Ritchie Continues “Where You Work" Tour at Felix Schoeller

Patty Ritchie

October 26, 2012

Looks at Opportunities to Help Company Expand, Hire More Employees

State Senator Patty Ritchie continued her tour of Central and Northern New York businesses at Felix Schoeller Technical Papers, Inc. in Pulaski. 

Felix Schoeller produces papers for photographic and digital imaging processes, decorative laminating papers, technical specialty papers and films.

The company has eight mills at seven production locations in Germany, Britain, Canada and the United States, and employs approximately 2,5000 people.  Felix Schoeller is looking to hire more workers, and has called on Senator Ritchie for help with expansion. 

Senator Ritchie recently launched her "Where We Work" tour, in an effort to celebrate local employers, and seek ways to promote local job growth throughout Central and Northern New York.

(Senator Ritchie is pictured in the above photo with Felix Schoeller president and CEO Michael Szidat)