I drug recalls where such patients are currently taking such recalled drugs. AYE

S5207 This bill establishes a twenty-year retirement plan for members or officers of law enforcement and certain Forest Ranger titles employed by the Department of Environmental Conservation, the State Park Police and the University Police. FORMER COSPONSOR AYE

S5389 To provide a representative of the transit dependent and/or disabled community a non-voting position on the RGRTA Board of Commissioners. Such a person would be appointed by the Governor. AYE

S5433A Prohibits state chartered banking institutions from investing in and providing financing for private prisons. NAY (Government overreach.)

S5448 STATE COMPTROLLER DEPARTMENTAL - Extends the timeframe for the implementation of recommendations included within final reports for corrective action to one hundred eighty days. AYE

S5593 OCA DEPARTMENTAL - This bill would amend the Correction Law to authorize the pre-arraignment detention of arrested individuals in a county jail facility, when done as part of a plan for an off-hours arraignment part established by the Chief Administrative Judge. AYE

S5877 This legislation adds the authority for city-wide council presidents, in addition to the current authority for community education council presidents, to vote for a member of the city board of education. Further, the bill allows parents whose children "at any time in the past" enrolled in a bilingual or English as a second language program to serve on the city-wide council on English language learners. AYE

S5932 Permits regulatory agencies to adjust any authorized fares to account for credit card processing fees for meters used in for-hire vehicles and requires credit card processing fees to be separately stated on receipts to passengers of such vehicles. AYE

S5945 Establishes the department of corrections and community supervision shall provide an inmate, upon his or her discharge, with educational information about the prevention of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), instructions about how to obtain free HIV testing and referrals to community-based HIV prevention, education and counseling resources. AYE

S5998 Requires energy brokers and energy consultants to register with the public service commission. NAY (Goes to far. Overregulation.)

S6314 OTDA DEPARTMENTAL - The bill would extend, for two years, the income and resources exemptions provisions of Social Services Law § 131-n to ensure that families will not have to divest themselves of certain resources to qualify for public assistance AYE

S6319 Extends certain provisions relating to the New York city school construction authority to 2024. AYE

S6321 This bill requires that every State agency, board, or commission that collects demographic data on the ancestry or ethnic origin of NYS residents shall use separate categories to collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. It also requires such agencies to include such data in prospective demographic reports and to post such demographic data on the website of such agency, with personally identifying information removed. AYE

S6348 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends, until December 31, 2022, DEC's authority to fix by regulation measures for the management of fish, except marine species regulated under ECL Article 13. AYE

S6350 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) § 11-0903(2) (c-1) until December 31, 2022, which authorizes DEC to hold a youth hunt pursuant to regulations which establish open season and bag limits for pheasants on Long Island. AYE

S6354 MTA DEPARTMENTAL - This bill would extend the MTA small business mentoring program for ten years. The program was established statutorily in 2010(ch. 206/2010) with a repeal date of December 31 2019. AYE

S6386 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends, until December 31, 2022, DEC's authority to fix by regulation measures for the management of American eel. AYE

S6387 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends, until December 31, 2022, DEC's authority to fix by regulation measures for the management of blackfish (Tautoga onitis). AYE

S6393 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends, until December 31, 2022, DEC's authority to fix by regulation measures for the management of hickory shad (Alosa mediocris). AYE

S6396 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends, until December 31, 2022, DEC's authority to fix by regulation measures for the management of weakfish (Cynoscion regalis). AYE

S6413 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends, until December 31, 2022, DEC's authority to fix by regulation measures for the management of Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix). AYE

S6414 DEC DEPARTMENTAL - Extends, until December 31, 2022, DEC's authority to fix by regulation measures for the management of hard clams, soft or steamer clams, and razor clams. AYE

S6415 This bill would requires coroners, pathologists, medical examiners or other persons qualified to conduct examination of a deceased persons to report to the Department of Health if the person was afflicted with Lyme or other tick-borne diseases. AYE

S2376A Prohibits suppliers of natural gas or electric service from changing a customer's supplier of gas or electric service (commonly known as "slamming") unless such supplier complies with requirements established by the public service commission; authorizes the commission to establish requirements for customer consent; makes enforcement provisions to punish violators of slamming requirements. AYE

S3062 Provides that spouses who voluntarily separate from employment to accompany a spouse who is the subject of a military transfer shall be eligible for unemployment benefits. AYE

S2848A Adds the replacement of a motor vehicle key or key-fob under a service contract in the event that the key or key-fob becomes inoperable, lost or stolen. AYE

S4272 Directs the commissioner to promulgate regulations for the release of patient records by the office of mental health. AYE

S4277A Requires health practitioners to discuss with patients the risks associated with certain pain medications before prescribing such medications; requires that for the first opioid analgesic prescription of a calendar year the prescribing physician shall counsel the patient on the risks of overdose NAY (This bill is largely duplicative and places an undue burdens on physicians who already face limited patient interaction time due to administrative constraints.)

