Bill Would Reduce Holiday Gas Taxes

Urges Assembly To Help Reduce Gasoline Prices

State Senator Patty Ritchie says a bill (S4880B) she supported that was passed by the Senate today will reduce the cost of gasoline by 33 cents a gallon for three holiday weekends this summer.

The savings could take effect as soon as this weekend if the Assembly joins the Senate in passing the bill.

“With Memorial Day almost upon us, New York’s families need relief from high gasoline prices. The American Petroleum Institute reports New Yorkers pay the second highest gasoline taxes in the nation,” Senator Ritchie said. “The bill requires that savings be passed on to consumers.”

“Central and Northern New York heavily depend on the tourists who visit our region, especially during the holiday weekends,” Senator Ritchie said. “This bill would give Canadians another reason to cross the border and visitors from surrounding states to come to New York. Just as importantly, it would give our own residents a badly needed break so they and their families can enjoy these holiday weekends.”

The bill would suspend the three separate state taxes on fuel - the 8-cent excise tax, the 8-cent sales tax and the 17-cent Petroleum Business Tax -during the busy four-day Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day holiday weekends, providing consumers an immediate savings of 33-cents per gallon of gasoline - about $5 to $6 a fill-up.

The law would give municipalities the option of participating in the gas tax holiday.