Ritchie, Griffo Applaud Governor on a.p.a. Appointment

First St. Lawrence County Resident Named to Panel

State Senators Patty Ritchie and Joseph A. Griffo today applauded Gov. Cuomo’s selection of the first-ever St. Lawrence County resident to serve on the board of the agency that oversees the sprawling Adirondacks.

The Governor announced today he was nominating Sherman Craig, owner of Wanakena Woodworks, a rustic furniture maker, to the agency’s 11-member board. The nomination requires confirmation by the Senate.

“I want to applaud Governor Cuomo for recognizing the important part that the Adirondack Park plays in the culture and economy of St. Lawrence County by naming a local resident to the board of the APA,” Senator Ritchie said.

“The Adirondacks are a unique natural wonder that is enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. But it also is the home of many hard-working families, often with deep roots in their communities. The APA can do a better job of balancing the needs of preservation, and encouraging the use of this unique resource, while also creating new economic opportunities for the benefit of long-time residents and the communities they call home,” Senator Ritchie said.

“I am confident that having a local small businessman on the APA board will help ensure that the needs of these residents and their communities are well represented, and I look forward to hearing from Mr. Craig as his nomination moves through the Senate.”

Senator Griffo said, “St. Lawrence County communities are proud to be part of the unique resource that is the Adirondack Park, but being within the Park’s boundaries has too often created problems and obstacles to the economic growth of these same communities.”

“As a frequent visitor to the Adirondacks himself, Governor Cuomo is no stranger to the wide range of communities in the North Country, but he also knows that the region can only succeed as top tourist destination if local communities are allowed to grow responsibly and host the millions of New Yorkers and others who want to enjoy them.

"I look forward to talking to a fellow SUNY-Brockport grad, to discuss more about Mr. Craig’s accomplishments and his vision for the Park, and ways we can help St. Lawrence County and Northern New York.”

The Adirondacks welcome millions of visitors each year from around the world, who enjoy both the rugged outdoors and opportunities for recreation, as well as the culture and activity of small, rural towns that are sprinkled throughout its 6 million acres.

Over 80 million Americans and Canadians live within a seven hours drive of the Adirondacks, demonstrating the potential for growth in the tourism sector.

Senator Ritchie and her family are regular visitors who enjoy a rage of outdoor activities, including boating, snowmobiling and hunting in the park, and Senator Griffo represents all nine St. Lawrence County towns that are within the park boundaries.