S3186A Establishes "Brendan's law"; requires child day care centers and certain other facilities installing new or replacement window coverings to install cordless window coverings; requires child day care centers and certain other facilities that have window coverings in place before the effective date of this section to meet safety standards established in ANSI/WCMA A 100.1-2012 or any successor standard. NAY (While laudable, this bill will place an undue financial hardship on foster care agencies and day care centers. Regulated by DOH.)

S2161 Establishes a program in both local and state correctional facilities to employ Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for inmates who are undergoing treatment for a substance use disorder. All such forms of MAT, approved by the FDA must be made available. Participation in the MAT program must not be withheld from a qualified inmate. Requires a report to be issued to the Governor and Legislature by DOCCS and Counties regarding the effectiveness of the program. NAY (Unfunded mandate. Takes funds from non-offender treatment.)

S3704 Increases the monetary exclusion on the requirement of plain language in consumer contracts from $100,000 to $250,000. AYE

S5666B Relates to financing by and through the dormitory authority for the Reece School, the Reece School shall have full power and authority to assign and pledge to the dormitory authority, any and all public funds in an amount sufficient to make all payments required to be made by the Reece School to any lease, sublease or other agreement entered into between the Reece School and the dormitory authority. AYE

S3994 Allows a village that has one associate justice, by unanimous resolution of its board of trustees, to authorize the appointment of a second associate village justice to serve when requested by the village justice or in the absence or inability of the village justice or acting village justice to serve. AYE

S272 This legislation would require the various Boards of Trustees to post minutes of meetings subject to the Open Meetings Law on a publicly-available website to the extent practicable and otherwise provided by law. AYE

S4118C Requires public utility companies in the City of New York to repair or replace all damaged residential lateral sewer and water pipes where such damage was caused by such public utility company. AYE

S4131 Permits tenants or residents of limited profit housing, or persons acting on their behalf, to copy financial documents pertaining to their projects, subject to a reasonable charge therefor, the maximum of which shall be prescribed by regulation. AYE

S1588 Amends the City of New York Administrative Code to add the term "disabled" as used in this section shall not include those members of the police force who can fully perform police duties with the use of a hearing assistance device. AYE

S3041 Requires the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) to work with local social service districts to determine what information should be given to applicants and recipients of public assistance and which of such information must be placed on the office's website. AYE

S1577 Grants retroactive membership in the New York state and local employees' retirement system to Adam Markel. AYE

S5763A Authorizes the beneficiaries of a member of the state and local employees' retirement system who died after filing a retirement application to choose pension benefits rather than a death benefit. AYE

S4207A This bill would amend section 218 of the general municipal law, to increase from $700 per year of service to $1200 per year of service, the amount of the maximum contribution for certain service award programs that can be made for volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers. AYE

S2839 This bill amends various sections of the State Administrative Procedures Act (SAPA) sections 201-a and 202 to make improvements to the process for evaluating the potential impact of proposed rules on jobs and employment opportunities. AYE

S5095 The purpose of this bill is to allow an establishment in the city of Buffalo, Shango Bistro and Wine Bar, to be eligible to be issued a retail liquor license despite being located within two hundred feet of a religious institution. AYE

S5675 Allows the Lost Dog Cafe to have an entrance that is located within two hundred feet of a church, located in Broome county. AYE

S1852 This bill would thereby permit a pair of business owners in the City of Buffalo, who both currently maintain a liquor license, to establish a brewery to manufacture and distribute beer both within New York and interstate. AYE

S5922 Requires that all single occupancy bathrooms in state owned or operated buildings and office space be designated as gender neutral. AYE

S5145 To designate an independent consumer assistance program, their duties, and require that New York state regulated health plans provide contact information of the state independent consumer assistance programs toconsumers. AYE

S5807A The bill would amend section 353-A of Agriculture and Markets Law to allow for concurrent sentences when an individual is convicted of multiple counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. AYE

S6145 Eliminates the installation or covering of mercury-containing flooring in elementary and secondary schools. AYE

S4599 Creates the chemical dependence treatment bill of rights to be posted in a conspicuous place in all treatment facilities. AYE

S5457 This bill would expand the Good Samaritan law to include the application of opioid antagonists to include "public accommodations" such as; restaurants, bars, and retail establishments to the list of entities protected from legal liability. AYE

S3807B Relates to creating the "empire state cricket task force" to promote and grow the game of cricket in New York state. NAY (People can choose their own leisure activities.)

