Votes in the NYS Senate for Week of Jan. 6, 2020

Patrick M. Gallivan

January 10, 2020

The bills listed below were voted on in the New York State Senate.  The legislation is listed by bill number and includes a short description, followed by Senator Gallivan's vote.

S4378  This bill would amend section 4-104 of the election law, to provide that whenever a contiguous property of a college or university contains 300 or more registrants (excluding registrants in inactive status) who are registered to vote at an address on such contiguous property, the polling place designated for such registrants shall be on such contiguous property or at a location approved by the college or university.  NAY  (Mandating that an election be held on a university/college property could be problematic when villages have customarily held elections at another polling site. Unfunded mandate.)

S6457B  This bill would add a new Title 9 to Article 5 of the Election Law, to establish a new process of automatic voter registration in New York State.  NAY  (Undermines signature requirement and constitution.)

S6754A  This bill would require county BOEs designate an early voting polling place in the municipality with the highest population.  NAY  (Unfunded mandate. Should be a local decision.)

S6805  Authorizes variable message signs placed within the right of way of highways to display certain voting related communications; provides that no such communications shall be displayed if advised by the United States Department of Transportation or any of its agencies that the display of such information will interfere with federal law or regulation or result in the reduction of federal aid highway funds.  NAY  (Not the purpose of highway signs.)

S6922  This bill would require that in Nassau and Suffolk county, each town and city in the counties would be required to have at least one polling place.  NAY  (Unfunded mandate. Should be a local decision.)

S6923A  Requires that in cities and towns with a population between 100,000 and 1 million, there shall be at least one early voting polling place for every full increment of 50,000 registered voters, provided no such city or town is required to have more than 11 sites.  NAY  (Unfunded mandate. Should be a local decision.)

S6925  This bill would require counties place early voting sites in cities and towns with a population between 50,000 and 100,000 residents.  NAY  (Unfunded mandate.)

S6926A Establishes portable polling locations for early voting; provides that a county board of elections may establish two or more portable polling locations. NAY (Unfunded mandate. Could be security issue.)

S6930  This bill exempts public schools from being designated as early voting polling sites. The bill authorizes county BOEs to designate buildings owned by an entity receiving more than $1 million in annual state grant funding as early voting polling sites unless the owner can demonstrate that such use is significantly incompatible with the primary function of the entity. Under current law, the county BOE can only chose a building that is exempt from taxation. Finally, the bill also authorizes places of business licensed to sell alcohol as early voting sites. These places are currently prohibited.   NAY  (Should be local decision. Imposition on businesses. Voting should be public.)