Assembly Must Pass Property Tax Cap

Patty Ritchie

April 12, 2011

Join Petition On Website, Facebook Page To Send A Message

State Senator Patty Ritchie is calling on families who are tired of property tax increases to join her in urging the Assembly majority to pass Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tax cap.
“The hard working taxpayers of Central and Northern New York need action so they can afford to stay in their homes,” Senator Ritchie said. “That’s why I voted on January 31st for Governor Cuomo's tax cap and I am urging New Yorkers to join my fight."
Senator Ritchie is urging families to join her petition drive by going to the website or her Facebook page. The Governor's bill passed the Senate with wide bipartisan support by a 45 to 17 vote but was never taken up by the Assembly. On the same day the Senate also passed a sweeping mandate relief package to help schools and local governments lower their costs.
A tax cap has widespread support across Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. Senator Ritchie recently released the results of her community legislative survey which found that 82 percent of respondents supported the tax cap.
The Assembly majority has failed to bring the Governor’s bill to a vote.