Ritchie Hunting and Fishing ‘Gift Card’ Bill WINS Legislature’s Ok

State Senator Patty Ritchie’s bill directing the state to create “gift cards” that can be used for hunting and fishing license and other fees won final approval in the Senate today.

“Hunting , fishing and outdoor sports are traditions that are handed on from generation to generation, and these gift cards will make it easier for parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends to share their love of the outdoors,” said Senator Ritchie.

Last year, the state Department of Environmental Conservation unveiled gift cards that could be used for camping fees at state-run campgrounds.

The cards were valued at $25 each, and the DEC even offered a one-time free giveaway last year to promote them to holiday shoppers. 

Senator Ritchie’s bill (S.6574) was previously approved by the Assembly, and will now be sent to the Governor for his signature.


DEC has reported declining license sales in recent years, and Senator Ritchie said her proposal could help renew interest in hunting and fishing among the next generation, as well as help provide a convenient way for longtime outdoorsmen to continue to enjoy the sports.