Ritchie to Host 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Day May 20th at the Capitol

MG Stephen Townsend, Troops to Attend Second Annual Event

State Senator Patty Ritchie has announced that on Monday, May 20th, “10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Day” will be celebrated at the State Capitol.

The second annual event, organized by Senator Ritchie, will celebrate the commanders and soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division for their ongoing role in our nation’s defense, as well as the post itself for the key role it plays in the region’s economy.

“It’s surprising that many people across New York State just aren’t aware of the role Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division play in our nation’s defense, nor do they know what a tremendous impact the post has on our North Country economy,” said Senator Ritchie.

“I am thrilled to once again host 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Day at the Capitol, and take the opportunity to expose our entire state to this very important installation, as well as the brave men and women who fight for our freedom and call Fort Drum ‘home’ ” said Senator Ritchie.

At the daylong event, Senator Ritchie will be joined by Commanding General Stephen Townsend, who will address the Senate Chamber, a rare honor usually reserved for world and other distinguished leaders. 

In addition, a special Color Guard of 10th Mountain Division troops will present the flag and lead the Pledge to open the Senate’s daily public session, and Senators will recognize the fighting men and women of the 10th Mountain Division with an official Senate Resolution. 

“I would like to thank Major General Stephen Townsend for accepting my invitation to participate in 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Day,” said Senator Ritchie. 

“The commanders and soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division are among the Army’s most-deployed combat units and it’s an honor to host the Commanding General and his troops.”

At last year’s event, the former Commanding General of the 10th Mountain Division, Major General Mark A. Milley visited the Capitol for the first time ever to attend the event, and also addressed the Senate Chamber.  In addition, the Division also saluted New Yorkers with a Blackhawk helicopter fly-by of the Capitol and an exhibition of the post’s military hardware and personnel, arranged by Senator Ritchie and staffed by nearly 60 Ft. Drum soldiers. To read more about last year's event, click here.

Senator Ritchie has been a strong advocate for Fort Drum, securing budget funding to address a critical, regional housing shortage that threatens continued growth of the facility, and to help protect the post—which is the largest U.S. Army post in the Northeastern United States—in the  event of new federal military budget cuts.

The 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Day ceremony taking place in the Senate Chamber will be live-streamed at www.livestream.com/nysenate.  Members of the media interested in attending the event should contact Sarah Compo at (315) 782-3418 or compo@nysenate.gov.