“Don’t Shut the Lights Out on the North Country”

Ritchie Launches Postcard Campaign in Support of the St. Lawrence Psych Center 

State Senator Patty Ritchie met with the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center Task Force Friday to launch a postcard campaign to demonstrate support for the facility as state officials continue to deliberate the future of mental health care in New York State.

Postcards, which read “Don’t Shut the Lights Out on the North Country,” have been printed and given to community leaders, union leaders and county officials for distribution.  In addition, cards are also available at Senator Ritchie’s Ogdensburg office, located at 330 Ford Street and can be printed here. All postcards will be mailed to Governor Cuomo and Kristin Woodlock, Acting Commissioner New York State Office of Mental Health.

The current postcard campaign is just the latest example of how Senator Ritchie is rallying community members to support the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center.  In addition to meeting with community leaders, Senator Ritchie has also created the website www.savethecenter.net, which features the latest news and information on the Center and created an online petition—including more than 2,000 signatures—which was delivered to Albany officials at the recent listening session held at the facility. 

Attending Friday’s meeting were retired St. Lawrence County Newspaper Publisher Charles W. Kelly,  Ogdensburg Mayor William Nelson, City Manager John Pinkerton, St. Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire, St. Lawrence County Community Services Director Angela Doe, St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Director Pat Kelly, Public Employee Federation representative Virginia Davey, Civil Service Employee Association Bill Lipinsky, and New York State Correctional Officers Benevolent Association representative Gregory Tarbox.