Proclaiming November Military Career Month

Patty Ritchie

November 17, 2017

Senator Ritchie’s Weekly Column

The United States military is made up of the bravest, proudest and most selfless people our great nation has to offer. They join the military, and put their lives on the line, in the name of protecting our freedom.

Becoming a member of our U.S. military not only gives someone a chance to serve our great nation, it also provides a tremendous opportunity to build important life skills that can benefit them long after their service has finished. The U.S. military offers the vital educational and career opportunities needed to begin—and succeed—in a number of fields, including agriculture and the growing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.

With that in mind, I am joining Senator Tom Croci’s effort to proclaim November 2017 as ‘Military Career Month’. As the backbone of this campaign, which aims to introduce students to the benefits of becoming a member of the military, we need the help of our administrators, teachers, and counselors.

All high school and college educators can contribute to this campaign by inviting military recruiters to come to their campus, meet with classes and share information on military careers and other programs they offer. These initiatives focus on everything from building character and leadership skills, to the ‘Career Exploration Program’ which provides tools to help students prepare for tests like the SAT and learn more about career exploration and planning in both the civilian and military worlds.

By becoming members of our military, people not only have an opportunity to serve our nation, they also build important skills that benefit them during their time of service and their civilian lives. During ‘Military Career Month,’ I ask you to join our efforts to encourage young people to consider making service to our country part of their future.


WHEREAS, the freedom, peace, and security that the citizens of the United States enjoy today are the direct result of the sacrifices and the continued vigilance of the members of the Armed Forces who selflessly serve to protect our nation; and

WHEREAS, less than one percent of our country is currently serving in the military, and only 30 percent of the 32 million 18-24 year olds in the United States are qualified to serve our country in the military; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. military offers young people vital education and career opportunities in growing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and other career fields in addition to world class technical training, a sense of pride, an unmatched work ethic, and the discipline needed to succeed in the 21st century; and

WHEREAS, the largest military service, the U.S. Army, offers opportunities in 150 career fields and has a strategic interest in improving student academic and physical achievement; and

WHEREAS, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) provides free assessments on student propensity for multiple career fields, and ‘Mach2success’ provides free standardized test prep which will help students improve their performance on the SAT and ACT; and

WHEREAS, the Career Exploration Program (CEP) is a comprehensive career aptitude evaluation which is federally funded and available to schools free-of-cost; and

WHEREAS, military recruiters also offer many free programs focusing on character, leadership, resilience, physical fitness, and vocational aptitude which can benefit high school and college curricula and would require significant funding if sought elsewhere; and

WHEREAS, military recruiters serve as role models for our students, encouraging them to do what is right and augmenting educators’ efforts to stop the spread of drugs and bullying to include cyber-bullying: now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that I hereby ask all high school and college educators to take part in Military Career Month during November 2017 by inviting military recruiters into their classrooms to highlight their careers, skill sets, assignments, education opportunities, and benefits of service; and be it further

RESOLVED, that I encourage educators to utilize the free programs and presentations that our Military Recruiters can offer to enhance the perspective and well-rounded education that we strive to provide to our youth; and be it further

RESOLVED, that I furthermore ask our high school educators to promote the March2Success program along with the ASVAB and CEP for the benefit of the students.

Now, THEREFORE, I do hereby proclaim