Ritchie and Barclay Applaud Decision to Open Key Redfield Snowmobile Trails

Patty Ritchie

November 14, 2017

Trails are Used as a ‘Portal to the Tug Hill’

Senator Patty Ritchie and Assemblyman Will Barclay are applauding the decision by WoodWise Forestry, LLC to open 20 miles of popular snowmobile trails to sledders this winter.

The trails are a key entry point to the Tug Hill Region from Oswego County—popular with members of the Redfield Snowmobile Association, and other snowmobilers from all over the country, because of the heavy amount of snow it receives.

The decision to open the trails came after Senator Ritchie and Assemblyman Barclay led productive, positive discussions with WoodWise Forestry, LLC and the Town of Redfield.  Salmon River Timberlands, LCC owns 28% of the land area in the Town of Redfield and, as stewards of the land, it felt an obligation to keep the needs of the community in mind.

“We certainly understand the importance of keeping these important snowmobile trails open, not only for the Redfield Snowmobile Association and other riders, but the businesses throughout our region that depend on sledders coming to our area and spending money,” Salmon River Timberlands, LLC Director of Operations Matt Smith said. “I want to sincerely thank Redfield Supervisor Tanya Yerdon for opening the lines of communication and arranging our discussions, which remained extremely positive throughout thanks to the efforts of State Senator Patty Ritchie and Assemblyman Will Barclay.” 

“Snowmobiling has a major impact on both the quality of life and economics of our region. With the understanding of just what was a stake, I was proud to join Assemblyman Will Barclay to help lead these successful discussions,” State Senator Patty Ritchie said. “This decision from WoodWise Forestry, LLC to not only continue its partnership with the entire Redfield Community but also its commitment to the health of its forestlands for generations to come, will benefit everyone from the snowmobilers and camp and hotel owners to our restaurants, grocery stores and numerous other local businesses. I applaud both Redfield Supervisor Tanya Yerdon and WoodWise Forestry, LLC for their genuine efforts in making sure these important trails will be open.”

“I am pleased this land will remain accessible to snowmobilers.  Many local groups and snowmobilers have worked hard in the past to create this trail, which supports the local economy.  This trail also provides a vital link between other trails in Jefferson and Lewis counties,” Assemblyman Will Barclay said. “I commend Redfield Supervisor Tanya Yerdon for working with WoodWise Forestry, LLC to ensure that this trail section remain open.  I was glad to join with Senator Patty Ritchie on this matter to help protect this valuable resource.”

Salmon River Timberlands, LLC is one of several large land holdings owned and protected by WoodWise Forestry, LLC.  The parent company practices patient forestry on over 75,000 acres in NY, VT and NH, with their property in Redfield being one of their largest single tracts of land.