Ritchie Presents Ogdensburg ‘Icon’ with NYS Senate Commendation Award

Patty Ritchie

October 25, 2019

Cecil Barr Welcomes Patients and Visitors to Claxton Hepburn Medical Center

State Senator Patty Ritchie recently honored an Ogdensburg man whose coworkers call an “icon” at Claxton Hepburn Medical Center. Cecil Barr serves as the Center’s pedestrian crossing escort and is known for going above and beyond to brighten the spirits of patients, visitors and his coworkers.  Senator Ritchie presented Cecil Barr with the New York State Senate Commendation Award.

“For many, a trip to the hospital is a stressful, sometimes heartbreaking time,” said Senator Ritchie. “I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to have someone like Cecil, ensuring people have a place to park, are greeted with a compassionate, caring smile and escorted to the building safely. That simple act of kindness can completely change someone’s day and I could not be more proud to present Cecil with this honor.”

Each day—regardless of the weather—Cecil is outside the hospital, directing traffic, escorting patients across the street to ensure their safety and greeting everyone with a warm, heartfelt smile. Cecil is often described as the “ambassador” of Claxton Hepburn because of his ability to offer guests a safe, personal, positive first impression. He was also recently named the Claxton Hepburn Medical Center’s “Defender of the Year.”

The New York State Senate Commendation Award recognizes exceptional people who have made a lasting contribution to their community. Award recipients devote their personal time, energy, creativity and expertise to others.  They also are leaders in their community who enrich the social, health and educational well-being of their fellow citizens.

(Attn. Photo Editors: In the attached picture, Senator Ritchie is presenting the “New York State Senate Commendation Award” to Cecil Barr (left). Also pictured in the photo is Claxton Hepburn Medical Center CEO Rich Duvall (right).)