S5629 This bill authorizes preschool special education program providers to contract with BOCES for staff recruitment services through an online application system. This bill is a priority for the New York State Board of Regents and will grant pre-school special education providers the same opportunities to recruit staff on-line as is afforded to the approved private schools serving school age students with disabilities (853 schools). AYE

S5636A Authorizes boards of cooperative educational services to enter into certain contracts with out-of-state schools related to existing technology products, including computer programs and software packages that help students learn and assist districts with achieving greater efficiencies; defines "out-of-state public school"; changes the term "common core" to "next generation" standards or curriculum. AYE

S5705 This bill amends to education law to ensure that school bus drivers and monitor are include in school district safety policies on responding to implied or direct threats of violence, acts of violence and dissemination of information materials for early detection of potential violent behaviors. In addition, this bill adds school bus drivers and monitors to district wide safety teams and building level emergency response teams. AYE

S4951A This legislation would allow more individuals to save monetary costs through a $1 "do it yourself" (no lawyer, no fees) estate administering program. Raising the definition of a small estate from $30,000 to $50,000 would mean more people can take advantage of the program. AYE

S3228A Provides that the MTA shall create and post signage in a clear and conspicuous manner. The sign shall be in at least sixteen-point font, and will instruct the public on how to react in the event that a person falls onto the subway tracks. Such signage shall be posted in every station. AYE

S5112A Designates a portion of the state highway system as the "SSgt Louis Bonacasa Memorial Bridge". AYE

S6200 The bill would amend section 32-b of Private Housing Finance Law to add that the State Comptroller, and Attorney General receive the annual report from the Division of Homes and Community Renewal on limited-profit housing companies (Mitchell-Lama.) Information regarding the voluntary dissolution of any companies would also be included. AYE

S2736 This bill eliminates a self-contradictory provision in Labor Law § 740 which purports not to diminish the rights of whistleblowers but then says that they cannot assert any other claims if they bring a whistleblower claim, thus diminishing the rights of whistleblowers in comparison to other citizens. AYE

S2832A Adds to the whistleblower protections under section 740 of the labor law that an employer is not allowed to take any retaliatory personnel action against an employee who protests or discloses, whether to a supervisor, a public entity, or to the public in general, any action that constitutes a violation of Article 4 of the Public Officers Law (including receiving bribes and unlawful fees and payments) or Article 195 of the Penal Law (including official misconduct and defrauding the government). AYE

S4396A Provides that an employer may not take retaliatory action against a person who protests against or discloses any bribery or attempted bribery of a public official AYE

S5791 ATTORNEY GENERAL DEPARTMENTAL - Establishes penalties for threatening, penalizing, or in any other manner discriminating or retaliating against any employee, including but not limited to contacting United States immigration authorities or otherwise threatening to report an employee's suspected citizenship or immigration status. AYE

S6204 Extends the statute of limitations relating to a civil action by an employee who has been the subject of a retaliatory personnel action from one year to two years. AYE

S5935 This bill includes in standard Medicaid coverage all US FDA approved forms of medication assisted treatment for treatment of substance use disorder. Removes all prior authorization mandates on all forms of medication assisted treatment. NAY (Increased cost.)

S5262A Relates to the purpose and duties of the Volunteer and Exempt Firemen's Benevolent Association of North Tarrytown, New York and the usage of moneys received from foreign fire insurance companies by the Volunteer and Exempt Firemen's Benevolent Association of North Tarrytown, New York. AYE

S6235 This bill would amend section 6-s of the general municipal law, and section 1560 of the tax law, to add Ulster County to the provisions of the Hudson Valley Community Preservation Act. AYE

S183a Requires the conducting of public hearings and reports thereon prior to the permanent closure to public access of any real property by the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation. AYE

S849 Authorizes use of closed-circuit television for the testimony of domestic violence victim witnesses in a criminal proceeding subject to the same restrictions as are applicable to child witnesses. AYE

