Ritchie Delivers $50,000 To Help Improve Town Of Richland Playground

Patty Ritchie

November 12, 2019

Funding Helped Town Update Playground, Ensure ADA Compliance

State Senator Patty Ritchie has delivered $50,000 in funding for the Town of Richland to revitalize its community playground.

The town playground previously sat on land it did not own, meaning the town could not maintain or improve it.  As the town considered ways to improve recreation for children, it decided to buy the land and playground. Funding delivered by Senator Ritchie allowed the town to remove some old equipment and trees and begin the process of rebuilding a newer playground.

“Playgrounds aren’t just places for children to play—they’re places where they can get fresh air, get active and develop invaluable social and physical skills they will use throughout their lives,” said Senator Ritchie. “I am grateful to have played a role in helping the Town of Richland make this project possible and look forward to continuing to see how their community comes together to improve the lives of local children.”

In addition to the funding secured by Senator Ritchie, community members Marjorie Yerdon and Alycia Smith helped raise additional funding, while also securing both town and community help with construction.  The newest area of the playground, considered phase one of a three-part project, is now not only ADA compliant, but has a new zip line, spinner bowl and more. 

“The Town of Richland takes pride in offering our residents and guests as many recreational opportunities as possible,” said Town of Richland Supervisor Dan Krupke.”This playground is a prime example of being able to both offer a fun place for families, but also help children learn the value of outdoor activity. We could not be happier Senator Ritchie went to bat to help improve our community.”

Community members will continue to work with the town in hopes of completing the final two parts of the playground improvement project in the near future.

(In the above photo, Senator Ritchie is seen with Town of Richland Supervisor Dan Krupke, Town Board Members Sue Haynes, Allen Goodsell, Donna Gilson, Kern Yerdon, Deputy Town Clerk Julie Peterson and Project Organizers Alycia Smith and Marjorie Yerdon.)