Measure to Allow Registration of Utvs Included in Senate Budget Proposal

Patty Ritchie

March 14, 2014

State Senator Patty Ritchie has announced that for the first time, her proposal to allow for the registration of increasingly popular Utility Task Vehicles—commonly known as UTVs—has been included in the Senate’s budget proposal.

The measure, which has passed the Senate three times, would authorize the state Department of Motor Vehicles to allow the registration of larger recreational vehicles and in turn, would allow New York State to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost non-tax revenue, boost tourism and revitalize the economy.

“This is the first time the proposal to allow for the registration of UTVs has been included in the Senate’s budget proposal, and it marks a major step forward for the legislation,” said Senator Ritchie.

“There are countless older riders, couples and families who travel elsewhere to register these larger recreational vehicle, and as a result, New York State is losing out.  I’m hopeful that as we continue budget negotiations we are able close this legal loophole and make it possible for people to register UTVs.”

A recent study of ATV usage on the Tug Hill indicated that recreational vehicles have a significant impact on the economy and were responsible for:

  • 701 jobs (direct, indirect and induced; 369 full-time equivalents)
  • $11.3  million in wages.
  • $907,000 in sales taxes
  • $106,000 in occupancy taxes
  • $472,000 property taxes
  • $1.4 million total local taxes

UTV groups are applauding the inclusion of the measure in the Senate’s budget proposal:

 “By allowing these state of the art vehicles to be registered, families will have legal places to ride and millions of dollars will be pumped into the New York economy, providing much needed additional revenue to fund everything from infrastructure to education,” said the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association.

“We urge the Assembly to join in supporting the legislation which is of such vital importance to our industry and to hundreds of thousands of off-highway vehicle enthusiasts in New York State.”

The bipartisan measure—Senate Bill 1746—will now become part of budget negotiations with the Governor and the Assembly.