Ritchie Joins Colleagues, Law Enforcement Officials to Call for Bail Reform Repeal

Senator Patty Ritchie joined her Senate and Assembly colleagues, as well as a large group of law enforcement officials and prosecutors at a rally Tuesday in Albany to show support for the repeal of the new bail laws.

Since the changes went into effect on January 1st, New York State has released of hundreds of potentially dangerous criminals back into communities across the state. These individuals are accused of committing very serious crimes such as manslaughter, sex trafficking, assault and domestic violence crimes. Additionally, many are repeat offenders.

Some of those released freely into our communities have allegedly gone on to commit violent crimes in the short time they were free.  In a recent example, earlier this week, a man released from prison is believed to have beaten and sexually assaulted a woman on a train after committing several thefts.

“Since these ‘reforms’ have gone into effect, they have been nothing short of a disaster,” said Senator Ritchie. “The safety of law-abiding New Yorkers needs to come first—not the rights of criminals. I am pleased to see such widespread support for rolling back these flawed laws and in the days to come, I will continue to advocate for their repeal.”

Those on the front lines of fighting crime and keeping our communities safe—including law enforcement, prosecutors and other justice experts—have continued to express frustration that they were not consulted before changes to the bail system became law.

Last month, Senator Ritchie joined with Senators Little and Griffo to launch a petition calling for Albany to fix its broken bail laws. Those wishing to sign it can do by clicking here.

(In the attached photo, Senator Ritchie (right) is seen with her colleagues and a large group of law enforcement officials and prosecutors Tuesday morning at the State Capitol in Albany.)