S1405 This bill places requirements on roofing contractors relating to contract provisions. Requires roofing contractors to include insurance coverage and policy limits, which is not require of home improvement contractors under the law. Prohibits roofing contractors from advertising or agreeing to pay or rebate all or any portion of any insurance deductible as an inducement. Allows consumers to cancel a contract paid under a property and casualty insurance policy where the claim is not covered by the insurance, and requires full refund of any deposits or payments made, unless the contractor is entitled to any fee for emergency services performed to prevent damage to the premise. Prohibits roofing contractors from requiring a deposit or any particular form of payment. AYE

S1640 The bill would require all vessels with an enclosed accommodation compartment to have a marine carbon monoxide detection system that meets the requirements set forth by the American Boat and Yacht Council Standard A-24. The legislation would also require a detection system where a boat has undergone substantial renovations that are equal to or greater than fair market value of the vessel prior to the improvements. Once the law is in effect, it would prohibit the sale of any vessel with an enclosed accommodation compartment but without such detection system or vessels that have undergone "substantial renovations". AYE

S1678 Requires bodily injury be covered under supplementary uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage for police vehicles. AYE

S1687 Establishes the residential real property tax relief for public education task force to analyze the current funding system for primary and secondary education and make recommendations on implementing a new system that is largely state-funded through personal income taxes. AYE

S1866B Increases the amount of money a retiree may earn in a position of public service in the year 2020 and thereafter to $35,000. AYE

S2201 Allows a U.S. citizen, who is seventeen years of age, to vote in a primary election, including presidential, if he or she will turn eighteen by the date of the corresponding general election. NAY (Does not recognize the continuing development of the adolescent brain, which is the argument for restricting persons of this age group from other activities (i.e. smoking, alcohol consumption)

S2394 Relates to payment in construction contracts; specifies the meaning of "substantial completion" for the purposes of requisition payments in construction contracts. AYE

S2779A Relates to allowing two automatic free transfers for riders using pay-per-ride Metrocards. AYE

S3112 Makes provisions of law related to hunting in the county of Broome west of the Susquehanna river permanent. AYE

S3233 Establishes the crimes of vehicular assault and vehicular manslaughter in an active work zone and intrusion into an active work zone. AYE

S3378 This bill would create the Emergency Medical Technicians Rights and Working Conditions for employees of the City of New York. AYE

S3428 Establishes a commission to be known as the "New York State Temporary Commission on the Threat of Rising Oceans". AYE

S3447 Provides that absentee ballots for all elections shall be made available in Braille and large print, upon request of a blind or visually impaired voter no less than 30 days prior to each election day. AYE

S3466 Authorizes the town of Deerfield in Oneida county to transfer jurisdiction of a road to the state. AYE

S3478 Authorizes municipalities in the county of Rockland to add unpaid housing code violation penalties, costs and fines to such municipalities' annual tax levy in accordance with applicable law. AYE

S3645A This bill would expand the Historic properties tax credit (under the personal income tax and corporate franchise tax) by increasing the amount of the credit for "small projects", newly defined as those projects that have a price tag of $5 million or less, from the current 100 percent of the federal credit to 110 percent of the federal credit. AYE

S3654 This bill prohibits any party within the chain of distribution of any drug subject to a shortage to sell the drug at an unconscionably excessive price. This is a question for the court to factor the amount of excess in price; there was an exercise of unfair leverage; or a combination of both. Authorizes the Attorney General to bring an action where a civil penalty cannot exceed $100,000 and allows private right of actions by consumers to recover damages. AYE

S3813 Relates to providing accidental disability retirement benefits for chief fire marshals, assistant chief fire marshals, division supervising fire marshals, supervising fire marshals, fire marshals and fire marshal trainees in Nassau county. AYE

S3874A This bill authorizes the issuance of number plates to manufacturers of motor vehicles in the same way NYS currently offers "transporter" plates for entities involved as dealers or transporters of vehicles. AYE

S3875 This legislation provides that reorganization aid afforded to school districts upon merger, consolidation, or annexation under Education Law § 3602(14) include reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of districts relating to any study required by the State Education Department for the purposes of approving a reorganization of the school district. AYE

S3929 This bill would exempt vintage sleds prior to April 1st, 1980 from registration. AYE

S3959C Establishes Buoy's law; requires veterinarians to notify owners of potential risks and side effects of medication verbally or through electronic means prior to prescribing or otherwise providing medication to an animal; allows the client, or his or her agent, to decide whether or not to have a consultation. AYE

S3965 This bill directs the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to establish a pilot program for the delivery of the motor vehicle pre-licensing course via the Internet. The Commissioner is also authorized to promulgate rules and regulations to establish the pilot program. The Commissioner may establish an application fee of not more than $7,500 for entities interested in sponsoring a pre-licensing course. The Commissioner may also establish a fee of not more than $8 for each student who completes the pre-licensing course. The monies from this per-student fee will be deposited in the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund. AYE

