Ritchie Delivers Funding To Aid Domestic Violence Victims

Patty Ritchie

September 30, 2019

Funding has Strengthened Support Services Offered in Central and Northern New York

As Domestic Violence Awareness Month approaches, State Senator Patty Ritchie is announcing she recently delivered $80,000 in special funding to aid victims of domestic violence in Jefferson, Oswego and St. Lawrence Counties.

Funding delivered by Senator Ritchie has helped three agencies in Jefferson, Oswego and St. Lawrence Counties strengthen the services they provide to victims.

“Our region has far too many people suffering the effects, both physical and psychological, of domestic violence. Unfortunately, coming forward to seek help is never as easy as it sounds,” Senator Ritchie said. 

“We as a community must come together and ensure that all victims know help is nearby.  These three organizations are critical in providing not only awareness of domestic violence, but also in providing people with the options and support they so desperately need to recover and move forward.”

Organizations which received funding include:

St. Lawrence Valley Renewal House for Victims of Family Violence, Inc. - $25,000

Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County, Inc. - $30,000

Oswego County Opportunities, Inc. - $25,000

“Unfortunately, many victims of domestic violence do not have the resources to allow them to escape their situation. With this funding, we have been able to not only secure those resources, but also reach out to people who may need our help. We have been able to show them there is a path forward,” Ilene J. Burke, Executive Director of the St. Lawrence Valley Renewal House for Victims of Family Violence, Inc. said. “Our office works hard to ensure victims and their families here in the North Country have the help they need and thanks to people like Senator Ritchie, we can continue to perform this critical mission.”  

“The seriousness of domestic violence cannot be overstated. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence and it can happen anywhere,” said Jill Parker, Director of the Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County. “Senator Ritchie deserves a lot of credit for her efforts to ensure victims have support right here in their own community.  This funding has allowed us to provide a true sense of hope for so many people who need exactly that.”

“The people of Oswego County are extremely lucky to have someone like Senator Ritchie representing them.  This funding has allowed us to provide the very services domestic violence victims so desperately need,” said Diane Cooper-Currier, Executive Director of Oswego County Opportunities, Inc. “It also sends a strong message to those causing harm, that victims in our region truly do have the support they need to permanently break away from a violent situation.” 

According to the most recent statistics, an intimate partner commits nearly 30,000, or 30 percent of assaults reported each year in New York State, outside of New York City. Of those assaults, nearly 80 percent are committed against a female.