Ritchie Invites St. Lawrence Residents to ‘Shed the Meds’

Teams with County Sheriff, Ogdensburg PD to Host Free Prescription Drug Disposal Event July 22nd 

State Senator Patty Ritchie is inviting residents of St. Lawrence County to clean out their medicine cabinets and drawers and bring their unused, unwanted and expired prescription medicines to a special event for free, safe disposal.

Senator Ritchie is teaming with St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells and the Ogdensburg Police Department to sponsor the free event next Tuesday, July 22, from 4 to 6 pm, at the Ogdensburg Fire Station, 718 Ford Street.


“Nearly everyone has leftover, unwanted or expired prescription drugs lying somewhere around the house,” Senator Ritchie said. “But these pills can pose a danger to children and pets, they can find their way into the hands of pill abusers, and improper disposal threatens our water, lakes and streams. Events like this allow people to get rid of unneeded medicine in a safe and responsible way.”

“Pill abuse has been directly linked to the growing problem of heroin usage across the US, and there have been a number of stories nationally involving abusers who break into homes, especially those belonging to seniors, in search of unused drugs,” said Sheriff Wells. “Properly disposing of drugs you no longer need or want helps keep these pills from getting into the wrong hands."“I’m very pleased to join Senator Ritchie and Sheriff Wells in sponsoring this event, which provides an important service to our communities, keeps our children safer, protects our environment and helps stop drug abuse,” said Ogdensburg Police Chief Richard Polniak Jr.

There is no limit to the number or type of medicines that residents may bring for disposal. Needles, sharps and liquid medicines will not be accepted.

Last year, Americans filled a record 4 billion prescriptions, and it is estimated that millions of pills sit unused in consumers’ medicine cabinets.

In addition to the July 22nd event, St. Lawrence County residents may also dispose of unwanted medicines seven days a week, at the Sheriff’s Office, 48 Court St., Canton.