Ritchie Joins Gov. Cuomo for Tax Cap Signing

Patty Ritchie

July 06, 2011

Bipartisan Bill Protects Home Owners, Businesses

Senator Patty Ritchie joined Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo Wednesday at a bill signing ceremony to mark the enactment of New York’s new “Property Tax Cap,” an historic measure that will protect homeowners and businesses from runaway tax hikes, help strengthen the state’s economy and create jobs.

“I promised the hardworking taxpayers of Central and Northern New York that we would get taxes under control and, thanks to Gov. Cuomo’s leadership, we now have the toughest Tax Cap in the nation, finally bringing relief from skyrocketing property taxes that have crippled our economy, hurt families and cost us jobs,” Senator Ritchie said.

“Everywhere I go, taxpayers and business owners tell me that rising taxes are a top concern, and a key reason why so many people and jobs have left our state,” Senator Ritchie said. “That’s why I was proud to join Gov. Cuomo in his campaign to deliver relief to the hardworking taxpayers of New York who for too long have been burdened by out-of-control property taxes.”

Gov. Cuomo and the Senator cited studies that showed New Yorkers pay property taxes that are 79 percent above the national average. The new law limits future increases to no more than 2 percent per year.

Along with the property tax cap, Senator Ritchie said the Legislature also passed a sweeping mandate relief plan that saves local governments more than $100 million immediately, and promises more savings in the future through a special new council that will repeal other onerous mandates that cost taxpayers and help drive property tax rates.

Senator Ritchie was one of several state lawmakers who attended today’s bill signing at a home in suburban Syracuse, and one of only two who were handed an actual pen by the Governor that he used to sign the legislation.