Bureaucrats Gives Up on Blocking Children's Summer Fun

Patty Ritchie

April 19, 2011

State Plans To Issue New 'Guidance' On Games Like Tag, Wiffle Ball, And Red Rover

State Senator Patty Ritchie announced today she is pleased the New York State Health Department has announced it intends to reevaluate its list of summer recreational programs the agency plans to regulate.

The Health Department pulled the controversial regulations after Senator Ritchie raised objections in a letter on Thursday to the state health commissioner and just hours after she appeared on national TV to discuss the impact on New York's children, families and communities."

"I'm very pleased that the Health Department has agreed to take a new look at what summer activities pose a 'significant risk' of injury to children," said Senator Ritchie. "At a time when our nation's number one health concern is childhood obesity, I am very happy to see that someone in state government saw we should not be adding new burdensome regulations by classifying tag, red rover and wiffleball as dangerous activities."

"My concern from the beginning has been that New York State should not be adding new costly mandates on villages and towns that threaten these recreational programs," Senator Ritchie said. "I am glad New York's children can continue to steal the bacon, and play flag football and enjoy other traditional rites of summer."