1,300 Sportsmen Participate in Sen. Ritchie’s 2012 Sportsmen’s Survey

Sportsmen Oppose Lowering Junior Hunting Age, Support ‘Gift Cards’ Used for Fees and Expansion of Crossbow Hunting


Sportsmen in New York State support an expansion of crossbow hunting, and a law that would require the DEC to offer “gift cards” that could be used to pay sportsmen’s fees and oppose lowering the junior hunting age, according to Senator Ritchie’s 2012 Sportsmen’s Survey. 

Nearly 1,300 sportsmen shared their opinions and ideas on hunting and fishing in New York State in her 2012 Sportsmen’s Survey. 

“Hunting and fishing are two favorite pastimes of many New Yorkers,” said Senator Ritchie.  “Not only are they great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, hunting and fishing are also major industries in New York State—responsible for generating $1.5 billion every year.”

“This survey allowed sportsmen to voice their opinions—their likes and their dislikes when it comes to hunting and fishing in our state.  The results of this survey will help to make the hunting and fishing experience better for people in New York, while at the same time help the industry to expand and provide a bigger boost to the economy.”

Senator Ritchie’s survey indicated that 81% of sportsmen use a rifle or shotgun when hunting, and an overwhelming portion of participants—84 % —stated that they typically hunt deer. 

Some of the key findings in Senator Ritchie’s survey results included:

  • 80% of participants expressing support for a law sponsored by Senator Ritchie that would require the DEC to offer “gift cards” that could be used to pay sportsmen’s fees
  • 61% of sportsmen supporting the use of crossbows during the regular archery season
  • 72% of people expressing opposition for lowering the junior hunting age below the current 12 year-old minimum
  • 66% in support of the DEC’s adjustment of this year’s hunting calendar in the Northern Zone; to avoid dates late in December
  • 58% of sportsmen expressing support for granting sportsmen permission to allow motorized access to state land in the Adirondacks
  • 64% of participants in support of the DEC relaxing its rules on bait fish, such as minnows, to allow people to catch their own bait

Senator Ritchie also invited sportsmen to share their suggestions on how to make the hunting experience more enjoyable as well as their opinions on nuisance permits and doe permits, topics which many were divided on. 

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Full survey results can be found here.