Ritchie Helps Town of Hannibal Pave Unsafe Road

Patty Ritchie

October 31, 2018

Funds Used to Pave Pellet Road

State Senator Patty Ritchie has secured $50,000 in special state funding for capital improvements in the Oswego County Town of Hannibal.

The funds will help the town cover the cost of its recent efforts to pave Pellet Road, a residential, gravel road that was littered with potholes, causing tire damage and hazardous conditions for those who traveled it.

“For a small town like Hannibal, projects like these are a concern just due to the significant investment required,” said Senator Ritchie. “It’s extremely important to me that these smaller communities, without big revenue streams, get the important help they need to enhance the quality of life for their residents and of course, protect public safety.”

“The grant allowed us to pave the town road, making it safer for residents and visitors,” said Town of Hannibal Supervisor Virginia Wilbur. “We are appreciative of the Senator's assistance and support in awarding the Town of Hannibal this grant.” 

This funding is just one example of Senator Ritchie working to improve the lives of those in Hannibal. Recently she brought the ‘S-miles to Go’ program—an oral health care initiative featuring a mobile dental clinic from the University of Buffalo—to the Hannibal Central School District. In addition, she also provided the district with $10,000 for her “Seeds of Success” program, which seeks to expand agricultural education and teach young people the importance of eating healthy, fresh foods.