Ritchie Helps Village Of Morristown Create Much Needed Roadway

Patty Ritchie

October 15, 2019

Courtesy: Google Earth
New Road Provides Vehicles Shorter Alternate Route Following Bridge Closure

State Senator Patty Ritchie is announcing she has secured $50,000 for the Village of Morristown to create its new roadway that provides vehicles—including emergency vehicles—a shorter alternative route following the recent closure of the Northumberland Street Bridge that spans Morristown Bay.

The funds allowed for the creation of a roadway between Bay Street and Main Street. If the road had not been built to serve as an alternative for the closed bridge, traffic would have been forced to take a detour route of over seven miles. The new roadway is less than a mile long. 

“By not having to travel nearly eight miles out of the way because of the bridge closure, this new road helps users save on time and gas,” said Senator Ritchie. “However, the biggest impact of this new road will be ensuring emergency vehicles do not have to take that same lengthy detour and are now able to respond to calls in a timely fashion and do so much more safely as they protect us and our property.”

“It is a giant weight off of our shoulders knowing that our emergency vehicles will continue to be able to answer calls without having to spend so much time on the road because of a closed bridge,” said Morristown Mayor Cheryl Shatraw. “I cannot stress how appreciative the Village of Morristown is for the Senator's assistance and support in awarding us this funding.”

After getting new traffic signs and striping, the roadway hasofficially opened to traffic.