More Than 150 Pounds of Pills Disposed of at Ritchie “Shed the Meds” Event

Thousands of individual pills totaling more than 150 pounds were disposed of at State Senator Ritchie’s “Shed the Meds” event, held Tuesday in Ogdensburg.

Hosted in conjunction with the Ogdensburg Police Department and the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, the event provided residents with a safe, responsible way to dispose of unwanted, unused and expired prescription medicines, which can pose a danger to children and pets. In addition, improper disposal can also pollute lakes and streams.  Among the pills disposed of were painkillers, opioids and narcotics—substances which are often times the gateway drugs for addiction to illegal substances such as heroin. 

“The thousands of prescription pills disposed of at my “Shed the Meds” event will go a long way towards our goals of preventing drug abuse, keeping our drinking water clean and stopping pills from getting in the hands of children or being consumed by pets,” said Senator Ritchie.

“I would like to thank the Ogdensburg Police Department and the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department—especially Officer Michael Durham and Chief Richard Polniak—for partnering with me to make this important event such a success.”

Last year, Americans filled a record 4 billion prescriptions, and it is estimated that millions of pills sit unused in consumers’ medicine cabinets. Those who were unable to attend Senator Ritchie’s “Shed the Meds” event may also dispose of unwanted medicines seven days a week, at the Sheriff’s Office, located at 48 Court Street in Canton. 


(Pictured from left to right in the above photo are Senator Ritchie, Officer Michael Durham and Chief of Police Richard Polniak Jr.)