Ritchie Bill Cuts Paperwork for Farm Vehicles

Patty Ritchie

February 10, 2012

Reduces Regulatory Burden On Agricultural Community

State Senator Patty Ritchie’s bill to end a requirement that farmers file extra paperwork showing where they might drive farm vehicles passed the State Senate.

“New York’s 35,000 family farms are already part of the most overregulated industry in the world,” said Senator Ritchie, the Chair of the Senate's Agriculture Committee. “For tens of thousands of years, farm families have helped each other out when they need to borrow equipment. Only in New York have we made being good neighbors a crime.”  

Under existing laws, New York farmers must file paper work stating all destinations where they might drive farm plated vehicles, even though they are already restricted to traveling within a 25 mile radius.

“Sometimes farmers have opportunities to rent or lease additional fields to raise feed crops or graze livestock,” Senator Ritchie said. “With the existing 25 mile restriction already preventing the abuse of farm license plates, we should abolish this unnecessary mandate that just makes extra work for both farm families and the Department of Motor Vehicles.”

DMV offices are required to keep the documents on file, adding paperwork and filing costs to the offices. Farmers are also required to produce the documents on demand.

“At a time when New York is looking for ways to reduce costs and eliminate foolish mandates, we should also be looking at ways to make New York a more attractive place to farm,” Senator Ritchie said.

“Duplicative paperwork and overbearing government regulations are stifling business in our state and hurting farm families,” said Dean Norton President of New York Farm Bureau.  With the adoption of this legislation by the New York State Senate we are taking another step toward the reemergence of common sense in our government. On behalf of New York Farm Bureau and our nearly 30,000 members, I want to thank Senator Ritchie for her strong leadership and the State Senate for its continued support of agriculture.”

The bill (S5262) now goes to the Assembly where it has been introduced by Assembly Agriculture Committee Chair Bill Magee