S4119 Prohibits emergency service providers from selling patient health information without written consent. AYE

S4171A Includes within the class D felony of assault in the second degree, the intentional causing of physical injury to a passenger commuter ferry operator or crew. AYE

S4229A This bill would require OCFS to establish a centralized database of reports of child abuseand maltreatment for criminal justice agencies to access in the performance of their duties. AYE

S4256 This bill would allow a parent to seek and receive child support when their child is still dependent on them after the age of 21 years old because they are severely and permanently mentally and physically disabled and still living at home. AYE

S4270A Authorizes the detaining in the Orange county correctional facility of persons awaiting arraignment or appearance in any local court in the county of Orange. AYE

S4325 Enacts the "Big Five African Trophies Act" relating to banning the importation, transportation and possession of certain African wildlife species and products. NAY (Hunting lawfully permitted in Africa.)

S4337 Requires cities with a population of one million or more to collect discarded recyclable materials at city parks, playgrounds, historic sites and other recreational facilities; requires the posting of signs on facilities without trash receptacles stating that trash must be retained until you reach a trash can; provides state assistance for such programs. AYE

S4448 Makes permanent provisions which enable a legal resident whose immigration status is that of a lawful permanent resident of the United States and who would otherwise be eligible and qualified to serve as a teacher, to apply for and to receive Permanent Certification as a teacher AYE

S4499 Directs the office of alcoholism and substance abuse services to maintain an online directory of distributors of opioid antagonists. AYE

S4522 Provides recourse for a person whose vehicle was wrongfully towed in a city with a population of one million or more against the parking violations bureau in such city or the responsible agent of such bureau by granting such person the right to appear before a panel of administrative law judges which shall be empowered to order the correction of records, the refund of any fee paid to release the wrongfully towed vehicle and the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, including lost wages; defines the term "wrongful tow." AYE

S4536 Prohibits the making of decisions concerning guardianship, custody or visitation or adoption petitions solely on the basis of a parent's, guardian's or custodian's blindness; prohibits the department of social services from denying, deciding or opposing a petition or request for guardianship, custody or visitation solely because the petitioner is blind and prohibits the department of social services from taking actions solely because a parent, custodian or guardian is blind. AYE

S4585 Expands the length of time to pay delinquent taxes in installments to thirty-six months (from twenty-four months). AYE

S4839 Provides that the South New Berlin fire district, Chenango county, shall have elections on the second Wednesday of December. AYE

S4913 This bill would authorize the payment of annual contributions from New York State on behalf of the New York city off-track betting corporation to the New York city employees' retirement system. AYE

S4931 This bill would amend section 14-f of the banking law, to mandate that where a banking institution posts in the public area of its offices required notices for information, it must also post an equally conspicuous notice, containing the department of financial services' toll free consumer's hotline telephone number. AYE

S4944A Permits members of the Fair Harbor fire district to adopt a resolution changing the date for the nomination of the chief and assistant chiefs of such fire department. AYE

S4972 This bill requires Medicaid managed care plans to amend contracts with home care providers (including consumer-directed personal assistance) 90 days prior to the effective date of minimum wage mandates, and prohibit the use of state funds for other debts owed by providers and ensure funds are used for incremental minimum wage increases. AYE

S4990A Requires training with respect to adverse childhood experiences for day care providers. AYE

S5121A This bill would require written notices on all certified residential homes authorized or funded by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to post visible notice in a public area notifying employees that such employee should call 911 in the event of an emergency. AYE

S5214A Directs the division of veterans services and the division of the budget to conduct a study on veterans services provided to residents of the state. AYE

S5480 This bill amends title 1 article 25 of the PHL to establish a new section 2509, which would establish an infant recovery centers pilot program to consist of 4 infant recovery centers in areas of need in the state. The centers will provide cost effective, necessary services and enhance the quality of care for targeted populations in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of such program. Eligible infants are under 1 year of age and suffer from withdrawal resulting from in utero exposure to drugs. Conditions can include, but are not limited to, neonatal abstinence syndrome. AYE

S5500 This bill will extend the operations for the Rockland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children for two years until August 11, 2021. AYE

S6361 This bill will add information on Good Samaritan protections to the documentation that accompanies opioid antagonist kits. AYE

S6397 Provides for patient access to FDA approved abuse-deterrent technology to help combat opioid abuse. AYE