No Fish Tale: 'Ultimate' Waddington a First Round Winner

Small town on way to becoming America's fishing capital, but needs votes now

State Senator Patty Ritchie congratulated the residents and friends of the village of Waddington for winning 1st place in the first round of the Ultimate Fishing Town Contest.

"When a small village of just 900 can beat out communities across the nation, it's a real testament to the kind of community pride and spirit that you find in Waddington," Senator Ritchie said. "For too long the year-round fishing opportunities in Waddington and across Northern New York have been one of our nation's best kept secrets. That’s why when the Chamber of Commerce asked me for my support, I helped nominate Waddington and I urged my friends to join me in helping to put our region on the map."

"Thanks to the hard work of Waddington's residents and its many friends and supporters, they were able to emerge from the first round of the competition as the leader in the top 20," Senator Ritchie said. "If we want to help bring visitors to Northern New York to spur our economy and help make St. Lawrence County a major tourist destination, we have from now until May 31st to help show the entire nation why Waddington deserves the title of our nation’s Ultimate Fishing Town.”

“But let's make no mistake about it, we are facing tough competitors with big cities like Denver, Colorado and others across the US,” Senator Ritchie said. "I am calling on my friends across Central and Northern New York to join me by going to to cast their votes to help Waddington win the final round of the competition.”

The winner of the competition will win a $25,000 community donation, a feature story broadcast on the World Fishing Network.

The second place winner will receive a $5,000 community donation. The third place finisher will receive a $2,500 donation