Attention Shoppers: Tax-Free Clothing Sales Return

Patty Ritchie

March 29, 2012

Starting Sunday, No State Sales Tax on Clothing Purchases Up to $110

State Senator Patty Ritchie today announced that, starting Sunday, shoppers will no longer pay state sales tax on clothing purchases up to $110.

Repealing the sales tax on clothing will save a typical family of four nearly $200 a year.

“Think of it as a 4 percent-off sale that never ends,” Senator Ritchie said.

“I know what it’s like for families trying to make ends meet, and clothing purchases are among the biggest parts of any family budget,” Senator Richie said. ‘That why I am pleased that we have been able to repeal the sales tax on clothing purchases, to help hardworking New Yorkers keep more money in their pockets.”

Senator Ritchie said that the tax cut also helps retailers, and will create jobs, by strengthening businesses’ bottom lines.

New York exempted clothing sales from the 4 percent sales tax until 2009, when the Legislature and former Governor raised over 100 taxes and fees, along with billions of dollars in new spending.

Senator Ritchie voted in her first budget last year to restore the sales tax exemption over two years.

“It’s another way I’m working to help bring relief to hardworking taxpayers,” Senator Ritchie said, citing other tax cuts she helped to enact, including:

·         The new “Middle Class Tax Cut” that slashed income tax rates to their lowest levels since 1953;

·         The new Property Tax Cap that’s finally helping to gain control over runaway school property taxes

More information about the repeal of the clothing sales tax is available at the Tax Department’s website.